What Happens When You Ignore An Aquarius Man

You may be curious as to what reaction the free-spirited Aquarius man will give when you decide to ignore him? The answer to this is quite obvious and you may even notice that the reactions he gives are somewhat expected. Without further ado, here’s what happens when you ignore an Aquarius man.

When you ignore an Aquarius man, he will start to wonder why you are ignoring him and it will eventually make him upset.

An upset Aquarius man may start to ignore you back and will most likely dump you. However, an Aquarius man may also start to chase you once he realizes that he loves you and made mistakes.

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Before we get into the details, it is very crucial to first understand an Aquarius man’s weaknesses and what he’s like when he gets mad.

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Aquarius Man’s Weaknesses

One of the most irritating Aquarius man characteristics is his tendency to be contradictory for the sake of being the opposite. At its best, this implies that an Aquarius man embraces his eccentric side and may help others do the same, but it makes him uncooperative and unaccommodating at worst.

An Aquarius man is forward-thinking and imaginative and welcomes new ideas. His traditions and norms will not keep him bound by his rebellious nature.

Aquarian men are cool and collected. As a result, your Aquarius man may struggle to articulate his feelings, which can make him appear callous or cold. One of the most difficult things for an Aquarius man to do is express his emotions.

Strong emotions make an Aquarius man uncomfortable, and it can take him a long time to acknowledge and comprehend his own sensations. An Aquarius man has a tendency to stuff his feelings and bottle them up until he can’t take them any longer, at which point he has an emotional outburst or breakdown.

When An Aquarius Man Is Mad…

The Aquarius man in your life turns cold and it’s possible that this is his technique of expressing his bad feelings without actively harming you. Because an Aquarius man is not very effective at hiding his feelings and ideas, both his positive and bad features are visible.

An Aquarius man can, however, protect himself by acting remote and distant. If he decides to be blunt with his feelings, he will most likely be harsh or even unkind because he isn’t always forgiving, but he will do everything he can to solve the problem at hand.

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When You Ignore An Aquarius Man…

He will wonder

When you ignore your Aquarius man, be careful because he will wonder why you are acting so strangely. Your Aquarius man might suspect that anything is wrong with you.

He can be a little sensitive and passionate, qualities that an Aquarius man looks for in a woman as well. He’ll probably question your conduct and wonder why you’ve stopped speaking with him in your relationship; be prepared to respond to his questions about why you’re ignoring him.

Because an Aquarius man is naturally curious, he may develop a stronger desire for you; just because you haven’t spoken to him doesn’t imply he hasn’t remembered you. If an Aquarius man develops feelings for you, romantic or otherwise, it can be difficult for him to let go of you.

As a result, treating an Aquarius man coldly may make him feel compelled to talk to you more in order to get to the heart of the problem and address it. It’s preferable to be upfront and create a boundary if you truly don’t want to be in an Aquarius man’s life because ignoring him won’t make him go away.

He gets upset

No one likes to be played with, so use caution when implementing this way to get an Aquarius man’s attention. He may become upset with you, asking why you believe he deserves this strategy; he may play games with you and remain enraged for quite some time.

It might be harmful to ignore someone because many people struggle to cope with their feelings being harmed, and as a result, they become enraged. If you disregard your Aquarius man, this could very well be the case.

Ignoring someone can be hurtful, even if your reasons are legitimate; you should be aware that acting in this manner and not paying attention to your Aquarius man may bring him a great deal of distress.

If this is what happens as a result of your actions, you must be prepared to deal with an upset Aquarius man. When an Aquarius man sincerely cares about someone, being neglected and treated as another or a second choice will upset and hurt him.

He will dump you

If you wish to ignore your Aquarius man, be careful since it could backfire and cause him to want to end the relationship. An Aquarius man won’t want to be ignored, so instead of begging for your attention, he’ll start looking for someone else.

If you’ve been dating for a long period, your Aquarius man may believe you’ve lost interest in him. This may cause him to lose interest in or love for you although he isn’t insecure in general if he believes your sentiments have shifted, he may begin to doubt his own feelings for you.

Aquarius men can be rebellious and they may decide that your relationship isn’t worth the bother if you’re going to play games and cut all ties with you. If you’re unsure about your feelings for an Aquarius man or are upset about anything, it’s better to speak it out than to stop communicating with him.

He’ll remain true and dedicated to you if you know you love him and believe he loves you, but you shouldn’t neglect him for an extended length of time since you don’t want to lose him.

He will ignore you

An Aquarius man is notorious for blowing hot and cold with the woman he is romantically involved with. As a result, you may find that ignoring an Aquarius man has the unintended consequence of him ignoring you, making things between you much worse.

Aquarius men are self-sufficient and distant individuals. If you begin to ignore an Aquarius man, even a little, you may find that, rather than giving you the attention you desire, he withdraws even further from you and into his shell.

Because Aquarius men are unpredictable, he may simply ignore you because that is exactly what you are doing to him.

Ignoring an Aquarius man may not be the ideal tactic if you’ve been working hard to get this man to fall in love with you, because it may return things to how they were before you put in the effort you did in the relationship.

If you behave in this manner, an Aquarius man will most certainly lose trust in you, so be cautious before playing games with his heart.

He will chase you

If you ignore your Aquarius man, there’s always the possibility that he will start to chase you. An Aquarius man will chase you down, wondering what you’ve been up to, why you haven’t called, and with whom you’ve been hanging out.

An Aquarius man is not the nosy sort, but he might want to talk to you about what’s been going on in your life. If you ignore him, he could come to realize what a great catch you are; as a result, he may begin pursuing you again, just as he did at the start of your relationship.

If you believe that diverting your focus away from your Aquarius man will cause him to react in this way, it might be worth it. When an Aquarius man sets his mind to something, he will definitely be adamant about achieving it, despite his distant nature.

One of the most beneficial outcomes of this action may be that the Aquarius man may no longer take you for granted because you are not as present as you once were.

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What happens when you ignore an Aquarius man, final thoughts…

When you ignore an Aquarius man:

  • He will wonder
  • He will get upset
  • He will dump you
  • He will ignore you
  • He will chase you



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