7 Effective Ways To Get An Aquarius Man Hooked

Are you looking for ways how to get an Aquarius man hooked? There is no wonder why you would be attracted to an Aquarius man, he basically almost has it all. To help you out, here are the ways how to get an Aquarius man hooked.

To get an Aquarius man hooked, you must engage in conversations where both of you can be open to each other. It is also important to be genuine towards your intentions and be sensual when interacting with him. Above all, remember to also take it slow when trying to get an Aquarius man hooked.

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That said, before we talk about hooking him, let’s first look at what he is like when he has a crush and then how to seduce him. Let’s go!

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When An Aquarius Man Has A Crush

Despite the fact that an Aquarius man desires a lot of freedom, if he has a crush on you, you will remain his top priority. An Aquarius man will always want to assist you and would go out of his way to make you happy.

An Aquarius man lives in his own world with his own set of norms; however, if he asks for your opinion and your approval, it implies he values and has a crush on you.

To Seduce An Aquarius Man…

To go right to the point, ask your Aquarius man what he enjoys and he’ll be grateful that you’re attempting to figure out what excites him. In fact, Aquarius men prefer to build friendships before eventually progressing into a relationship, so communicating with him this way shouldn’t be too difficult.

You’ll keep your partner hooked and seduced as long as you’re eager with him and if you notice he’s becoming bored, simply change things up.

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7 Effective Ways To Get An Aquarius Man Hooked

Engage in conversations

Look for common interests; this way, you can bond over common interests. Consider what things you and your Aquarius man both love thinking about, reading about, and discussing.

To increase emotional intimacy with your Aquarius man, develop a deep mental connection. An Aquarius man makes it clear that he is well-read and interested in the world.

Many of those pursuing, or maybe even trying to hook him, will have already begun to warm him up by discussing novels or current affairs.

Choose your opening lines carefully while speaking with him or you may concentrate on more personal issues. When talking about his interests, an Aquarius man opens up, which is an important aspect of getting to know this intellectual sign better.

An Aquarius man will find you more fascinating than anyone else if you ask a lot of questions or speak honestly but still, make him think about himself. It’s fine to be spontaneous and speak whatever comes to mind because he enjoys changing topics and going with the flow.

Support each other

If an Aquarius man brings up his work, encourage him to elaborate. Tell him that’s not the case, even if he claims he’s had a rough day and you don’t want to hear about it because he’s maybe putting you to the test.

An Aquarius man may put up a show and act as though he simply lives in the present, but he’s usually planning for the future. An Aquarius man is a major optimist, and he warms up when you focus on what’s feasible, rather than what’s only realistic, like what he can accomplish right now.

When an Aquarius man talks about daring, inventive ventures, encourage him to say more and when he’s finished, brag about how you’ll overcome all hurdles and pursue what matters most to you.

Your unique manner will inspire an Aquarius man, who will want to start planning his own dreams right away. Encourage an Aquarius man to consider what he’d do if he didn’t have to work by asking him what he’d do if he had all the money in the world.

Be sensual

An Aquarius man is someone who understands his worth and recognizes his uniqueness; but if you show him that you adore him, he will love you much more. Your candor about your desires and emotions will pique an Aquarius man’s interest.

When Aquarius men are just getting to know each other or casually dating, persons who are laid-back may pique their interest; they want all the empathy and affection they can receive when they’re looking for a more serious connection.

You’ll be the first person an Aquarius man calls when he needs to relax and be hugged.

If you’ve already taken whatever relationship you have with an Aquarius man to a physical level, make the first step. An Aquarius man values a spouse who is interested in romance.

Give him a back massage or snuggle up with him while watching a movie because Aquarius values building a warm, sensual bond with their companions. Aquarius men don’t want their partners to be shy, so they take one step at a time, focusing on what most thrills them.

Be genuine

An Aquarius man’s unfiltered honesty prepares him for a long-term relationship. A long-term girlfriend who keeps secrets from him is not appealing to an Aquarius man.

In the early phases of a relationship, he sees playful mystique as a fun little game but an Aquarius man wants to see you for who you truly are after he’s known you for a long time.

The Aquarius man is determined and assertive by nature, and he is always on the lookout for the truth and has a strong desire to understand all that is going on around him.

Share information about yourself that you wouldn’t tell a stranger, such as concerns or frustrations; he’ll feel extremely protective and engaged in you as your confidante.

Conversations late at night when you’re both tired can be incredibly revealing, so try them out and see what you both come up with. You are free to utter whatever comes to mind without hesitation and your Aquarius man will listen to you without judgment.

Show your intellect

Aquarius men are intelligent and seek intellectual companionship. If your partner is an Aquarius man, he values intelligence over beauty every day of the week.

Bring plenty of thoughts and information to the table because this sign enjoys learning new things; science fiction, social activity, philosophy, and the arts will all pique his interest.

Don’t be scared to be creative and eccentric with him; an Aquarius man will appreciate it.

Aquarius men value individuality and despise people who are overly traditional. The more you can differentiate yourself from the pack with your ideas and suggestions, the better. When you’re looking for something to do, suggest going to a modern art museum or gallery opening.

Surprise your Aquarius man with tickets to a local theater show or an art-house film.

Be open

Different means of expressing yourself are accepted and embraced by the Aquarius man. If you actually want to hook an Aquarius man, make sure your interactions with him are spontaneous, open-minded, and creative.

Don’t be fooled; an Aquarius man is the most open-minded. Your candor about your desires and emotions will pique his interest because Aquarius men are inquisitive.

This sign is known for being socially progressive and Aquarius men care about politics and humanitarian issues.

An Aquarius man will never pass judgment on people based on their ethnicity, lifestyle, sexual orientation, or gender, and they swiftly separate themselves from others who aren’t as accepting. Make it a point to celebrate diversity and oppose social injustice when you’re around an Aquarius man.

Take it slow

If you try to rush the relationship, an Aquarius man will freak out. In terms of romance, an Aquarius man can be slow to warm up. An Aquarius man will not rush into a serious relationship, and if he feels pressed to do so, he will leave.

Allow him to get to know you and do not pressure him into anything or you may try to build a friendship first. All other connections are secondary to friendship for an Aquarius man.

Aquarius men value loyalty and desire an ideal woman who can also serve as a best friend. Rather than trying for romance right away, focus on developing a great friendship first with an Aquarius man.

Before committing to a serious relationship, an Aquarius man will want to get to know you and gain your trust. Instead of attempting to impress him, concentrate on connecting with him, and if you’re being dishonest, he’ll notice and may not be interested.

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7 effective ways to get an Aquarius man hooked, final thoughts…

To get an Aquarius man hooked:

  • Engage in conversations
  • Support each other
  • Be sensual
  • Be genuine
  • Show your intellect
  • Be open
  • Take it slow



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