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5 Clues An Aquarius Man Is Flirting With You

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So, you’re crushing on an Aquarius man? I get it, you cannot resist his wit and charm. Now, you’re confused about whether he’s flirting or just being friendly. Worry not because I have provided some clues for you to figure out if he’s crushing on your back or just being his sociable self.

If an Aquarius is flirting with you, he does small gestures for you. He remembers everything that you like and surprises you with it. He also takes an interest in your hobbies. He also engages with body language and looks you in the eyes. He gets personal and can disappear to see if you will chase him.

A bit confusing. So, basically, he ghosts me? Well, sort of. For the Aquarius man, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at his flirting style… then, we can review the ways that he flirts with you!

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Flirting Style of Aquarius Man

5 Clues An Aquarius Man Is Flirting With You

An Aquarius man’s flirting style is pretty much unique, charismatic, witty, and electrifying. He is a very intelligent person, and he is going to be using his wit to woo you and get to know you.

He is very detail-oriented, so he will notice every little detail that he can notice about you. Some of these can be details that you wouldn’t think of. He is very much attentive, especially to the person he is interested in.

He also uses physical contact to flirt, so he is going to be getting a little physical when he is flirting. This is his way to show his admiration for you. This can be him playing with your hair and playfully touching you on your shoulders or something. 

If you are with him, you will know that he’s flirting if he makes you feel that it is safe to be with him. He is going to make you feel that he is your knight in shining armor.

His flirting style can also be a little fiery and electrifying. He is going to be showing you gestures that will truly flatter you and make you want to be with him. He puts a lot of passion into people and things he likes, and so, if he is flirting, you’re going to be able to experience that from him.

Your Aquarius man is really comfortable talking to people. He is not afraid of communicating with a crowd because of how charismatic he is. He is liberal and free-spirited.

And so, he is going to use this trait to his advantage. He is going to stand out from the crowd, and with that, it’s going to be easier for you to notice him. This is his way of getting your attention and flirting with you.

On the other side, your Aquarius man is a little bit distracted. He can change his mind a million times. He tends to be a little indecisive, and it can get a little hard for you to understand him.

Nevertheless, once he gets the person he is flirting with, he is going to be very loyal, and he is going to make that person his prince or princess.

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5 Clues An Aquarius Man Is Flirting With You

He does small gestures for you

5 Clues An Aquarius Man Is Flirting With You

If an Aquarius man is flirting with you, he is going to be very attentive to everything that you say. He is going to be paying attention when you are talking to him.

He is going to be like a tape recorder because he remembers everything. He expresses his admiration and love through the act of service. He is going to show you how much he listens and cares for you.

He is going to act on the details that you think might have slid out of the radar. For instance, you have had a casual conversation with him, and casually mention how you like this particular restaurant.

He is going to remember that, and a few days or weeks later, he is going to be inviting you to have dinner with you there. He is also going to remember your favorite coffee and will bring you some the next time he sees you. How thoughtful is that?

He takes interest in your hobbies

At this point, we already know how attentive your Aquarius man is. He is also going to apply this when he is knowing the things you like doing. He is going to want to do the hobbies you are doing.

For instance, you love reading, and you are currently reading this specific book. He is going out of his way to get that book and read it.

Not only will he read that book, but he is also going to research more about it. He will garner a lot of information about the author and other information about the book. In time, he is going to be making conversations with you about it. He brings it up every time he has the chance to.

It can get a little awkward because he attempts to educate you with things he has researched. He’s going to be like “Did you know that…”

He engages with body language

5 Clues An Aquarius Man Is Flirting With You

As I have said earlier, the flirting style of your Aquarius man can get a little physical. He can play with your hair and maybe tickle you a little bit. However, I do not only mean just that.

Keep an eye on Aquarius man and notice how he copies your posture and body language. He is going to be mirroring you by imitating your posture and movements.

He is also going to use his eyes as a way to flirt with you. Pay close attention to his eyes and how he tries so hard to keep eye contact with you.

This is his way of studying you and getting to know you better. He also does this to understand how you feel about him. He really pays close attention to everything, doesn’t he?

He gets personal

Even though your Aquarius man can be a social butterfly, this does not mean that he is going to get too personal with the information he shares. He likes to keep things to himself because he is not the type to completely open up to people. There will always be some things that he just cannot share with anyone.

However, if he is flirting with you, he is going to share a lot of personal information with you. This can come up as a surprise, especially if you have known this Aquarius man for a very long time now.

However, it does not mean that he has given you the privilege to share it with other people. You need to be someone he can trust if you’re really serious about getting with him.

He ghosts you

5 Clues An Aquarius Man Is Flirting With You

I know, I know, how on earth is this flirting? You need to know that your Aquarius man gets scared very easily. If he likes someone, he needs time for himself to make sure that his feelings are real. This is somehow flirting because he’s assuming that you know why he suddenly left.

And you can only understand if you know. This can also be his way of testing you whether you’ll reach out or not. It’s as if he wants to see whether you’re going to chase him or not.

He tends to get scared of serious attraction because he likes to keep his walls up. He needs to disappear and sort out some things. And if he really likes you and is very sure of you, he is going to come back. He is going to be silent at first because he likes to guard himself against getting heartbroken by being with the wrong person.

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Clues that an Aquarius man is flirting with you, final thoughts…

The clues that an Aquarius man is flirting with you are:

  • He does small gestures for you
  • He takes interest in your hobbies
  • He engages with body language
  • He gets personal
  • He ghosts you