Where does a Taurus Man like to be touched?

Do you want to please your Taurus man to the next level? Are you looking for ways to make him relaxed in the bedroom and turned on at the same time? Do you want him to see you as an exciting and passionate lover who knows how to push his buttons? Do you want to surprise her?

Do not fret because in this article we are going to tell you where does your Taurus man like to be touched? What are the body areas that he is extremely sensitive to and what are the body parts that you can touch and give massage to give him absolute pleasure and relaxation?

You’ll be sure to make your Taurus man overall satisfied, relaxed, and more in tune with you!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Taurus man likes to be touched around the neck and lips. Taurus rules the vocal cords and the areas of the neck. Being a Venusian sign he can be extremely hedonistic.

Touching him and putting light massage on these certain body parts can be extremely pleasurable to him alongside that you can also give light massages to his arm, especially his biceps and triceps.

Taurus men are the gorgeous, alluring, practical, hard-headed, and down-to-earth men of the zodiac born between born on April 20th to May 20th. Taurus is represented by the Bull who in Greek mythology symbolizes Zeus who shapeshifted into a bull to abduct a young maiden.

Taurus men are extremely friendly, supportive, trustworthy, humble, honest, and down to earth. Being an earth sign they have a connection to mother earth like no other sign has.

This can make them extremely good at gardening or planting trees. You might also find that Taurus men are extremely good at making their homes secure warm and lovely place that is somehow connected to the element of earth.

Their homes are surely cozy and full of plants and greens which is deeply relaxing and pleasing to look at.

In romantic relationships, your Taurus man can be hedonistic and materialistic. Being a growing infant sign next to Aries your Taurus man prioritizes needs and wants at the highest level. Whether it’s comfort, money, food, luxury, or sex.

His romantic relationships will always be painted with such hedonism that it can be hard to cope with sometimes.

He can be a sensual and alluring lover who deeply knows how to please his partner but there’s a catch: You should also know how to deeply pleasure him too. In this way, both of you can symbiotically gain something from the relationship.

Although not as aggressive or dominant your Taurus man can be stubborn which can bring problems into the relationship. This fixed Venusian earth sign can be hard to break but overall he is a generous, loving, and committed partner.

We have just scratched the surface of how to truly turn on your Taurus man through effective touching! We have also given you some beginner knowledge on how to truly understand his psyche!

But don’t fret as in the next section we will dive deep into how to touch a Taurus man to make him feel loved, pleasured ad relaxed!

Let’s find out!

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Where does a Taurus Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Taurus man is under the influence of Taurus energy. Taurus rules the throat, the vocal cords, the whole part of the neck, the tonsils, and the thyroid. As an earth sign, Taurus men are naturally gifted with the ability to heal faster.

Mother earth takes good care of them and this makes them naturally robust and tough throughout their lifetime!

Alongside that, because Taurus men rule the vocal cords they can be incredibly great singers and artists! Their voice screams attractiveness and some sort of allure that many people would like to call charisma!

Taurus men have such deep good voices that they are known to voice actors or have an affinity later on in their lives.

With these ruling body parts, the only thing you can truly accentuate your touch and pressure points is through his neck. Your Taurus man’s neck is the only viable way to truly touch him and make him feel loved and seduced at the same time!

Once you’ve touched and put massage on this part of his body he will be extremely relaxed to the point that he will seem like he is sedated!

This man loves caressing and touching! Even more so massages as he likes to center his energy around pleasuring his physical body. With that said it is essential that whenever you are going to touch your Taurus man it must be with intent.

Are you touching him to make him feel things and be turned on? Or are you touching him to initiate intimate affection that’s not necessarily about sex?

If you are touching him with the intent of turning him on in the bedroom then setting up the room is important to set the mood for the both of you! Maybe the sight of roses will signal him that you are ready for the next thing or maybe light up some scented candle that both of you will surely enjoy.

When you massage his neck make sure his body is straightened up and he is in good posture. Give him light strokes in his upper and lower back neck then give a slight amount of pressure in the areas in which the muscles are stiff.

Ask him where it feels good to touch and massage and follow his voice as fervently as possible. This can be intimate and sexually arousing for both of you.

You can also massage his shoulders and arms up to his fingers and the palm of his hands. Put slight pressure on the areas where you find his muscles are sore and stiff.

Not only he will deeply appreciate this as the touching feels natural he will also feel relaxed and ridden with anxiety and stress! Do this especially if he had a particularly rough and stressful day!

Remember when pleasuring your Taurus man you must fully stimulate his five senses and touch is one of them. Taurus is an extremely hedonistic sign who centers his needs and wants towards pleasure so make sure to have that moment as comforting and relaxing as possible.

Quick Overview: Taurus Man’s Erogenous zones!

1. Touch and caress his jawline down to his neck

When you are building intimate interaction with him it is best to put on your best self and dress up! Make sure to look as beautiful as possible because whether you like it or not physical appearance heavily matters on your Taurus man!

He is ruled by Venus after all! When you are done with this then you can now proceed on caressing him in these viable body areas where he will feel pleasure.

When you are near him make intense eye contact then proceed to put your fingers in his face slowly caressing it down to his jawline and then down to his neck.

Lightly touch his neck and slyly smile as you compliment him or try to make yourself seem more seductive than you are. This will give him butterflies in his stomach and he will have no choice but to act upon the situation.

Remember that caressing is not the same as massage. Whenever you caress his jawline down to his neck you are provoking a certain feeling in him that is ecstatic and pleasurable.

Caressing involves gentle and smooth touching so it is best to have your hands clean when doing the deed. You can also put scented oil or lotion to make him smell the aroma or scent this will truly satisfy him and make him feel relaxed that moment!

2. Touch the palm of his hands

Touching is a little bit different from massage. Touching and caressing this delicate part of his body is also another way to truly give him the utmost pleasure.

Whenever you lightly caress the palm of his hands with alluring eye contact included you are initiating a certain siren bond with him: you are alluring him into doing the sexy deed with you without him knowing.

Whenever you touch the palm of his hands run your fingers all the way to his hands to arms up to his shoulders then neck. Do this back and forth and see the magic that happens as you see your Taurus man deeply embedded into deep relaxation and arousal.

Touch his hands with genuine passion and arousal from you and he will certainly feel that energy vibrating toward you! Whenever you caress the palm of his hands he instantly becomes affectionate and loving towards you! This is extremely effective if you are doing this to turn him on in the bedroom!

3. Massage his neck

Your Taurus man’s neck is the most erogenous zone in his body and this means you must put emphasis on putting deep and heavy massage on this part of his body! Explore his neck with his command and ask him which part of his neck feels pleasurable to be massaged at.

When done properly he can have the most relaxed experience in your hands which means more time for him to be in love with you!

Put light to heavy strokes on this part of his body, and use your knuckles to accentuate pressure on side of his neck where it is probably stiff and heavy.  Massage this part of his body with ease while gently whispering some sexy words into his ears.

Ask him “does it feel good?” or “do you like that” with a sexy voice this will surely turn him on and make him feel relaxed like no other.

Also do not forget his lower back and upper back as it is already included whenever you are massaging his tight neck. Put heavy pressure under these stern areas and ask him if it’s too heavy or painful and then you can adjust the pressure to whatever he feels like it.

Not only this massage will benefit him by easing his stress and anxiety he will also be sure to be in the mood for something more!

4. Caress and touch his chin

Gently touching his chin is another great way to show your affection toward him. Touching and caressing his chin is a great way to turn him on by playfully teasing this part of his body! Be sure to put light strokes only as this can be an incredibly sensitive part of his body.

Whenever you are in the mood instead of tickling him randomly or doing other stuff to get his attention caress his chin while maintaining deep eye contact!

5. Massage his temples

His temples are located at the sides of his forehead. Whenever you are in the mood for some fun-loving time or just want to give him intimate love and affection you can massage and touch this part of his head to ease up stress and headaches.

Whenever you are massaging his temples you must make sure you only put slight pressure on it and not go too heavy.

Touching a Taurus Man…Final Thoughts

Your Taurus man might be overlooked for being hedonistic, materialistic, stubborn, and hard-headed but truly your Taurus man can be one of the most committed and loyal signs if you give enough time, affection, and devotion towards her!

Whenever you are touching him in this place you are offering vulnerability towards him which is deeply emotional and attractive.

You must also know the difference between slight touching, caressing, and massaging as these things can be highly similar yet quite different from each other. To sum up, your Taurus man likes to be touched in areas such as:

  • His neck (deep massage and light caressing)
  • His chin (light caressing)
  • His upper and lower back (accompanied while massaging the neck)
  • His temples (low-pressure massage)
  • His hands (light touching)

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