Why is your Taurus Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to talk about the signs that your Taurus Man is jealous of and what are the ways that you can deal with his jealousy! Worry no more because we have got all the answers for you!

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The Taurus Man is the fixed earth sign of the zodiac, the second sign after Aries, the Taurus energy heavily deals with its ruling planet – Venus. Energy is mainly concerned with material wealth, possessions, beauty, and everything tangible, being the quality of the earth.

In a romantic relationship, this energy shows in your Taurus Man being the utmost comforter and generous lover, he might spoil you with slow-burning physical intimacy and luxurious gifts but the downside would be his possessiveness.

He might assume that once his partner is in a romantic relationship, he “owns” him, similar to owning a material possession. 

How jealous can your Taurus man be and what does he do when he’s jealous? It can be extremely frustrating if the both of you do not get the best out of your relationship so now we’re here to tell you exactly what you can do to fix the situation!

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How Jealous Can Your Taurus Man Be?

Jealousy level: 10/10

The Taurus Man is extremely possessive and jealous. His jealousy streak can be far more powerful than any other sign combined since this sign is fixed earth, the tangible energy of the earth is corresponding to the stubbornness and rigidness of this sign.

This man gets what he wants and when there’s a slight inconvenience he becomes hard and rigid.

Alongside that, the jealousy of a Taurus man can be indefinitely apparent in the eyes of the onlooker, he might seem calm and collected on the inside but deep down he has numerous ways of playing out how to bring down his perceived enemy.

His jealousy levels are also steady and don’t fluctuate, being a fixed earth sign, this means that his anger issues are stable throughout his being jealous and hating on the other person.

Beware! This can be extremely dangerous and when provoked your Taurus man can unleash furious anger on you and the person he despises!

Signs Your Taurus Man Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. He becomes possessive all of a sudden

The first apparent sign that your Taurus Man is jealous of someone while you’re both in a relationship is him becoming possessive all of a sudden or for no apparent reason, you might not perceive it the way he perceives it but he is realizing that there is a person who is actively seeking out your attention.

When he becomes possessive he will be the first one to accompany you to everything, He will take you on your work without any hesitation. He might be your bodyguard following you wherever you go.

2. His Way or The Highway Mentality

Something’s wrong, you’ll feel it but he’s not the confrontational type of guy so he will bury his emotions under the earth and this can cause ruptures in the entire duration of the relationship. He will get irritable, cold, or sometimes argumentative when things do not go his way.

His stubbornness will be exceedingly high during this time because he is trying to mask his inner jealousy. It will be a “my way or highway” mentality, all or nothing, this attitude will be seen by almost everyone. Before he was sweet and gentle now he is showing what the Taurus horns would look like…

3. He is over-indulging himself in pleasure

Jealousy can be a stressful emotion, as such he becomes extremely stressed out and full of anxiety about what-ifs and whatnot. With all of that in mind, he will most certainly put all effort into making sure he gets his self-care.

Whether it’s him treating himself or spoiling himself it is certainly to mask the insecurity issues that he has inside of himself. He is also showing you that he is a better lover because he cares about his looks.

4. He is becoming shallow 

The negative aspect of Venusian energy is over-indulging in pleasure without the actual deep realization of what’s in it, as this negative aspect can certainly influence a Taurus Man especially if he is dealing with tough times.

In the No.3 sign, your Taurus man will be focused on beauty and art all of a sudden. He might redecorate the home or do a closet change or he might even purchase an expensive item just out of nowhere.

He becomes extremely shallow just to prove his superiority above all others. He will pay utmost attention to his appearance and will try to look as good as possible so expect him to spend more time in the mirror than you.

This might be a way to annoy you but it’s also his way of showing how better he is than the person he is jealous of!

5. His fixed ideas can get the best out of him

Nobody can tame the beast out of him, when he’s angry he’s angry and most certainly his unresolved anger issues stem from his inability to tell you that he is jealous of someone whos trying to get your attention. He will be fixed and rigid in his set of ways.

It’s either you follow through or you don’t he will not listen to you, especially after what his perceived negative outcome is, when he is jealous his thoughts and imagination will run wild and this perceived cheating or infidelity can cause further anger which results in explosive fights.

6. His body language says it all…

Closed off body language, less physical intimacy with you, and more apparent showing of anger streak for no reason, his eyes will be suspicious and he will have a negative aura surrounding him. Overall, if you feel the spark is reignited to his anger and not his passion most certainly he is angry about something!

7. He will subtly tell you he is jealous!

Your Taurus man is not the most “in-your-face” sign, he is not confrontational nor aggressive unless he is cornered because of this he might be doing hints on who he is suspicious and angry about in the past few weeks of you not getting along together. 

Subtle hints will be given then and there but he will stubbornly deny that he is jealous or that he has a beef with the person. You’ll generally feel that his energy feels off whenever he interacts with that person or that there’s some level of frustration.

How to stop your Taurus Man from being Jealous!

Your Taurus Man is indirect and pushes his thoughts inward, as such it is of great value if you can initiate an open flow of communication as much as possible. Communication is a great tool that you can maximize to build a healthy relationship with your Taurus Man.

When talking to him about sensitive topics like these it is important to be humble and polite instead of letting your pride get into you. Remember that your Taurus man has egoistic tendencies and can be fixed on his ways which are why you should appeal to his sensitivity.

Reassure him and tell him that the person he is jealous of is nothing he should be worried about. Do the necessary precautions in avoiding or effectively blocking the person he is jealous of from your life. By doing this you are proving to him your loyalty and making sure that he feels at ease with you.

After doing that make sure to show your love by taking the initiative in giving him nice days to hang out with. Pay attention to him and make him feel loved, prioritize his pleasure and be as romantic and sensual as possible!

Also, do not forget a nice gift every once this will make your Taurus man feel loved by you!

Overall, the interaction must be smooth and easy-going, do not fight his anger with anger, instead, be calm and understanding o the situation. Be cool and collected when you’re voicing out your side of the story instead of being argumentative about it.

Also, try giving more reassurance through words of affirmation and quality time!

Taurus Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Your Taurus man is instinctively jealous especially when he sees that you’re doing something that opposes his peace of mind, his jealousy can be imagined or real but it will show up in his obsessive and possessive tendencies. 

Just like how he deals with his material possession, he greatly emphasizes protecting you from possible stealers and onlookers! This man knows what he wants and he knows how to get it and this mentality can be extremely damaging to the relationship!

Deep understanding must be given to him and be patient when dealing with him, this ensures a long-lasting, secure, and fruitful relationship with your sexy and loving Taurus man!

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