7 Effective Ways To Get A Taurus Man Hooked

Getting a Taurus man can be quite hard given that he won’t tell you straight out how he feels about you right away, so you could be wondering where you stand with him to make sure you’re top of mind. To help you out, here are the effective ways how to get a Taurus man hooked.

To get a Taurus man hooked, you must be genuine, practical, and sensual. It is also important to try and look your best especially when you are around your Taurus man.  Above all, a Taurus man gives high importance to loyalty; so make sure to show him that you are genuinely interested only in him.

But this is just the beginning if you’re really looking for the answers about how to have a meaningful, long-lasting, and even “forever” relationship with a Taurus man.

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That said, to make things a lot easier, it would really help if you understand when a Taurus man has a crush on someone and how to seduce him.

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When A Taurus Man Has A Crush

Taurus men are obstinate and only put up an effort when they truly care about someone. Taurus men’s crushes are never frivolous; they are serious about their relationships.

As an Earth sign, prefers physical connection, but he is covert about it. A Taurus man is crushing with light arm touches and playful pokes. Taurus men have traditional manners and will pay you praises to show it.

Compliments are one of the most obvious signals that a guy is interested, as they suggest that he is paying close attention to you and wants you to know it.

A Taurus man may not express his actual feelings openly, but he will express his want to see you more. Even if you’re still unsure if a Taurus man likes you, the solution lies in how close he strives to get to you.

A Taurus man’s body language will shift from afar, and he’ll want to initiate touches with you more frequently.

To Seduce A Taurus Man…

A Taurus man can tell if something is false from a mile away and this is due to his own commitment to genuineness. Nothing gets a Taurus man more excited than seeing a woman being herself while having a good time.

To impress or attract a Taurus man, you don’t have to do much because he isn’t one for excessive shows of flamboyance. Taurus men are straightforward, unpretentious individuals who value peace and comfort.

You’ve hooked him if you make a Taurus man’s life comfortable and full of small pleasures.

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7 Effective Ways To Get A Taurus Man Hooked

Dress up

Taurus men value self-care greatly. If you used to dress up when you went out at the beginning of your relationship, continue to do so. Make an attempt to present yourself well for your Taurus man.

His sense-driven astrological sign indicates that he is a visual person, which will help you understand why this is significant to him. He would adore you if you show off your great personality through your clothing and he’ll be very intrigued by you and eager to see what you’ll wear on your next date.

In general, the Taurean man seeks a woman with refined tastes, such as someone who enjoys good music, wine, and art, to name a few. To get him hooked on you, you must be powerful and confident, but he also needs a woman with a strong feminine side.

Taurus men enjoy being in the company of women. A Taurus man values beauty and will expect the same from his future partner; so take the time to appear beautiful if you want to attract him.

Be genuine

Always be yourself and show the Taurus man who you genuinely are. If he suspects something is wrong with you or the way you act, he will become suspicious and believe he cannot trust you.

A Taurus man will want to get to know you on a deeper level, so be ready to let your guard down. He will value your honesty, which is a quality he looks for in a woman and he’s not easily convinced, therefore any deception will not be accepted.

Also, be truthful about the image you project because if you’re not clean, you’ll have to clean up your act. Don’t put on a show if you’re not particularly ladylike; just be you. A Taurus man doesn’t care if he likes it or not.

You can’t maintain a facade indefinitely; the Taurus man will ultimately find out and he won’t be pleased when he does. While it may be frightening to consider being vulnerable to someone you admire, keep in mind that they only want to get to know you.

Compliment him

Remember to tell him what piques your interest in him and what you like about him. Taurus men require a lot of reassurance, even if they will never admit it owing to their stubbornness.

Telling him he looks wonderful or that he has a great smile will instill confidence in him and demonstrate your interest in him. As a result, your Taurus man will want to spend more time with you since he’ll enjoy the sense of being reassured by someone he likes; you should also expect a few praises in return.

A Taurus man isn’t likely to be the first to compliment you because of his shy nature. But once he notices that you’re interested in him, he’ll be sure to tell you everything about how much he adores you.

A Taurus man is no exception when it comes to being defensive about his manhood. Make your Taurus man feel appreciated by highlighting certain things you admire and being genuine.

Compliments are also an excellent approach to make him feel more affectionate toward you without being overbearing.

Work together

A Taurus man enjoys his schedule, and his woman will be expected to participate; so make some room for yourself.  Make your Taurus man a part of your routine and work together.

The more ingrained you two are in one other, the more difficult it will be to break out. By no means does this imply that you and your Taurus man must be involved in every element of each other’s lives; it simply implies that you and your partner have regular hobbies and activities that you can count on.

Just take your time because Taurus men are slow to adapt. He prefers consistency and dislikes change and if you try to alter him, keep in mind that you are provoking a bull.

Attempt to go with the flow and simply inquire if you don’t understand something. If you show that you’re attempting to understand and share something that matters to him, he’ll gladly incorporate you into his routine.

If you have any fantastic ideas, run them by your Taurus man before putting them into action.

Be practical

Taurus men despise disorder and will not accept a cluttered existence. Show your Taurus man that this is something you naturally do, and he’ll be instantly smitten.

A Taurus man is tidy, organized, and grounded, and they will appreciate it if you are as well. He’ll like your meticulous attention to detail, right down to your spice racks. He’ll notice how far you go to keep your life structured and think of you as a kindred spirit.

They recognize when anything of value is well worth the investment. You don’t have to cut shortcuts, but you should be aware of what is frivolous and unneeded.

When it comes to money, be practical because these individuals have a keen eye for money and will not tolerate wasteful or illogical spending.

You can catch a Taurus man if you are financially secure because he is a real man who recognizes when his money is well spent.

Be sensual

A Taurus man enjoys a warm, inviting environment and he prefers being at home with a woman he likes. Dress seductively in public and even more seductively in private; knowing it’s just for him, your Taurus Man will appreciate it.

Show your Taurus man that you’re physically attracted without being too obvious. Pass by his shoulders, lightly massage his arm, and keep him aware of your presence until he has no choice but to break free.

A Taurus man will be driven insane by a woman who emanates sensuality in subtle, under-the-radar ways. Anything from slipping a strap down your shoulder slightly to flashing him a seductive smile will accomplish the trick.

It’s worth noting that it’s the simple things like these that get a Taurus man hooked. Don’t assume your methods are too subtle to be detected because your Taurus man is always paying attention.

Stay loyal

Don’t make a Taurus man jealous in any way. While making him chase you is crucial, you shouldn’t strive to make him jealous in the process.

Taurus men dislike feeling like they have options, and this will just turn them off; instead, state your intentions clearly. Taurus men won’t enjoy being made jealous, and they’ll probably hunt for love elsewhere.

In order to keep the chase going and have your Taurus man hooked, avoid doing this.

A Taurus man, in addition to being aloof and hesitant to act, can be distrustful. However, if you demonstrate that you are trustworthy and responsible over time, he will recognize that it makes sense to relax his vigilance.

When that happens, you’ll know you’ve won a Taurus man’s heart. Make it apparent that your commitment and loyalty solely to him; if your Taurus man trusts you, he will reciprocate.

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7 effective ways to get a Taurus man hooked, final thoughts…

To get a Taurus man hooked:

  • Dress up
  • Be genuine
  • Compliment him
  • Work together
  • Be practical
  • Be sensual
  • Stay loyal



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