How To Win A Taurus Man’s Heart?

How To Win A Taurus Man’s Heart?

If you’ve got a Taurus man in your life and you want him to fall in love with you more, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to show how to win over his sweet and elegant heart and get close to him on a deeper romantic level!

To win the heart of a Taurus man you must show him acts of love. Be generous and give him gifts (his favorite food, or elegant treats) and/ or physical care. Be clingy and touchy with him.  Be supportive and dependable and show him that you are sweet.  Showing him these things will surely win him over…

The Taurus man is the slow, classically elegant, and dependable man of the zodiac, he is extremely put-together and knows the more refined side of life than any other man in the zodiac, this man exhibits refined and elegant energy, even the surroundings he is with is extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at what makes a Taurus man special… then, we can review the ways to win his heart!

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What makes a Taurus Man so special?

How To Win A Taurus Man’s Heart?

Please take note that these apply to men born with their Sun in Taurus as well as men who have heavy Taurus placements in their birth chart most especially the inner planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars).

This also applies well if the man has his Ascendant in Taurus, if you do not know his birth chart it is best to find out by asking his birthday and his specific birth time.

The Taurus man is ruled by Venus and is a fixed earth sign, this makes his energy incredibly comforting and pleasurable to be around, the Venusian energy makes the Taurus man gentle and sweet in appearance and manner, making him extremely likable to be around.

A Taurus man’s energy and aura are smooth and easy-going, he is genuinely kindhearted and supportive, and he’s the kind of guy who’d spend time on a sunny afternoon eating cold cuts and cheese with some great drinks, not only that his generosity will make him go to lengths just to please and make you comfortable!

He knows how to have fun in a lavish and pleasurable way, because of this he is extremely familiar with finer things and the warmth of having a secure and comforting home environment, because he is also ruled by Venus he is also extremely capable of pleasuring his partner in the bedroom.

However, don’t be fooled as behind his sweet and slow approach in life there resides the energy of the fixed bull – an incredibly willful, possessive, and driven person who knows what he wants and knows how to get it, this complex soft facade that masks the driven and willful energy is what makes a Taurus man special.

Overall, this man radiates grounding and warm energy, this is what makes him so special and attractive, his energy might be slow and lazy at times but it is calming and friendly to say the least, so if you want to win his heart you must do some of the things that will be said below…

What are your chances with a Taurus man?

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How to Win a Taurus Man’s Heart? 

Small gestures are a must…

How To Win A Taurus Man’s Heart?

Offer a helping hand if he needs it if not go out of your way to do small favors for him, this is a great way to show him that he matters to you and that you genuinely care for him, offering your help simply shows how much you care for him.

The kind gestures are often will be reciprocated by your Taurus man and in turn, will make him more comfortable to open up with you!

Spoil him with gifts!

The gifts can be expensive or not although a general rule is that branded items are more appreciated by your Taurus man since he deeply cares about the finer things in life and is possessive about elegant things or objects.

However, if you don’t have the money a simple offering such as a book or sweet pastries is a must because your Taurus man craves pleasure whether it’s in the comfort of his own home, a nice gift will totally warm his heart for you!

Understand his point of view

Friendly arguments and debates are not his types, his extremely fixed and stubborn energy can make him disagreeable sometimes, as such offering him a person to listen to is a great way to win him over!

Making him see that you understand his belief systems and his opinions is a surefire way to win him over! This is because when he knows you understand him completely he can be more open and vulnerable to you at any given moment…

Cozy days with him…

How To Win A Taurus Man’s Heart?

Interact with him by hitting him up and telling him to chill over, whether it’s at your house or at his house, inviting him over for a cozy day where you just both do whatever pleases you such as watching a film, baking cookies, or doing a nice hobby like gardening is a great way to win over his heart!

Don’t be afraid to show your innermost emotions!

Tap to your feminine side, express whatever emotions you have right now, and let it be known to him, his genuine and caring side will surely take care of it and you’ll be good in no time!

Aside from that, showing his real and raw emotions helps you understand both of each other, this forms a longer, stronger, and better relationship with him.

You’re 100% sure that you will win over his heart in no time!

Be a Friend and a Lover

It is best if you give him best of the both worlds, be a great friend by being supportive, dependable, fun to be around, trustworthy, and loyal, and at the same time be a great lover to him by showing off your wild and alluring side.

These things aren’t easy, but they’re a sure way to make sure you get his heart in no time!

Words of affirmation: a great tool to win his heart!

How To Win A Taurus Man’s Heart?

If you get close enough to him on an intimate level it is best to still give him positive and encouraging words from time to time, remember that your Taurus man craves security and there will be times when he will feel insecure about himself.

This is the best time to reassure him that you love him no matter what and whatever insecurities or doubts he might have, you’ll always be there for him in his time of need.

Applying these things will surely secure his heart for you in the future!

Get more details about your Taurus man!

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Win a Taurus man’s loving, dependable, and elegant heart, final thoughts…

Having a refined and possessive attribute in terms of material possessions and worth is a Taurus man’s forte, nevertheless, he is extremely giving and generous especially to his partner, loyal and loving, he is the sweet man you could ever dream of!

Remember that his sun in Taurus makes him an incredibly wilful person no matter how adorable or charming he might look, depending on his other planetary positions, the Taurus sun will give him amplified energy that gives him the persistence to achieve whatever he truly desires in this lifetime.

Although it is best to fully know his birth chart and look for his Mars and Venus signs to fully know his love language, what he wants romantically, and how he likes to make love to his partner.

Remember these key points in order to understand the full aspects of his personality!

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