5 Ways To Make A Taurus Man Regret Losing You

5 Ways To Make A Taurus Man Regret Losing You

Because of how stubborn your Taurus man is, it can be a little hard for you to regret his decision of hurting and leaving you because he stands firm in his decision. However, he has weaknesses, and hitting those weaknesses are things that can make him regret losing you.

Here are ways to make him regret losing you.

To make a Taurus man regret losing you, you need to be determined of showing him that you are definitely serious about wanting to get back with him. However, don’t show too much neediness. Play the push-and-pull game. You need to be patient and prove your loyalty.

Lastly, appeal to the memories of the two of you.

If you want more explanation on these tips, I have explained them in detail below. However, to understand these tips a little better, you also need to look at the reasons why a Taurus man has left you. Let’s start!

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Reasons Why A Taurus Man Left You

5 Ways To Make A Taurus Man Regret Losing You

Your Taurus man is ruled by Venus, and Venus is the ruler of love, beauty, and sensuality. He likes everything beautiful, and this can be literally anything – from clothes, house decorations, and places to the looks of women and men.

He also likes anything that triggers his senses. He is stubborn, and this means that he can be very slow-moving. If he decides to end the relationship with you, he has been thinking about it for a long time. It took him a long time to think about it and to finally make a decision.

Because of his stubbornness, it is also in his nature to stick to a relationship when he gets into one.

Comfort and stability are things that are important for a Taurus man. When somebody comes along and disrupts his comfort – this can be anything – from spending too much money and coming to his house and messing with his things, he can get pretty annoyed by these.

He does not like people who are too loud and very aggressive, He hates it when his partner starts with arguments for no apparent reason.

Well, most of us do, but a Taurus man does not handle this too well. This is because he does not want the disruption of any kind. And if you have been messing with his comfort, this is probably considered a red flag for him.

If you still have not noticed, when you were still in a relationship, your Taurus man is very romantic. If he has laid his eyes and heart on you, he definitely has thought about staying forever. If. He did, he would have courted you forever. He is going to cook for you, leaves notes for you, and send you flowers.

He is going to be romantic with his partner forever. However, if he has left you, one of the reasons is probably because you are not as affectionate and loving as him. He likes physical touch and public displays of affection, and this could be something that you cannot stand.

Unless you do all these things, he is not going to feel appreciated and loved.

As I have said earlier, your Taurus man is like anything that triggers and is good to his senses. He likes being triggered through the senses – sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch. One of the possible reasons he has left you is that you do not appreciate sensuality as much as he does.

It is not that hard to make a Taurus happy.

It only takes good food, good sex, and definitely good affection. If you do not meet his sensual needs, he is totally going to dump you. However, before he does this, he is going to drop hints that he is not okay with the current state that you are in.

He is going to tell you, and if you continuously ignore these, he will consider it a red flag.

5 Ways To Make A Taurus Man Regret Losing You

Be determined

5 Ways To Make A Taurus Man Regret Losing You

Because of your Taurus man’s romantic nature, and the fact that one of the possibilities of him leaving you is because you are not romantic enough for him, it is time to change his mind. Change the way he thinks of you.

He likes to see that you put effort into connection in the relationship. Even if you have broken up, let him see that you are willing to do an effort for him to take you back.

At times, he can be a little passive about this. You can send him notes every day or send him cute good morning texts or send him some cooked meals.

He can ignore all these because of his stubbornness, but if you are determined enough, and he sees that he is going to feel that you truly did have feelings for him and that you want to mend the relationship with him. This will make him regret losing you.

Do not be needy

You need to master the art of being determined but coming off as not needy. To do this, you can play the push-and-pull game. Play a little bit of a game.

Even if you are putting effort into winning him back, you need to let him know that you are also okay with being on your own. Let him know that you can do things without him. This will drive him crazy and will definitely doubt his decision of leaving you.

To do the push-and-pull game, you can text him a cute little message, and when he replies, make him wait. Respond after 15 minutes, an hour, and two hours later. Send something funny to him, and do not respond. However, remember that it is supposed to be fun!

Again, at the same time, you need to let him know that you are just not sitting there waiting for his response and just want to talk.

Be patient

5 Ways To Make A Taurus Man Regret Losing You

As I have said in the earlier parts of this article, your Taurus man is slow-moving. He likes to take his time and think about the decision he is going to make long and hard.

If he has broken up with you, he must have been thinking about it for months before actually doing it. This is the same with the decision of taking you back into his life.

If you really want your Taurus man to regret losing you and hurting you, you need to be patient. Let him know that you will stay available until he is ready again. He is slow with processing his emotions and you need to wait a relatively long time for him to even say anything to you.

When you have shown him that you are patient enough for him, he is going to regret losing you.

Prove your loyalty

Again, loyalty is a very big thing for a Taurus man, and if you show him that you stay loyal to him despite the breakup, he is going to think about why he left you. Although it can be a little tempting to be with someone else, do not do it because it will just cause a reverse effect of what you want him to feel.

If you wanted him to feel jealous, this will not work! Instead, he is going to think that leaving you was the right decision.

When you do this to him, he is going to feel that you never loved him. This is because when he is in love, he is a little vulnerable and because he is stubborn, it can feel like he does not care, but it does affect him. He can be angry and sad about it.

Appeal to the memories of the two of you

5 Ways To Make A Taurus Man Regret Losing You

Because of how romantic your Taurus man is, he remembers the memories you have together. He is going to be reminded of the things that had meaning to both of you. You can take advantage of this!

You can remind him of the first time you kissed, the first time you walked on the beach. You can bring up literally anything that brings those positive feelings and emotions back. Remember that he likes to be stimulated through his senses. This is a strong move to make him regret losing you.

5 ways to make a Taurus man regret losing you, final thoughts…

To make a Taurus man regret losing you:

  • Be determined
  • Do not be needy
  • Be patient
  • Prove your loyalty
  • Appeal to the memories of the two of you

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