When A Taurus Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

So, you have been ignored by the man who is known to give the silent treatment. There is no surprise because he does this more often than you expect. You may not know his reasons, but here are five things to do when a Taurus man is ignoring you.

When a Taurus man is ignoring you, be calm and collected. Allow him the freedom to think things through. Give him the option to be free from the relationship because this will show your independence. Never provoke harsh emotions in him by forcing him to talk. Tell him directly how you feel sometimes.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Taurus man.

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To really understand how to deal with a Taurus man that is ignoring you, it is important that you know his dark side and the reasons why he ignores you!

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The Dark Side Of The Taurus Man

A trait that is very noticeable in a Taurus man is that he is very romantic. He knows how to be the best lover, but this does not mean that he does not have a dark side in him. One trait that makes a Taurus man toxic is that he can be very possessive.

This is not just in a romantic sense but also in a material sense. You cannot just borrow things from a Taurus man because he might get rude by saying no and rejecting you.

When it comes to his partner, he might get possessive of you and will not let you hang out with your friends and, sometimes, even family.

When a Taurus man gets mad, he can become quite violent. Yes, he might seem relaxed on the outside, but there is a violent rage happening on the inside. And it’s only a matter of time before he shows you that he is truly mad.

When his capacities are filled, he will get pissed. If you think that your problem is not going to be solved non-violently, then it is safe to solve it from a distance. Another thing is that he can be really abusive in pleasuring himself.

He can be very hedonistic, even if it means putting his own health at risk.

Reasons Why A Taurus Man Is Ignoring You

One of the more obvious reasons why your Taurus man is ignoring you is that he is occupied by doing something that he might be very passionate about.

Even though he is known to be a “home buddy,” he still enjoys going out with his friends and family and socializing. He can be very social, and he likes to plan things to do for himself.

However, he is the type to care about what other people might say about him. When he knows that his family is judgmental, he definitely knows that they will be judgmental about your relationship.

With that in mind, he prefers to just stay out of your relationship first and just have some time on his own.

This is all because, just like any other earth sign, your Taurus man is very organized with the way he moves and the way he behaves. He moves very cautiously. One of the other reasons why he is ignoring you is that you might have stepped on his boundaries.

As an earth sign, it is innate for him to value his boundaries, and when you step on that, he is going to want to just stay out of your way and do things on his own. Sometimes the ignoring is situational, but it can be for the long-term as well.

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5 Things To Do When A Taurus Man Is Ignoring You

Be calm and collected

Again, as I said just a few sentences ago, a Taurus man is very keen on the way he moves and behaves. He likes to stay calm during challenging situations, and of course, he expects his partner to be the same.

If you want to deal with a Taurus man ignoring you, you need to show him no signs of panic. Because if he sees that you’re panicking, he will translate this as your way of tying him down.

So, do not send him messages at 2 AM asking him back. Do not go to his house in the rain begging for forgiveness. Instead, wait for him to calm down a little bit. Give it some time to gently initiate conversations.

You can also cook his favorite meal as a sign of peace offering.

Give him freedom

If you really want to get things with your Taurus man, there is really just one key, and that key is patience. If it’s still not obvious so far, your Taurus man is notorious for giving silent treatments because he likes to think things through and get away from everything and everyone.

So, all you really need to survive a relationship with him is patience.

Sometimes, the reason that he is ignoring you has nothing to do with you. The annoying thing about it is that he will not tell you about it. He will absolutely leave you clueless. He needs time to sort out his thoughts so he can express what he really feels to you. He needs to figure things out on his own.

Give him the option to be free

I know what you’re thinking – this tip is definitely not helping because you want to save your relationship. Of course, that is something that we both want. However, when you give him the option to be free, he will interpret it as you are independent enough to not depend on your happiness in the relationship.

And as I said, he needs a drastic space to think.

Whatever it is that made him ignore you definitely messed him up, and talking with you is not one of the best solutions he sees. He will appreciate the effort and the suggestion, and it also signifies that you are considerate enough to give him the time to think about the best for both of you.

Never force him to talk

Earlier, we talked about how a Taurus man gets mad, and you do not want to see him mad. Before you even attempt to force him to talk, think about why he needs some time off. Know that he has his own reasons and that whatever he is doing will be for the good of both of you.

He definitely needs time to recover and work it out himself because, as we all know, time heals everything. So, do not ever provoke him to respond in a negative way. You need to learn his triggers before you get with him. You should remain patient and calm.

Tell him what you feel

Giving him space does not mean that you will abandon him and that you won’t talk about your feelings to him. When he’s ignoring you, it does not mean that he is not listening because he definitely is.

If you do not know, your Taurus man does not like to play mind games. In fact, he looks up to people with a very direct nature like that of an Aries man. Just like everybody else, he likes constant validation and letting him know what exactly you feel. So, send me a little text expressing what you feel.

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When You Ignore A Taurus Man

I have mentioned earlier that a Taurus man is notorious for giving the silent treatment to literally everybody, and if you give him the silent treatment, he will also give you some of it.

If you are not patient and calm enough to understand your Taurus man, there will be tendencies that he will cheat. He likes to be babied, and when you give him the kind of attitude he does not like, he will want closure.

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5 things to do when a Taurus man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Taurus man is ignoring you:

  • Be calm and collected
  • Give him freedom
  • Give him the option to be free
  • Never force him to talk
  • Tell him what you feel



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