Does a Taurus Man Cheat?

Is it possible that your current Taurus man is cheating on you? Don’t fret! In this article, we’re going to show you how a Taurus man cheats on his partner and what are his reasons for being unfaithful in a committed relationship.

Yes, The Taurus man can cheat but it is highly unlikely, this is because the fixed earthy element of this sign makes this man extremely faithful to his partner, if he ever cheats on his partner this usually means that he did not love her in the first place or that he’s just using her for sex.

The Taurus man is the slow and steady man of the zodiac, extremely chill and calm in approach, he is friendly and inviting to everyone making him a generally likable person, this man has a lot of possessions and lives by securing himself, he is fond of luxury and opulence, making him quite extravagant.

In terms of love, he seeks the utmost pleasure and romance, ruled by Venus, this man loves to love and wants to be loved in return, he craves romance and intimacy, he is powerful when it comes to it, his hidden allure can attract many lovers, but he is usually faithful to the one he truly loves.

There can be several ways why your Taurus man would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why a Taurus man would be most likely to cheat in a committed relationship than any other zodiac sign!

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Let’s jump right in!

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Are Taurus Men More Likely to Cheat?

The Taurus man will highly unlikely to cheat in a committed long-term relationship, especially if he loves the woman to the point of obsession, however, his true intentions are often in secret, and it can be hard to truly know if he really loves the person or was just there for the sake of it.

The Taurus man can be an incredibly loving zodiac sign, he can be genuinely loving and faithful if he truly loves the person he is with, but if he was just in a relationship just so he can experience love and pleasure (sex, money, gifts, emotional reassurance, praise) then most likely that he never truly loved the person he’s with.

Your Taurus man can cheat and will cheat if he feels like he’s not getting the utmost love and pleasure in the relationship, he will almost certainly cheat if he never loved the woman in the first place and was just there because his partner can give something beneficial to him.

Out of all the zodiac signs, the Taurus man can be considered one of the most faithful and caring zodiac signs, he will be faithful and devoted to the one he “truly” loves, however, all zodiac signs can have shadow traits.

If he’s more leaning toward his shadow traits, he can be self-indulgent to the point that he’ll seek pleasure no matter what the cost, this can make him cheat and disrespect the boundaries of the relationship!

Because he is ruled by Venus, he can have self-serving traits, making him think about first and foremost his comfort and pleasure, he will relentlessly seek it no matter what the cost, especially if he feels that he doesn’t get it from his partner.

He will cheat if he thinks and he feels that he is not being given enough attention and love, this can also make him dangerous as instead of blaming him and his selfish actions, he will pin the blame on you for not giving him the “pleasure” he wants.

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Why Do Taurus Men Cheat?

Many Taurus men are pleasure and comfort seekers, your Taurus man can distinguish love from pleasure, he will certainly welcome someone in his life who can give him that kind of comfort and pleasure, but it will be rarely hard for him to love someone hard and passionately, this is why some women experience difficult relationships with a Taurus man.

Yes, he will be pleasurable to be around, he can be attractive, laid-back, and smooth-talker, he might make you feel comfortable things that make you warm and happy, but loving someone genuinely and strongly may be difficult for him.

He is an ideal romantic but a sure heartbreaker, he loves sex and romance, but only the idea of it, if a Taurus man ever cheats on you it’s most likely because he never genuinely loved you or that he may have found someone who can give him twice as pleasure and comfort that he is seeking on you!

This is why it is terribly important to assess if the love is mutual between you two and if the love isn’t just the lustful, physical one, most likely than not many failed relationships always end up broken and messy because both parties aren’t good in analyzing their true feelings and intentions.

Ask yourself if he was just there for the good times, the pleasure, or if he was there through rough times, most likely, you’ll have your answer in the first place – your Taurus man never really loved you and was just there for whatever pleasure and appraisal you gave to him, whether it’s in the form of physical intimacy, emotional intimacy or through the finances.

How to find out if a Taurus man is Cheating on you?

The Taurus man is the stereotypical hippie dude who’s interesting to be with as he’s got a nice personality and all, as such the first sign you’ll notice that he’s cheating on you is when he’s gaslighting you.

He might blame you, accusing you of being sneaky or telling you how you’re wrong and that he’s right, he will also be a lot angrier than he usually is, and he will be very possessive of his belongings including his phone and other gadgets – things that link him with other people he’s seeing.

It’s almost no surprise that he will be secretive about his gadgets, also check out any odd and unusual altered schedule or habits, if he’s putting a little more extra effort into making himself buff and attractive all the time, it can be a terrible sign that he’s pursuing and trying to impress another lover.

He will also use a subversion tactic to hide his tracks, he will start to care more about what you’re doing and where you’re going, he will be hostile when conversing with you, and he will try to make it seem like you’re the problem so he can make it seem like it was right that he’s cheating on you.

When using this tactic this is often to hide the fact that he is being sneaky and lying, your Taurus man can be an incredible manipulator if he wishes to be, he can also fake his emotions, pretending to love you even when he does not.

This is why you should always trust your gut! Feel the energy and vibe he carries, the first time you notice something different and odd is usually the first sign that something is not right! Lean more towards it and the truth will uncover itself!

Pay attention to his body language, he will try to cover the truth that he’s seeing someone else, but the chill laid-back side of him will be gone, he will most certainly act nervous and fidgety, and his eyes will tell everything.

Overall, if you feel that the relationship is not working out and that the romance is dead, then it’s a good sign that he’s cheating on you or that he will and is considering breaking up with you and moving on with another one, if that’s the case, detach yourself from him, the more attachment you have with him, the more painful the moving on is.

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Taurus Man’s cheating heart? 

At the end of the day, it is your heart’s desire that should truly win the argument here, ask yourself, is he worth it? Do you love him? Was he good to you and your family? Are you both compatible in terms of your personality and life goals?

The answer is within you, all you need is to dig deeper and look for the signs, look for the actual actions he’s done instead of the words he puts into your mind if the relationship is toxic and you know he’s cheated on you, there’s no turning back.

Instead of hurting over it, just cut the cord and move on, the incredibly fixed personality of a Taurus man can make him hard to change if he thinks what he’s done to you is right, you’ll never change him, go on with your life and be happy, soon he’ll realize it on himself and he’ll be the one begging to let him come back to you.

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