How To Attract A Libra Man

How to attract a Libra man?

Libra is the seventh stage of astrological cosmogony, from Aries’ “I am”, and Taurus’ with “What is mine”, Gemini’s “Who is around me”, then Cancer’s “What are my roots”, over Leo’s “what is my joy” and Virgo “let’s work this over”, we’ll come to the Libra and the concept of union, of “we” instead of “me”.

And to attract the Libra man, in general, you will have to be aware of his needs and emotions all the time and to position yourself as a part of the team if you want to build something meaningful with him. You will also have to possess flawless manners and appear as a true lady regarding your fashion style.

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Why is a Libra man so shallow?

Libra man will just appear to be shallow to those who are not so close to him. At first glance, he is skeptical and not so fast to take a stance. And this is happening because he wants to see the situation from all angles. This process slows him down a bit.

There are four major elements in astrology, fire, earth, air, and water. And the sign of Libra is the second or the stable form of the air element.

In Gemini, this air element is all about usual down-to-earth communication and information, in Aquarius, it is about the global reach, but in the Libra, the focus is on diplomacy and tact, measuring each word and taking into consideration all perspectives.

In this sense, a Libra man will truly sustain from honest comments in most cases, in order not to hurt anyone and also to estimate properly which direction could give him the greatest rewards. And this is exactly why he might seem slow or shady, or even in some cases, not so smart.

However, he will be wise and while others think that he is just posing in society, he will gain a lot, in the financial or networking sense.

The ruler of Libra is the planet Venus, and since it can be as far as 45 degrees away from the Sun, it can be placed in the signs Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or even Sagittarius.

If a Libra man Venus is in Leo, then he will seek big business ideas, influential connections, and also, a glamourous and powerful woman. If his Venus is in Virgo, he will love all things related to health and nutrition, and fall for smaller, thinner, and analytical girls.

If a Libra man has his natal Venus in Libra, then he will love romantic and elegant ladies, full of tact and with good social connections.  In the case, his natal Venus is positioned in Scorpio, he will then fall for dark and sexy types of women with some mystery hanging around them.

If his Venus is in the sign of Sagittarius, he will be simply mesmerized by those educated girls with a great sense of humor and adventure.

What are the main traits of a Libra man?

A man born in the sign of Libra is extremely sensual, polite, and often has very original ideas, especially around designing architecture, or arts. When he really wants to achieve something, then he turns into his opponent and does not give up until the dream becomes reality.

He is always cordial and kind, but a Libra man can often be stingy too, which he successfully hides while his bank accounts solidly grow.

However, he is one of those unique people who can boast that he has no enemies, due to his tact and wonderful glance from his eyes, which he uses as his strongest weapon.

As a husband, Libra man is a bit lukewarm but pleasant and charming, and he will do everything to keep his marriage harmonious and stable.

He always has more emotions than passions, so over time, he could become a bit boring. In old age, he may become withdrawn or even depressed in some cases.

Can you seduce a Libra man?

Honestly speaking, it’s not an easy task to seduce a Libra man at all. His standards will be very high, and he will always notice a single little mistake in a person who is trying to approach him. The best thing you can do is to be near and polite, and let him decide the proper outcome.

To attract the Libra man you will have to possess several, sometimes opposite characteristics. You could be a quiet type, or you could be talkative. You might appear humble and dressed in the same style, or you could shine and keep all eyes on you.

Your strategy will be very uncertain until you know the position of his natal Venus, which, as said above, can be anywhere between Leo and Sagittarius.

Also, have in mind that the natural seventh house for Libra Sun, Moon, or rising sign falls in Aries. And the seventh house is all about committed relationships and all sorts of partnerships.

Alas, in this case, you should also know the position of his natal Mars and show the qualities of both his Venus and Mars to be considered as his ideal partner.

If you don’t know his natal chart, then it will be for the best to simply be yourself because he has a keen eye to see who is faking or not, and once he realizes that you acted as someone you are not, he will instantly become disappointed and leave.

This is why it’s better to show him your true colors right from the start. And hope for the best in the future. 

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How to attract the younger Libra man

The younger Libra guy will fall in love or at least be powerfully attracted to those individuals who are full of self-esteem, joy, and constant action. He will admire them and dream to be “conquered” and sexually “used” often with someone so brave and so exciting for sure.  

The area of partnerships for Libra falls in the sign of Aries, ruled by the planet Mars.

No matter where his natal Mars is placed or how generally it is strong according to astrology, in early Libra man’s years, it will show its innate fire and ambition.

This is why he will become amazed each time by those individuals who are bold and brave, ready to fight for their ideals, perhaps not so stylish, but surely memorable. And in this case, you will have to be the one to pursue him, a little bit aggressively, but not too much.

Do not send him endless messages, rather try to be straightforward with him when you are standing face to face. If you are at some club or party, dance seductively in front of him, but don’t be vulgar.

If you are having some activities together, be the one who is interesting and funny with your, always positive, comments, but don’t be the major clown in the group. 

Dancing between bravery and style will be the most powerful formula to win Libra man’s heart. 

How to attract a mature Libra man

The older or the mature Libra man will become attracted to all those talkative individuals with some innovative ideas, and the zest to change or improve the world. He will feel “at home” beside someone like that, and this will give him the impression of emotional safety.

If married, the Libra guy will do everything he can for his marriage to last. Unfortunately, bad things happen and it’s not unusual to find a lot of divorced or unmarried Libra men out there.

However, all of them have one thing in common, they are not so much into fiery and aggressive partners anymore and now they are searching for some other qualities related to commitment and love.

First of all, a Libra man will become almost instantly attracted to someone who has unusual ideas and spreads the feeling of joy easily. This will help him to relax and to feel like he belongs and is welcomed in that particular environment.

And this is happening because his area of heart’s desires is placed in Aquarius.

But at the same time, if you want to attract the older Libra man, you shouldn’t overdo it and present yourself as some kind of eccentric or exhibitionist.

Anything “different” or so radical you possess should be placed in your mind and your words, and not in your personal and fashion style because the “innovative” appearance will just repel him fast.

On the other hand, his area of higher aims in life, in the sign of Gemini, will also become prominent, and therefore, he will seek someone who will become his best friend, not just his lover, and someone who will support him and guard all of his secrets as his sibling.

The quality of closeness will become imperative. And if you want to get this Libra man and his whole heart, you have to become his trusted companion or a teammate.

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