How Does A Libra Man Test You?

How Does A Libra Man Test You?

The planet of Venus is famous for love and beauty. She was a goddess that was a favorite subject amongst the masterful painters. The Libra man is ruled by Venus appreciates beauty and wants to keep things in harmony no matter what.

They are diplomatic and do not mind adjusting themselves in order to keep peace with everyone. So, how do Libra men test you?

The Libra man will test you with their commitment issues. You would need to keep busy while being patient with them. They dislike emotionally needy partners and those that are too serious. The Libra man loves to socialize and meet new people.

He’s not the romantic type and is comfortable with short-lived relationships.

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But first, let’s take a look at your Libra man’s characteristics…

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Profile of a Libra man

How Does A Libra Man Test You

The Libra man is a tactful, stylish, and natural host. They are infamous for flirting. Since they are influenced by the air element, they are all about the exchange of ideas.

Libra men can make great listeners to their friends, but be warned, that also means they might enjoy hearing about rumors and the latest scandals.

Libra men want to display fairness. Their symbolism, after all, is the scales. Libra men advocate for balance in everything which may be about life. They are the type to encourage a friend to be wild, to try something rebellious for once.

Libra men might be known for being peacemakers, but it should be noted that they are also exalted in Saturn. Libra has a dual nature.

They might take eternities before entering a conflict but once they have decided it’s worth the risk they will not back down. These are the types to die for a cause.

A philosopher teaches, “The selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars.” Even the Tarot card of Justice is represented by Libra because of its representation of the truth. In the eyes of the Libra man, everyone is equal.

The Libra man is focused on relationships in general, that includes his friends or enemies.  It is not always going to be about you and him.

What are your chances with your Libra man?

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7 ways a Libra man will test you

He tests how needy you are

How Does A Libra Man Test You?

A Libra man prefers not to be tied down or controlled. They like to have their freedom. Like their element, air, they can’t be contained in one area, they always are on the move.

If you are jealous or need constant attention, the Libra man might not think you will last. If you want to blow your chances with a Libra man, then be overly emotional and impulsive.

He feels comfortable if his woman can handle his independence. He wants her to understand that just because he is not paying attention does not mean he is unfaithful. The drive here is that the potential partner needs to accept who he is.

The biggest challenge with dating a Libra man is that you will never know if he will ever be ready to commit.

He tests you with his fantasies

Remember, Libra men are ruled by Venus. The Libra man is erotic and you might need to bring tricks in the bedroom to keep him lustful. He wants to be with a woman that is playful and open-minded. He wants her to be experimental.

It is not surprising if he suggests doing a pretend play or if he brings you to places that are unconventional. If you are more of a conservative type, you have been warned, save yourself.

For the Libra man, seduction is non-negotiable, but he assures that he spoils his woman with pleasure.

He will test how you trust him

Because of their reputation as flirts, he needs a partner that is able to trust him and despite being popular among people, that he can be faithful to that special person. It might feel like you need a miracle to keep him, but it’s possible for a Libra man to commit.

The key to dating a Libra man is to just enjoy his company. He is already indecisive in nature. It has something to do with them trying to balance all things as Libra represents the scales.

It is safe to say that Libra will evaluate back and forth on whether to commit to you.

The Libra man wants to know you can be trusted and that you can listen to him. He needs to be able to rely on his partner and that you won’t give up on him when he’s undecided. To keep you hopeful, Libra manages the 7th house of partnerships, there is a chance after all.

He tests you with his two faces

How Does A Libra Man Test You?

The Sun sign in Libra is actually at its fall. What this means is that he is not able to express himself well. He always puts the feelings or thoughts of others into consideration before he puts the real him.

He may have a public face to show people because that’s what society expects of him.

If you think about it, the Libra man is actually like a mirror and will adjust to the person in front of him. The thought of what the other person might think actually can be too much for him.

That is why they are indecisive because they usually lose sight of who they are, of their own individuality in favor of everyone else.

He tests you with his lifestyle

Libra men are social and often fashionable that is who they are. They will be miserable if they are left in isolation. Libra men do not want to be alone.

They need to be in the presence of people and actually can enjoy a lot of attention. Kim Kardashian for example is a Libra. Yes, Libra can be vain.

It can only be that the reason Libra thrives on this is that they love to receive compliments whenever they can. It would be a bonus if your Libra man thinks you look good together.

As Venus values beauty then so does, he. You can benefit from trying to style up if you haven’t already. He wants his lady to care about her appearance and makes an effort to look like a snack.

The Libra man may be focused on harmonizing and beautifying the world around them.

It might be interesting to note that Vladimir Putin is a Libra and he has won his supporters through his charisma and leveraged his natural skill for relationships to gain influence not just in his home country, but the world too.

He tests you by never making the decision

If you want to make a quick decision, do not ask a Libra man. He might just ask you what you think and agree from there. They have a reflex of saying yes instead of making the conversation long, they will now proceed to think about the situation for the rest of the day.

If he ever found a way to rub a Genie lamp and make a wish, the Libra man would ask for confident decision-making skills. It would be chaotic if you are also indecisive. Both of you will just go with whatever, and that’s no fun.

He tests you with his skeptical nature

How Does A Libra Man Test You?

The Libra man is observant. Although they enjoy the news stories and daily tea from other people, he still is symbolized by the scales and will come to his own conclusions first. They want to see things happening in front of them before they believe it.

With air as their elemental influence, they see each perspective. For the Libra man, the phrase, “To see is to believe.” applies.

He will not take words seriously unless action comes with it. He can agree with you but that does not mean he believes it.

Libra is a strategist; they tend to think like the other person on how they will plan their next step so he can view the possibilities. You would just need to make sure you mean what you say.

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Is your Libra man testing your, final thoughts…

The Libra man tests you by being himself. Kidding aside, he will test you in how emotionally independent you are. Libra men do not like needy partners. They are one of the hardest signs to commit due to their indecisive personalities.

When a Libra man loves, he spoils his lover with gifts and will actually crave an emotional connection with his partner.

If you are dating a Libra man, it is best to approach him to enjoy their company and not to expect too much. Love is not set in stone. He is a lover of everyone.

You never know if a miracle happens and he realizes he likes you. even then if he likes you that doesn’t guarantee that he will commit.



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