Dating a Libra Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Dating a Libra Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Charming and irresistible because of his looks and his wit – you cannot deny the fact that there is no escape from the love arrow of a Libra man. Here are some of the things you need to know now that you are dating one.

He is thoughtful, communicative, charming, and laid back. He is also very romantic and can be a little cold when he gets turned off. The key to this relationship is to be open-minded, funny, and be willing to work as a team. Do not be rude and pressure him. He is indecisive. So, don’t take things personally.

Sounds good? Well, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s take a look at what your Libra man is all about…

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About your Libra Man

He is thoughtful

Dating a Libra Man? 12 Things You Must Know

If you have been with your Libra man for a while now, you may have noticed how he is very idealistic and ambitious.

He wants to do a lot of things in his life. He is the type to do the craziest things in life. With that, he is actually very fun to be around because he is always thinking and moving. You will never get bored.

On the flip side, because of how he has a lot of ideas, and yes, he may ask you about yours, but he may or may not care. He would not care if that’s a topic that he cares less about. Don’t get me wrong though, he is pretty open-minded, but you have to be someone he really cares enough for.

He is good at communication

Your Libra man is a very intelligent one, and he loves to discuss new things, especially with someone he really adores and loves.

Actually, if you are already dating one, you have been victimized by this trait of a Libra man. He literally can go from one subject to the next because the way he thinks about things is very sassy. Your Libra man likes to be intellectually stimulated.

As mentioned, when a Libra man really likes you, although he may not care about what you are talking about (do not generalize this though), he will listen to you. However, the downside to this is that when you talk to him, he is going to be judging you.

We know how your Libra man can be a smarty, and he wants you to be the same. If you say something that is not that intelligent, he will definitely judge you.

He is very charming

Aside from being very good with words, your Libra man is also very charming. In fact, he is known for this trait. And this is because, he is ruled by the planet Venus and has a lot of feminine energy, so he likes to look good and smell good.

However, because of this trait, he can be a bit manipulative and can charm you into getting what he wants from you. He is a very intriguing person, and so there will be something in him that you cannot just resist.

And if you do not know this about your Libra man, there are things that can go wrong in your relationship.

He is laid back

Dating a Libra Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Your Libra man is very chill. He is someone who you can hang out with. You can get a cup of coffee with him, maybe have some tea, and even smoke a little. He is very much the type of person you want to be around a lot because of how chill he is.

He is also the type of lover that you do not need to do a lot for him to be pleased.

If you are naturally a very cool person, then good for you, you won’t be doing a lot of extra stuff to keep your Libra man happy. He is also very honest and will roast you like he roasts his friends. And if you are not laid back like him, you will think of him as someone rude because he will insult and shade you.

He is very romantic

Despite what people negatively say about him, he is a great lover when he feels nurtured and well taken care of. This is just his personality because this is just his way of thinking. And if you are smart enough and look good, you are good to go!

He is the type of lover to surprise you and go the extra mile to make you feel special. He is the type to do all this crazy stuff to make you smile, and if you are into that, you are in good hands! Lucky you!

He can be cold

Your Libra man is very easy to annoy. And when you do something that he does not like, he can get on your nerves very easily. Yes, in the beginning, he can be really nice to you. He can shower you with lavish gifts and will treat you really nicely, but things change.

If he gets turned off, he will be cold like you never existed.

Get ready to be treated with the silent treatment. You are lucky if he still replies to you with one-word sentences. He can get a little wish-washy because of his personality, and he would not hesitate to do whatever it is that he wants to do – to ignore you.

What are your chances with your Libra man?

Before I we get into the 6 things you must do when dating a Libra man, it’s probably a good idea for you to check how compatible you are with him!

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6 Things to Do When Dating a Libra Man

Be open-minded

Dating a Libra Man? 12 Things You Must Know

As you may have already figured out, your Libra man is very opinionated because I have mentioned that he is an intelligent one. Although he can judge you with every little thing that comes out of your mouth, he is open to hearing things if he is in a good space.

He wants his partner to be the same. He wants you to be rigid in your thinking and be ready to approach any discussion with an open mind. Make sure that can keep up with the different ideas he will throw in your conversations because he will get talkative!

Be funny

The adorable trait of your Libra man is that he loves to laugh! Even in the midst of a challenging time, he will want to laugh. So, get your jokes ready and some cheesy punchlines to keep him happy and laughing even through a very stressful situation.

Be willing to work as a team

We already know that your Libra man is a good communicator. This makes him a very good partner or teammate as well. After all, Libra is a sign of partnership, and so, you can expect that in your relationship, there will be two players – you and him.

So, do not ever make a decision only by yourself. Make sure that you will always consult him with the decisions you make. It’s not him trying to control you, he just wants to work with you as a team because he will definitely do the same for you.

Do not be rude

Dating a Libra Man? 12 Things You Must Know

I mean this is just simple human decency, but your Libra man is very particular about this. Do not be rude to him or to anybody. Do not be scolding fast-food workers just because your food is taking way too long for fast food.

He wants to be with someone who has the same sensibility as him, but if you really show this side of you (of course, if you only have one), he will definitely change the way he feels about you.

Do not pressure him

You see your Libra man likes his freedom. He likes doing his things his way and just simply living the life he wants to live. Do not push whatever it is that you want him to do. Do not push him for things that he does not feel comfortable doing.

This will only cause a lot of bad things in your relationship, and you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Accept that he is indecisive

Dating a Libra Man? 12 Things You Must Know

Your Libra man can change his mind real quick, and he can like something for now but decide that he does not anymore the next hour. Do not take this personally because he has always been like that. He changes his perspectives based on what he feels that day.

And if he feels like he is being judged, he will run away very far from you.

More details when dating a Libra man

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Dating a Libra man, the final word…

The things you need to know when dating a Libra man are:

  • He is thoughtful
  • He is good at communication
  • He is very charming
  • He is laid back
  • He is very romantic
  • He can be cold

The things that you need to when dating a Libra man:

  • Be open-minded
  • Be funny
  • Be willing to work as a team
  • Do not be rude
  • Do not pressure him
  • Accept that he is indecisive

Stay in love!



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