How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Man

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Man

If you have a Libra man in your life as a partner, chances are the word boring isn’t part of your relationship, with that said if you wanna spice things up by talking dirty to your Libra man, we’re here to help.

To talk dirty to a Libra man, you must match his energy, this man is more fond of sexting than any other sign, let him know you are willing to be freaky to him all day long, compliment his physical beauty but at the same time show him that you’re also as good as him in terms of looks and performance, keeps the dirty talking fun and friendly.

Libra men are the charming men of the zodiac, they are incredibly diplomatic and friendly, and their intelligence and social graces give them popularity among their social circles, because he is ruled by Venus, he can be extremely pleasurable to be around due to his looks and personality.

With that said, In this article, we’re going to show you how you can talk dirty to him to arouse him and make him more interested, you can also use this guide to help your relationship with him grow stronger sexually.

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How to turn on a Libra man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Man

Talking dirty to him requires two things – playful banter and flirting.

Talking dirty to him requires you to playfully tease him in a casual yet overtly sexual manner and have a knack for flirting, whether you’re in a casual fling with him or a committed relationship, flirting is a necessity in order for both of you to get to know each other more.

Because this man is naturally charming and communicative, he will be chatty to you and he’ll have the confidence to do his flirting without you noticing it.

In his mind, dirty talking or even simply casual flirting with him equals foreplay, this is beneficial for you as you’ll have an easy time turning him on, the only thing you need to do is match or mirror the energy he’s giving you.

If he flirts or talks dirty to you, which in most cases he will initiate most of the time, reciprocate and match his energy, his flair for words, and his tone, and he’ll be surprised and even more excited.

If you’ve known him long enough to know what are his kinks, preferred positions in the bedroom, his love language, or even his pickup lines, tell him those things too, your Libra man loves to hear the exact phrases he wants to hear on you.

When you’re flirting with him also keep in mind that he is a balanced man, he knows that in order to receive the pleasure he must also give it, as such don’t lose yourself in the process of talking dirty to him, loosen yourself up and tap into your wild and lustful side.

While dirty talking to him, enjoy the seduction process, he can smell it if you’re just doing it to please him rather than doing it to excite the both of you, also do not forget to set up the right mood and setting.

Wear some sexy clothes, practice your sultry feminine voice, and incorporate a lot of touches and sly smiles while hitting on him, passionate eye contact also helps a lot.

How to talk dirty to a Libra man through text?

Message him that he can own your body tonight

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Man

When you’re talking dirty through the phone with a Libra man and both of you are in the heat of the conversation, make sure to tell him to behave and bluntly express to him that you’re willingly surrendering your body to him.

Send him messages like: “This bum is yours tonight…” or “You own me, you know that, I wonder what you’ll do to me once you do.” or something like “I can’t wait to see you again so you can own my body and ravish on it.”

By doing these you’re turning him on while on the phone.

Play along with the lines of trust and rough sex

When you’re in the heat of dirty talking to him on the phone, do not forget to be sensual and calming to your Libra man, tell him that you deeply trust him and that at the same time, you crave more from him.

Say something like: “I trust you to do those things to me” or “You can tie me up and do whatever you want on me.” this makes him extremely happy and lustful as he knows that you’re into him 100%

“Cliche” dirty pickup lines work with her well

Deep down your Libra man is an idealist in love, he is romantic but may not show it overtly to his partner, as such trying to tap into his romantic side by telling him corny but sweet and wild pickup lines work well.

Make sure he is engaged in the conversation before doing a pickup line on him instead of popping it up randomly on his screen, it might seem weird and odd to him, instead when you know he’s trying to be funny and flirty while dirty talking to him is the right time to hit him up with a pickup line.

Play along with him

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Man

This man is fun to be around, his carefree and great social personality makes him a wonderful partner to be around, even when you’re talking to him on the phone be sure to be interested in every word he says, do not try to act dull or bored as this might hurt his feelings.

Instead, be as random and spontaneous as he is, if he is dirty talking casually with you and in the next minute he shares with you this cool thing he found on the internet, be uplifting and keep your eyes on the prize!

Romanticize him

A Libra man, he knows he’s in a good relationship when he knows that his partner is idolizing him not in a worshipping manner but with a rather deep appreciation of his looks and character.

Because your Libra man works so hard to keep up with his nice and friendly reputation, it feels nice to him if you tell him how good he is in and out of bed.

You can try complimenting how much of a knight in shining armor he is when he’s with you, you might compliment his “coolness” or intelligence, the key is to make him feel loved while keeping your lustful side on.

Appeal to his pleasure senses

While dirty talking to him through text message, appeal to his pleasure senses by telling him how you’ll please him when you both see each other in person.

Tell him things like: “Don’t worry, when I see you, just lay down and let me handle you” or “I’ll take care of your business once I see you” or play along the lines of “I can’t wait to be with you alone so I can blow your mind off.”

Appeal to his sense of taste

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Man

When doing this try to think of words that can stimulate his sensory taste, tell him how sweet, spicy, nice, or lovely he tastes, the point is you need to be able to make him feel good by appealing to this particular sense.

Try sending him messages like “I love how sweet you taste” or “I love when you’re all sweaty when you’re on top of me and I can lick it off from you.”

By doing these, you’re turning him on greatly!

Talking dirty with a Libra man, final thoughts…

Libra men are some of the most gorgeous men alive out there, we’re not surprised if you want to spice things up with him, it’s literally written in the stars, no pun intended.

Ruled by Venus and is an air sign, this man has a generally well and friendly nature, as such love and lovemaking even talking dirty can be highly sensual yet casual…

When you’re trying to talk dirty be sure to be casual and friendly in tone and manner of delivering your words while still being romantic, play along with witty words or cliche pickup lines with subtle sexual undertones.

Romance and friendship are key things important to your Libra man, by maintaining this in and out of the dirty talking phase, this Libra man will surely stay with you! No matter how flighty or detached he may be…

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