Libra Man In Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Libra Man In Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

If you are here, you have been victimized by the charm of a Libra man. Now, you want him all for yourself, and you just could not find a way to get to his pants since you think he’s too out of your league. However, that is not the case at all! Here are tips to turn him on.

To turn your Libra man on, you need to set the right environment. You should be rough and sensual at the same time. You should also touch his lower back and buttocks and accentuate your femininity. Do the deed in front of the mirror and be dominant sometimes.

Talk dirty but it should be too aggressive or nasty.

If you could not get enough of these tips, continue reading to get more of the inside scoop of how a Libra man is in bed.

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Libra Man in Bed: What It’s Like…

Making love with a Libra man is romantic and sweet. He is very charming and can get you turned on with just a grin or a smirk. He likes to have mental foreplays instead of physical foreplays. He expects to get the same amount of pleasure he gives. You will definitely have a great time!

More tea is spilled below.

He is very charming

Libra Man In Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Your Libra man is the most charming of them all. He is very sexy that you just could not resist him. He is charming enough to make you want to take your pants off. As a matter of fact, you can say that this is his gift as a Libra – to be charming.

You might have noticed how a simple smirk or a grin from him can have the greatest impact on you. Aside from that, he will know how to talk to you to take you and enjoy you under the sheets.

He is all about mental foreplay

Your Libra man is an air sign, and you can just expect that he is all about mental thinking. He will truly be turned on if you can hold a conversation and match his wit. If you can converse in the different subjects he is interested in, he would want to take you to bed.

Mental foreplay also means playing games with his mind. When you’re away, you can seduce him by sending him flirty and dirty text messages that can drive his mind crazy. This would make him not wait to be with you.

He wants equal give and takes

The sign of your Libra man is represented by the scales, and this reflects your Libra man’s fixation on balance. There will be some sort of duality in your relationship. He likes to give pleasure, but he will ask for the same amount of pleasure from you.

The thing about your Libra man is that he is very good in bed because he asks you what you want, but you will be expected to treat him the same. He is good a giving cunnilingus or head because he knows what to do with his tongue. He also wants to receive the same performance from you.

6 Tips to Turn On your Libra Man in Bed

Set the right environment

Libra Man In Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Your Libra man can be romantic, especially if he is in love with you. This also reflects in the bedroom when you two are making love. It is only fitting that you reciprocate this characteristic because your Libra man is all about equality.

What you can do is set the right environment where you are making love. You can light some candles to set the mood. You can also use satin sheets as bed and pillow covers. Beforehand, you can also enjoy a little bubble bath together.

Be rough and sensual at the same time

Your Libra man is ruled by Venus. In the bedroom, your Libra can go rough and slow alternately. He is aggressive but not too aggressive. There’s this sense of romance still in him, and you will feel it all throughout your session. Being too rough will turn him off.

Because Venus is his ruler, you can expect eloquence when he speaks.

So, what you need to do is be the same. He enjoys dirty talking, but it shouldn’t be too nasty. You can tell him how good he makes you feel and how you are enjoying it, but it cannot be too aggressive like “Yes Daddy!”. It will definitely give him the “ick”.

Touch his lower back and buttocks

Libra Man In Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

The specific body parts that will turn him on when touched are his lower back and his buttocks. This does not mean that you’ll get his behind. You can turn him on by simply massaging his lower back, cupping his back, or smacking his butt.

Aside from that, you also like seeing yourself from behind. So, you can try the positions of reverse cowgirls or doggy style to let him see you behind. Your lower back and your buttock are also his favorite body parts.

Accentuate your femininity

As I have mentioned earlier, your Libra man is ruled by the planet Venus, and Venus is the planet of romance and beauty. This means that your Libra man has an eye for beautiful things and definitely people like you.

Venus is also a feminine planet, and your Libra man is attracted to feminine women. To seduce him, you can wear lingerie with soft lace. Make sure to pamper yourself before getting with him. Put in the effort to look like a bombshell.

Do it in front of a mirror

Libra men love to take care of themselves to look good. Your Libra man most probably likes looking at himself in the mirror. The next time you make love with him, make sure that there is a mirror around. This can be in front of the bed or next to a sink. This will also give him the chance to admire your body.

Be dominant sometimes

Libra Man In Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Although he is very good in bed, he will appreciate it if you show and express your dominance as well. He does not mind a dominant and strong woman. He would be ready to submit himself to you. Know what he likes doing in bed or what his fantasies and sexual desires are.

Are Libra Men “Freaks” in Bed?

Generally, no, but some of them can be. They like to watch and maybe create adult films. They like watching themselves do the deed, and they like the beauty of a female’s body that is perfect for them. They enjoy softer pleasures instead and are very good lovers. They love it when their partners tease them.

Libra men get turned on by watching themselves do the deed, and they can really be into adult films. However, they do not like the amateur type of videos. He likes to watch fully produced videos and audio of great quality.

He likes to see perfection, especially in adult films. Remember he is ruled by the planet Venus, and so, he’d really like to watch the beauty of everything.

They rarely like the rough version of making love. He enjoys softer pleasures and you teasing him. They are instead very good lovers especially when you fit one of their mental fantasy frames. However, they can be a little superficial and may feel like they are entitled to upgrades.

Libra man in bed, final thoughts…

To turn a Libra man on, you need to:

  • Set the right environment
  • Be rough and sensual at the same time
  • Touch his lower back and buttocks
  • Accentuate your femininity
  • Do it in front of a mirror
  • Be dominant sometimes




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