Is Your Libra Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

How To Know When A Libra Man Is Done With You?

The Libra man is a charismatic host and knows the words to say to win your heart. They desire to maintain peace and harmony in all their relationships. He wants to maintain fairness in the world around now. He can be extremely affectionate, to the annoyance of his potential lovers.

When a Libra man is done with you, he will no longer give you attention. He may decide to stop spoiling you, and gradually fade from your life. The Libra man is cardinal which means passion may quickly arise when he falls in love and indifference when he falls out of it.

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That said, let’s see what it looks like when a Libra man is in love…

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The Libra man in love

How To Know When A Libra Man Is Done With You?

The Libra man in love knows how to make a lady feel like a diamond. He is famous for his flirtatious nature and knows how to give everyone a good time. When he loves someone, he can be romantic. The world shines brighter when the love of his life is around. He may tend to smile in your presence.

He may do things for you out of love. It could be the Libra man picking up a cup of coffee for you at work or making time to join you for a run. He may like to come and visit as a surprise too. Libra men are influenced by the air element which means it may be difficult for them to be committed.

This isn’t something that you should worry though. When a Libra man is truly in love, he will not have wandering eyes.

He is solely focused on you as his woman. Though, it may be frustrating for those jealous lovers because since he is still influenced by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, he might still appreciate another woman’s beauty.

Still, a Libra man that’s truly in love does not stray and he does not reciprocate the beautiful woman’s attention. Despite their reputation as flirts, does not give away their capability to give total commitment. He is straightforward.

If he truly loves you, he can get jealous when you give attention to other men.

When a Libra man is truly in love, his plans will include you. He will be willing to settle with you. He can be invested in your relationship and allows you to push him to become a better man.

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7 Ways to Know a Libra man is done with You (has moved on)

He stops texting you

Is Your Libra Man Done With You

It seems like they don’t have time to respond or even view your messages, yet your Libra man is always online. He starts to disconnect from your common friends and stops asking how your day went. For the Libra man, socialization is a priority.

The Libra man becomes distant. When he cares about someone sincerely, he would want to be involved in her life. He just looks and acts uninterested. It’s like they withdrew every feeling they invested. Even if he ends up not conscious of it, when a Libra is uninterested, he will detach gradually.

When a Libra man has tried everything to make things work and still did not see any benefits in keeping up, he will move on without hesitations.

He doesn’t have any stories to tell or wants to listen to yours

Libra is a sign that rules relationships. Socialization is important to the Libra man. He is also influenced by the air element which is about the exchange of ideas, and thoughts, and it’s all about communication.

The Libra man that is truly in love can express himself authentically when it comes to the lover of his life and can confide his secrets to her.

When your Libra man makes you feel alone despite being together, it could be a sign that they’re tired of the relationship. He doesn’t feel excited and begins to hide things or save the stories for other people. It would always be other people that he’s happy to talk to.

There will be a lack of communication even though Libra is supposed to be the charismatic host. It’s possible he could give excuses for not trying to understand. They stop trying or making compromises.

He becomes passive-aggressive

Libra men always prioritize the good of all.

He likes to keep peace with all his relationships but sometimes he has a pet peeve that he is unable to call out so that there won’t be conflict. He is the type of man to adjust himself rather than start a fight, but often when it becomes unbearable, he tries to let it out in indirect ways.

The Libra man may have tried to communicate those things to you but if it falls on deaf ears, he could give you the silent treatment and secretly get back on you in his own devilish ways. Another reason is that Libra is not exactly known to be decisive, especially about major decisions.

He fills his day with anything else if it doesn’t include you

How To Know When A Libra Man Is Done With You?

The Libra man would distract himself from getting to spend time with you. He might start flirting with other women.

He may seek the high of getting attention to fill the void that he tried to fill with you. The Libra man is playful and romantic but when he is done with you, he will not even try to tempt you with his physical touch.

He may also get bored or your attempts to allure him fall into blind eyes and deaf ears. When a Libra man likes someone, you can see him smiling when he sees you, he is genuinely happy to be with you. You don’t need to make a lot of effort to make him want you.

He doesn’t bother to apologize

Libra men value relationships and socialization, the fact that he doesn’t feel the urge to apologize after a conflict may mean that he does not value it anymore. Even if you try to point it out to him, he may respond with excuses or justify that they are right.

He will not be able to appreciate you anymore. He stops spoiling you with attention and gifts. When a Libra man cares about the health of a relationship, he can humble himself and say sorry to make things right.

The Libra man will apologize because he cares about what you feel. He apologizes because he respects you and places importance on what you have. The opposite is true if the Libra man is done with you.

He enters a wild phase

When a Libra man or woman is done with you, they tend to become serial daters. He installs a dating app and keeps swiping right for hours. He might meet girls and have fun with them. He will be unapologetic. This could be his way of rebelling against the pain from the separation.

He might be a codependent sign, but Libra men love to please, but when they are no longer with you, you can guess what he’s trying to do. He has no problem with hooking up if there are no strings attached.

He becomes selfish

How To Know When A Libra Man Is Done With You?

The Libra man may put relationships first, but he can actually be selfish in regard to his actions. When he is done with you, his happiness comes first. He can cut ties with people who are involved with you and change his environment when needed.

Don’t be fooled if the Libra man just seems to be living his life, you may have already parted ways, but he can hold a grudge and can use this fuel to destroy your image when forced to. He is the type to keep receipts.

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Is your Libra man done with you, final thoughts…

When a Libra man is done with you, he would already be hitting up different ladies. He would be detached from you and will not make an effort to fix the relationship. He has become focused on his own happiness and has no problem cutting ties with common acquaintances just to avoid conflict.

The Libra man that is truly in love is a gentle, romantic lover. He puts your needs first, listens, and spoils you with fine things in life. Even though they can have an image of being flirts, when he is in love with someone, he does not let his eyes wander.

It is a fact that Libra is a sign that is one of the most difficult signs to commit. He cannot be pushed or rushed into making a decision to do that either.

It is best to focus on your own happiness at this point and become independent, you will never know if that catches your interest again, or maybe someone new will come along.



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