How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You

How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You

Known to be intelligent beings, it can be a little hard to figure out what a Libra man wants. If you are crushing on one, definitely take the time to read this to figure out how to outsmart him and get him to chase you forever.

To get a Libra man to chase you, you need to listen to him and flaunt your assets. Feel like you are a God or a Goddess and be a contradiction. You must be occupied and be indirect with what you want from him. Buy him unique gifts, have beautiful sex, and be partially available.

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OK, so, let’s delve into your Libra man to get a sense of what he’s like. Ready?

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Understanding your Libra Man

How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You

Your Libra man is naturally a charmer, and he is someone that has a lot of friends. He is the type of guy to go to formal parties to build connections. He has the ability to be good at climbing the social ladder because he is naturally an expert in building networks.

He is not the type of guy designed to be a guy that is just hanging inside the house, just sitting on a couch. Your Libra man likes to be seen and interact with other people.

He likes to be involved in networking events because he likes to be out and about. During this pandemic, it must have been hard for him because he is the type to crave human connection so he cannot stay at home.

There are types of people who like to be in social events but seem to not know how to act gracefully. This is not the case with your Libra man. Your Libra man is well-mannered and knows exactly how to act around a crowd.

What your Libra man is looking for in a partner is someone who feels like a queen. He likes his woman or man independent and shows some modesty in public but knows how to take charge at home. They are attracted to a partner who is feminine in different ways.

What are your chances with your Libra man?

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Ways to Keep a Libra Man to Chase You

Listen to him

How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You

The key to his heart is to listen to him. Listen to what he likes because if you do, he is going to be giving you everything that your heart desires. If he likes you, he will be spending a whole lot of money on you. He definitely knows what to ask and how to ask it.

What makes a Libra man a very good lover is that he is straightforward and direct. He is going to tell you what he expects from you in a relationship.

Flaunt what you can flaunt

Looking good for your Libra man is something that you need to pay extra attention to. You must bring your assets to the table and show up as gorgeous as you can every single time. Wear something that is revealing but not showing.

If the guy you are crushing on has a Libra on his Mars, then Venus is running their Mars. This means that you have got to be the Aphrodite or Adonis to him. You have to be attractive and show off what you have got.

You need to learn how to play peek-a-boo with your body. This means that you might want to wear something sheer shirt that will want your Libra man to notice but not tell.

Find your God/Goddess within you

Remember that your Libra man knows how to take care of himself, and he wants his partner to do the same. He wants his partner to feel like he is a God or a Goddess within himself or herself.

And when you arrive at a party, make sure to arrive with two things right away. These two things are your status and your self-worth. Let him notice that you are popular and desired. You can also use whatever you have to show off.

If you are rich, flaunt it. If you are talented, show it. Your Libra man will surely notice that in you.

Be a contradiction

Although a Libra man is direct and straightforward, he doesn’t like it when the person he is eyeing is easy. He likes to have a little game of push and pull. So, what you need to do is, on the one hand, you should be not so sure that you can be with him.

On the other hand, at the same time, give him compliments. You need to push your Libra man away and then lure him back in with compliments.

Be occupied

How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You

If not true, you can pretend you are. In other words, fake it until you make it. You need to be incredibly busy with fancy affairs that you need to attend to.

Be booked and busy with networking parties and have plenty of options and dates as your Libra man does. Make him feel like being on a date with you makes him feel like it is an honor. 

Be indirect

It is obvious that you badly want this Libra man, but this is not the right time to show it. Not now that you are not yet dating. Do not let him see your motive and intention towards him. You need to be subtle when seducing or getting your Libra man’s attention.

You can do this by slow dancing with him in the living room when someone is over. Be a gentleman or a lady when you are with him. Put your hand playfully in the places that it should not be.

You need to have those “oopsie daisies” moments when seducing him. You need to make it look like your advances are accidental.

Buy him expensive gifts

You know how your Libra man can be someone up there on the social ladder So, it is only fitting that you buy him gifts that are suitable for him – something of incredible quality and deep thoughtfulness.

Give him a unique gift that reminds you of him. You need to notice what he likes and what’s in his house, and you need to be able to duplicate that.

Have beautiful sex

Your Libra man is a sensual being and very creative in bed. If you are lucky enough to get laid by a Libra man, you need to make it as aesthetic as possible. It should be artful enough that lingers with foreplay. You need to be a vision to stare at.

Another thing you can do is light candles and make sure that you smell really nice. Tease him with caresses. Do not want him too badly though, because if you do not reveal that you are salivating for him, you will make him hungry for more. You need to be elegant and refined.

After having that sexy time, do not be too clingy. You need to have the attitude of “Meh, okay”.

Do not be 100% available

How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You

When you and your Libra man first get together, do not let him know that you are single and 100% available even if you totally are. You need to only be partially available for him. Because he likes to use his own strategy to get whoever he likes.

When he asks you if you’re single, it is best to say, “It’s complicated” and watch him figure you out like a puzzle. He would want to make an effort to get you.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, check out Anna Kovach’s book, Libra Man Secrets, for more in-depth training for you to get your Libra man to chase you, desire you, and think about you all the time.

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Get a Libra man to chase you, final thoughts…

To get a Libra man to chase you, you need to:

  • Listen to him
  • Flaunt what you can flaunt
  • Find your God/Goddess within you
  • Be a contradiction
  • Be occupied
  • Be indirect
  • Buy him expensive gifts
  • Have beautiful sex
  • Be partially available

Happy chasing, and being chased!



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