How To Get A Libra Man Obsessed With You?

In this article, we are going to tell you the tips and tricks on how to get your Libra man obsessed with you! Alongside that, we will also discuss how your beautiful Libra man gets obsessed with someone and what he looks for in a woman he gets infatuated with!

Let’s get started! 

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac occurring from September 22 up to  October 23 and is represented by the scales.

The men of this zodiac sign have impeccably good looks accompanied by their good nature blessed with the beauty and charm of Venus which is their ruling planet. Men born under the sign of Libra are well-known, popular, sociable, and friendly!

A Libra man is well-known for his good social skills and diplomacy that it seems like he gets to hand out with everyone regardless of how different he is from the people he’s hanging around. His extroversion is very much wanted in the room because of his bubbly and charming personality.

In love and relationship, your Libra man can get easily excited and infatuated, being a cardinal air sign that is ruled by Venus.

Love, romance, and relationships are key points that a Libra man likes to experience throughout his lifetime and as such he becomes incredibly in love with the idea of being in love.

This makes him fall foolishly for women who will give him a motive. Alongside that, he will be chasing love so he may be foolishly going around with the idea of romance in his head while being indecisive about committing to a long-term relationship.

Let’s talk more about your Libra man and his obsession tendencies, what does he look for in a woman? What are the things that make him attracted to that certain person and what does he do whenever he gets obsessed with someone?

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Libra Men and Obsession Tendencies

A Libra man will start his obsession with a healthy crush – pure simple admiration of the person’s physical beauty and personality by weeks leading up to that he becomes unwavering with the idea of him getting with the person he’s crushing.

It becomes obsessive to the point where your Libra man gets unhealthy daydreaming of just about thinking that person.

Remember that the Venusian aspect of the Libra man makes him obsessed with the idea of loving and getting love so it is pretty easy to say that the obsession with that one person can usually last only for weeks or months depending on how deeply infatuated a Libra man is.

This will always depend on how magnetic the person is and how charming the person is!

The Libra man will make a move and try to flirt with the person he’s obsessed with of course!

The wit and charm of a Libra man will stand out and this conversation and might get him her number! Whatever happens, you’ll be sure that your Libra man will persuade the person he’s obsessed with my flirting and turning on his magnetic aura!

Your Libra man is deeply attracted to a woman with innate physical beauty, whether it’s a beautiful face or a beautiful body. Looks will be an important factor in attracting him. After all, being ruled by the planet of love and beauty. Superficiality will come out and embody the Libran archetype.

Alongside that, your Libra man will be deeply attracted to a woman who is sociable, friendly, charming, and knows how to get along well with people.

A pleasing and carefree personality is what truly makes a Libra man stay obsessed with the person he’s obsessing with because no matter how beautiful the person is if that person is rude and obnoxious the Libra man will get turned off.

How to Get Your Libra Man to Obsess Over You? (7 Ways to do it!)

1. Place importance on your looks

Ask yourself in the mirror, do you think what you look like currently is the best version of yourself that you can present to the world and the Libra man? If your answer is no then it is time for you to make some changes!

To be beautiful is to embody beauty itself! You first need to be comfortable in the skin you’re with!

So whether you’ve got a problem with your body try to work it out with the remedies you can think of! But most importantly create a beauty regimen in the morning and before sleeping to fully take care of yourself.

Eat healthily, drink fluids, moisturize your skin, exercise regularly, experiment with makeup, see how different styles of makeup suit you, and most importantly emphasize self-affirmations that will change and shape how the world sees you!

2. Self-meditate with positive affirmations

Did you know that manifestation is real? The act of putting in your mind what you desire into this world and making it into fruition is a real phenomenon that many people are discovering now.

Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction or affirmations or the power of positive thinking this real-world phenomenon will exist beyond the existing time and space.

With that said, to build a charming and magnetic aura and energy you must believe in your mind first that you are attractive in the first place and that you effortlessly attract him without any hard notion.

Practice self-meditation accompanied by the love and beauty affirmations you have made yourself, the affirmation can be a simple “I am beautiful” or it can be complex like “I am beautiful and everyone loves me”.

Whatever works best for you, incorporate it into your daily life and see the magic that happens afterward!

3. Talk with confidence

The next step in making sure your Libra man is obsessed with you is that you must engage in positive conversation with him. When talking to him you must have a slow, feminine yet alluring voice. Remember female seduction is easy to practice with your gullible Libra man.

Alongside that, when talking to him you must be able to be well-spoken and knowledgeable but do not try to be stern, commanding, or overtly serious as it will kill the mood. Always think of you having playful banter with him whenever you both are engaging in a conversation.

4. Entertain other guys…

The fourth key step in making your Libra man obsessed with you is that you must try to show him that he’s not the only man who’s ever laid eyes on you! As such you must try to show him that there are plenty of guys willing to date and interested in you.

Let him see from afar the guys that are presenting themselves to you or you can tell him yourself.

The more he knows you’re at the top of the market the more he’ll get infatuated with you!

5.  Intense seduction works for him!

Have an entourage and walk down with your prettiest smile and dress afterward try to make eye contact with him which indicates you’re interested in him. 

Smile, gaze, smile repeat. Use your wit when holding a conversation with him while keeping your body language smooth and relaxed. Give some topics to talk about, the more you talk to him the more chances of him getting infatuated with you.

6. Flirt in chat

When you both are away from each other, it is best to get close through social media. Remember your Libra man loves texting and it could be a way for you to still flirt with each other while you’re away. 

Remember not to respond so easily to his text messages, give it minutes before you reply to his messages. In this way, he will be more bothered if you don’t text him at all.

The more he sees you as a high-value woman who is busy and has her time on other things the more he’ll get infatuated and pursue you more!

7. Be open to exciting things with him

The last key step in making sure your Libra man is obsessed with you is that you must be open to the next and most exciting things for him! If you two haven’t ridden a rollercoaster do it with him! If you wanna travel to a faraway place from the city ask him to accompany you!

Essentially the point here is to have as much fun with him as possible and let him express himself for who he truly is!

The more fun things you do together the more likely he’ll end up asking you out for a date…or even something more serious!

Libra: The Venusian Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Libra man is a smart, good-looking, charming, and friendly person who likes to love and to be loved. The idea of love for him is the kind of love you’d see in a romantic chick flick, truly romantic, funny, carefree, and colorful.

If you’ve decided that you want to attract your Libra man you should try to follow the key steps as these are very effective bricks that can break the barrier between you and your Libra man.

Remember to embody Venusian energy when attracting your Libra man because the more charming you are the more likely he’ll be infatuated with you!

If you are looking for more zodiac signs and how to seduce them and make them obsess over you do not worry! For more information about the zodiac signs click the links down below!



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