7 Effective Ways To Get A Scorpio Man Hooked

I get why you’re crushing on a Scorpio man. He’s sexy and enigmatic, and you think that’s attractive. If you think it’s hard to get him hooked, think again. It can be quite easy but know that it will take time. Here are ways how you can get a Scorpio man hooked.

To get a Scorpio man hooked, be mysterious and reveal yourself slowly. You need to be able to show your sexy side but do not be too promiscuous. Do not ever lie to him and show him loyalty. Be patient enough with him and discrete with both of your secrets. Tell him about your plans and ambitions in life.

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That said before we get into the ways to hook him, let’s see what he’s like when he has a crush and then how to seduce him. Let’s go!

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When A Scorpio Man Has A Crush

It takes a lot of time for a Scorpio man to like somebody because he does not like to open up about his feelings easily. But if you were wondering how he is when he has a crush, then it can be quite obvious because he is known to be very persistent with keeping his feelings.

A Scorpio man is willing to go the extra mile when he has a crush. He gives you extra effort to make you happy. He will shower you with gifts and will be very caring and sweet towards you.

He is quite sensitive when it comes to his emotions. And so, know that when a Scorpio man likes you or has a crush on you, he has thought about it for a long time.

So, he is going to channel both small and large acts of kindness, and he will show his affection towards you by randomly touching you. He can also get a little jealous over things that make him think that he has competition for you.

This is because he is extremely territorial. He is a deep thinker and if you notice that he stops and looks at you with such passion, he definitely likes you. He gives you that intense stare that you will find very sexy.

To Seduce A Scorpio Man…

If I’m being honest, it can be quite easy to seduce a Scorpio man if you are looking to have a partner in bed for some fun at night. If you ask him, he will be more than willing to accommodate you as this is a very sensual man.

However, it is not easy to make him fall in love because he puts up this wall that can be quite hard for anyone to break. He is a serious person who takes things personally, including your promises.

In order to seduce him, you need to show that you are truthful and honest to him because once this trust is burned, he is not going to come back. This can be a very toxic trait, but he is one to protect his feelings.

A Scorpio man wants to experience things deeply, so you need to tell him what you really feel about him. If you are just there for fun in bed, tell him. Do not ever lead him on.

You should also have an interest in the deeper things of life. You need to be able to think deeply about things. And when he finally opens up, he wants someone to share these feelings with.

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7 Effective Ways To Get A Scorpio Man Hooked

Reveal yourself slowly

Your Scorpio man is naturally very complex and hard to understand sometimes. He likes to keep people guessing as he is very enigmatic. He definitely knows how to leave a little something to the imagination.

So, he wants somebody who is the same. He wants someone that he can decode and solve like a puzzle.

Be mysterious to keep him wanting more. You also need to leave him something to his imagination. Do not act as if you do not like him though.

Play hard to get – this is the key to the heart of a Scorpio man. Do not just reveal all of your secrets at once. Take the time to show your cards one at a time.

Show your sexy side

Making love is fun for everyone, but it is more meaningful to a Scorpio man. Are you wondering who the sexiest sign is? It is the Scorpio man, and when you get into bed with him, you are going to have the time of your life.

So, of course, he is going to want to meet his match. It is important for him to have a partner that is his equal.

To get him hooked, show that you are equally as sexy as him. However, this does not mean that you need to wear revealing clothes. It does not mean that you are going to be promiscuous. It all boils down to your mindset.

He wants you to be conservative in the streets but a freak in bed. You need to feel that you are confident in order to project sexiness. So, work on that to get him hooked.

Do not lie to him

You see your Scorpio man is a master of deception, but he is very honest. Sometimes, it gets to the point that he hurts the person he is being honest too. He can come off as harsh sometimes. So, when he says that he loves you or likes you, know that this is true. He is not going to lie about something he considers sacred.

And of course, he is going to seek the same trait from his partner. He needs someone as honest as him. Do not even attempt to lie about the smallest things because he will definitely know. He knows if you are covering something up. So, always tell him the truth to get him hooked.

Show loyalty

Other signs in the zodiac can handle infidelity, but never a Scorpio man. A Scorpio man is as loyal as a dog, and of course, he wants this loyalty to be reciprocated. When he gets betrayed, he is never going to recover.

When the trust is broken, it will be gone forever. So, he needs a partner who will be devoted to him forever. He needs to hear that there is no one else than him.

Be patient

As I have briefly mentioned earlier, it may take some time for a Scorpio man to like someone. And sometimes, if you are the person he is talking to, you might feel that he is not interested in you.

Know that this might be because he is still getting to know you before he decides to pursue you.

It takes time for him to open up about things in his life – let alone about the woman he is interested in. This is because when he falls in love, he falls hard. So, you need to be patient while he is collecting his thoughts and getting to know you. It may seem as if he is resisting falling in love with you.

Be discrete

Again, your Scorpio man is full of mysteries, and he likes to mess with people’s minds a little bit. So, he is great at keeping secrets and wants the same from his partner.

When he finally opens up about his secrets and details of his life, be discrete enough to not tell anybody about it. I get it. This can be quite exciting to get him to open up, but make sure that you do not overshare with anybody.

Be Ambitious

If you know a Scorpio man at heart, you will notice that he is always working hard on a project. Show him that you are ambitious with plans and goals in life. You need to show him that you need support on something.

If you still do not have plans for the future, this may be a sign to start planning. He likes it when his woman has dreams that she can share with him. When you show him how ambitious you are, he is going to be hooked!

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7 effective ways to get a Scorpio man hooked, final thoughts…

To get a Scorpio man hooked:

  • Reveal yourself slowly
  • Show your sexy side
  • Do not lie to him
  • Show loyalty
  • Be patient
  • Be discrete
  • Be Ambitious



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