Scorpio Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Scorpio Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

One of the freakiest signs in the Zodiac. How in the hell are you going to lure him into your bed? It may seem difficult because of this fact, but in reality, it really isn’t. Here are tips to get him under your sheets!

To turn a Scorpio man, consider wearing lacy lingerie that is color black, red, or purple. You also need to be powerful. You also need to be passionate when making love. Flatter him by complimenting him. Let him take control but do not be too submissive.

Lastly, be unpredictable by surprising him with unusual sexy deeds.

Still not satisfied with these tips? There is a lot more to know about luring in your Scorpio man!

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Scorpio Man in Bed: What’s It Like…

Your Scorpio man is a water sign of Plutonian energy. He is a fixed sign that is ruled by Pluto and traditionally by Mars. So, you can expect that he will be a man of mystery and power. There are a lot more exciting things to know about your Scorpio man, so keep reading!

A Scorpio man in bed is a master at making love and expects him to not kiss and tell because he is private. He is also powerful and intense. Expect him to be the type to break the headboard. He will treat it as a religious experience and do it with his mind and soul.

He is a master at making love

Scorpio Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Your Scorpio man is known to be the sex god of the zodiac, and do you know what body part he rules? The genitals. Yes! It seems like he was born to be the master of sex. He may have discovered his genitals early on in life. So, you can expect that he really knows what does because he seems to have a lot of “practice”.

He is private

It has been a misconception that Scorpio men go around town to get everyone in bed. However, that is not the case at all! Just because he is the master of making love, he’s going to do that. Your Scorpio man is very private when it comes to this kind of stuff.

He does not kiss and tell, and he definitely expects the same from his partner.

Also, if he decides to sleep with you, he is going to sleep with you. If you think that YOU chose the Scorpio man to sleep with, you are wrong! Your Scorpio man chose to sleep with you. It may be because of how he stares at you right through your soul. You would want to take off your pants eventually.

It is a misconception that he is promiscuous. He tends to be a little picky with who he sleeps with. And if he agrees to sleep with you or wants to sleep with you, it just means that he likes you and genuinely wants to be with you.

He is powerful and intense

With Plutonian energy, you can expect him to be the type to break the headboard. He is the type to look into your eyes, and you will feel frightened and turned on all at the same time. If you still don’t know what it feels like, then get with a Scorpio man.

Know that he may be into the forbidden and taboo style of making love. He treats the deed as a religious experience. Expect to be devoured from head to toe, and he is going to listen to every whimper and moan.

He will get to know his partner, and it may feel like he’s consuming you. He just does not make love with his partner’s body; he is going to do it with your mind and soul.

Tips to Turn On your Scorpio Man in Bed

Wear a lacy lingerie

Scorpio Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Your Scorpio man is mysterious, so, it is important to leave something to his imagination. Do not surprise him with you on the bed without any clothes on. Although it may turn him on, it would not have the same effect as when you wear sexy lingerie, especially if it’s blue, white, or purple.

Feel powerful

Your Scorpio man is a man of power, and it is only fitting that he wants someone as powerful as him. To cultivate power within yourself you need to realize that no matter how much money you have in your bank account or what your social status is, you are powerful in your own way.

You can reflect this by dressing powerfully and sexy. He wants his woman or man to have class. When going on a date, wear a little black dress with high heels on. I’m sure it will drive him wild and would make him want to take you to bed and skip dessert.

You can also wear something red. Do not forget to smell good!

Be passionate

You see your Scorpio man connects his emotions and loyalty with making love, and if you treat it as a chore, he will be turned off. In order for a Scorpio man to do the deed with you, he will need to have your loyalty.

He does not like a lot of Public Displays of Attention, but if he does it with you, he definitely wants to sleep with you.

To turn him on, you need to treat lovemaking as something that you just do not want to get out of the way. Let him feel that you truly enjoy doing it with him and that you treat it as a religious experience. He wants it to be intimate, so, give him exactly that.

Flatter him

Scorpio Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

When you do this, you need to really mean it because your Scorpio man is a literal lie detector, and he can detect whether you are lying or not. He knows how to sniff out lies, so do not exaggerate this.

Your Scorpio man has a huge ego, and when it is stroked by someone he wants to take under the sheets, he will definitely go wild.

To do this, you need to be expressive enough in the bedroom. Be vocal in bed and let him know that you are enjoying every bit of your activity. And when you do this, he’ll be flattered and would definitely want more of you.

Let him be in-charge

Don’t get me wrong, you cannot be too submissive around your Scorpio man. In fact, she likes a strong woman who knows what she wants! But know that your Scorpio man is one of the most controlling people you will ever meet. So, embrace it and let him take control. You won’t regret it anyway!

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Be unpredictable

Your Scorpio man is mysterious and adventurous, and he would constantly wants to try out new things. And so, surprise him by suggesting trying out something new in the bedroom. He wouldn’t see this coming especially if he knows you as meek and shy.

You can also sneak up behind him with nothing on when he’s doing chores or maybe start kissing his neck by surprise!

Are Scorpio Men “Freaks” in Bed?

Scorpio Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Yes, definitely! In fact, this is not a no-brainer anymore! He is one of the freakiest out of all the zodiac signs. This is because they are ruled by Pluto and Mars which makes them hungry for power and will dominate you in bed! However, they are not very much into kinks but they love experimenting!

As mentioned earlier, Scorpio men love power and authority because they are ruled by Mars and Pluto. They are also ruled by the organs that create life, the reproductive organs. This is also the reason why they are obsessed with power. So, you will be dominated! And you will love it!

Your Scorpio man in bed, in a nutshell

To turn a Scorpio man on, you need to:

  • Wear a lacy lingerie
  • Feel powerful
  • Be passionate
  • Flatter him
  • Let him be in-charge
  • Be unpredictable




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