How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio Man?

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio Man

Look for no more! If you want to talk dirty to a Scorpio man to turn him on and make your sex life with him amazing you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to a Scorpio man in person and through text!

When you’re talking dirty to a Scorpio man you must not be afraid to go to deeper and darker aspects of sex, you must tell him how you feel sexually, when talking dirty to him try to share as much of your sexual fantasies, tell him your darkest fetishes and kinks, be aggressive and fierce in pursuing him, he will love that.

Scorpio men are undeniably one of the best signs in terms of sex and lovemaking because the sign is ruled by sex, rebirth, occult, and death, be sure to notice that these men are incredibly intense and powerful even in sex!

In terms of lovemaking, your Scorpio man will be incredibly gifted in giving you immense pleasure and pain, god of sex and power, this man will make you feel special like no other, with that said there are proper ways to talk dirty to him to set up the mood…

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Let’s jump right in!

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How to turn on a Scorpio man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio Man

When you’re talking dirty to a Scorpio man be open and vulnerable to share the deepest, darkest, kinkiest sexual fantasies you have in your mind, the more he can read you like an open book the better.

The more open you are to your sexual fantasies no matter how dark they may be, the more you are opening yourself up to more to a deeply spiritual and sexual connection with him!

When you’re talking dirty always be genuine about how you want the sex to play out, you can share with him valuable and private information about you no one knows about, and share with him your wildest and horniest kinks and even fetishes.

Tell him what he should do and what you’ll do in return, and be passionate in tone and use of words when talking to him, depending on what role you play in the bed, although your Scorpio man likes to take the lead, try to play with him sexually.

Ask him about his kinks, and his turn-ons, ask him how he’d do you once you start having fun, be fierce and full of passion, and take love and sex seriously.

Overall, talking dirty is not that much of a problem if you are sincere about your passionate feelings to him and you’re lustful and in the heat of the moment, talk dirty to him with force.

He’ll definitely love it!

How to talk dirty to a Scorpio man through text?

Share your dirty sexual fantasies with him

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio Man?

When you’re talking dirty to him you must appeal to his emotions because he is a fixed water sign, his emotions run deep and his intense passion and energy are inside that cool exterior of him, to be able to appeal to that, you must be able to share your real sexual fantasies to him.

When telling him those sexual fantasies, you also must be able to tell how those fantasies play out in your mind do tell him those by uttering the descriptively, don’t worry about it being long, as long as he gets the overall feeling of your message.

Set up a Sexual playtime with him through chat

Set up a nice date where both of you can sexually please each other if you’re far away and technically dirty talking through messages.

You must be able to tease him by setting up a date where both of you can do a roleplay that you both agreed on.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a roleplay scenario of a fetish he likes to play out or the other way around, the point is to excite him by giving him a time and date where both of you can play it all out.

Dirty talking that involves anticipation of what is about to happen will surely turn him on!

Ask him deep and personal questions about how he gets turned on

When you’re trying to talk dirty to him through text message and assuming that both of you are in the heat of the moment, you must intimately ask him the things that will turn him on and make him come.

When doing these you can try going in for a long text message or a voicemail, it doesn’t matter as long as the questions are real and genuine, do not be shallow in your questions, any form of flattery is seen as a turn-off.

Get real with him while talking dirty, and do not be afraid to be blunt about your personal opinions either, remember this guy is the real deal…

Give him a detailed description of what will go down

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio Man?

This man loves to see his woman enjoying the things he does to her and as such, giving him a detailed description of what kind of sex will happen in the first place will immensely turn him on.

Tease him even more so challenge him, this guy loves proving other people wrong as such, playful teasing that involves underestimating and challenging his sexual prowess in bed, will arouse him, beware as this guy stings back to challenge you!

Share your dirty secrets

Emotional vulnerability along with intimacy is a Scorpio man’s greatest need, there’s no need for flattery or friendly chitchat about matters that concerns sex and love, he wants the real deal and is serious about it.

This is why when you’re trying to talk dirty to him sharing your dirty secrets will immensely arouse him and comfort him at the same time, when sharing dirty secrets with him it must be personal and denotes feelings of possessiveness to him.

Tell him you own him and you’re the only woman he’s only gonna be able to sleep with…

Tell him how much you care for him and how much you want his body in the bedroom, you want him, that’s the main theme you must play out in his mind.

However, you must be careful, do not to share your past sexual history with other people as this might anger and turn up his jealousy around! When sharing dirty secrets with him, you must only share the desire you have for him.

Love him

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio Man?

Last but not least, do not be afraid to say “I love you” during and after the raunchy dirty talking, this is the ultimate form of expression of passion to him!

Always make him feel like that and you’ll have him under wraps forever….

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Talking dirty with your Scorpio man, final thoughts

Scorpios are the most intense sign of the zodiac so expect raunchy and freaky dirty talks with him to be immensely powerful and full of fierceness…

As mentioned above, do not be afraid to go along the lines of sharing your most vulnerable self with him.

By opening up freely, you’re letting him open up to you too, this creates an immense bond even after the dirty-talking stage!

Love it or hate it but you’ll want to have a Scorpio man in your life!

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