Why is your Libra Woman Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to tackle how to properly tackle jealousy issues with your Libra woman in a relationship. We’ll also tackle the signs that your Libra woman is jealous and that there needs some intervention!

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The Libra woman is the seventh sign of the zodiac wheel. Incredibly charismatic and charming to the point that it can be devious to some she is incredibly diplomatic to everyone. Highly extroverted and sociable she is a true charmer!

She is cardinal air and is ruled by Venus. In a sense, the Venusian energy always encapsulates what a Libra woman will be. In a romantic relationship, she is incredibly dedicated to making sure that her partner feels loved and pleasured.

However, in jealousy, it can’t be comprehended or even imagined. She might try to act detached about the situation but she’ll still feel those things no matter what.

Let’s dwell deep on how jealous your Libra woman can be?

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How Jealous Can Your Libra Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 5.5-5.9/10

It is possible that your Libra woman can get jealous if she deems the situation or the person to be harming or threatening the relationship in a way. Your Libra woman is an expert at body language she knows when someone is interested in you.

She may act cool or unfazed about it but she’ll act upon it. She’ll act on those repressed feelings and she’ll be mean to the person she’s jealous of and she’ll do things to embarrass them.

In another sense, she’ll also try to do these specific coping mechanisms that hide the fact that she is hurting inside and that she is affected by her jealousy towards that person.

But in an overall sense, her jealousy will be subtle and mild, unlike the fiery signs which will have a volatile temper and exaggerated rage when they express their feelings of jealousy.

With all of that said, let us now move on! Let’s find out the most obvious and the most flat-out signs that your Libra Woman is jealous and what ways you can help her get out of it!

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Signs Your Libra WomanIs Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She excludes the person she is jealous of from social scenes

The first sign that your Libra woman is jealous is that she will try to exclude that person from social scenes. Your Libra woman is a known party instigator and will always be in the social scenes of your area. 

With that said she will try to gatekeep the situation and will try to exclude the person mostly because she feels the inner rage inside her and is insecure about it!

2. She expresses her frustration on social media

The second sign that your Libra woman is jealous is that she will subtly hint that she’s hurting on social media. She will express her frustration or may even rant about that person without her knowing.

If you notice that she posts more stuff on the internet and it has something to do with your jealousy then she’s most likely jealous!

3. Her friends know who she’s jealous of

The third sign that your Libra woman is jealous is that you’ll hear it from her close friends. More often your Libra woman is fond of trauma dumping or ranting especially to her innermost circle of people she truly trusts therefore it is best to ask these people what’s happening to him!

If you notice that her close girlfriends are also talking bad behind that person’s back it could be possible that your Libra woman is jealous of that person!

4. She acts snobbish to the person she’s jealous of

The next sign that your Libra woman is jealous is that she’ll act snobbish to the person she’s jealous of, similar to the part where she excludes the person from social scenes. She’ll be incredibly unfriendly to the person she’s jealous of or if not she’ll act fake nice to the person.

When you notice that she acts snobbish to the person then it means that she is jealous of the person and that you need to do serious action about it!

5. She’ll do things to gain your worry and attention

Another sign that your Libra woman is jealous is that she does things to gain your worry and attention — either she will party and make a scene or she’ll entertain other men who are trying to get with her.

Either this is a way of her telling you that she wants your attention and that you need to pay more attention to her.

6.  She will act cold and detached

The other sign that you will notice when she is jealous is that she will act cold and detached. Just like her fellow air signs (Aquarius and Gemini) their first coping mechanism is to detach from the situation.

If you notice that she’s becoming more cold and detached and is showing less love and affection towards you or if she’s becoming less interested in the relationship it could be a sign that she’s jealous.

7. She will pay more attention to looking extra beautiful

Last but not the least, your flighty Libra woman can and will try to show you that she’s got options. With that said she may pay more attention to keeping or upgrading her looks for you and other people to notice.

How to stop your Libra Woman from being Jealous!

To stop your Libra woman from being jealous you must find the root cause of the jealousy itself. Try properly having an open conversation with her where you can ask where the jealousy started. 

Talk to her with persuasion and class, and make her remember the love and affection that you brought upon her in order to make it seem like the relationship still can be fixed. While doing that incorporate lots of sweet messages and sweet talk…

You’d be surprised to know how open she can be, especially if it’s handled peacefully and diplomatically! Always remember to be open and honest to her and tell her that there’s no need to be jealous in the first place.

Alongside that, reassure her by telling her that you will stay away from that person as much as possible and that you will have boundaries with that person. Moreover, reassure her by complimenting her genuinely and telling her how much you mean to her.

In addition to that. Try being more Venusian in terms of expressing your love to her, try giving her more romance and pleasure while still being a flirtatious and marvelous lover!

By doing all of these things you are openly making yourself more stable and more noteworthy potential of being a long-term partner!

Libra Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Libra woman is a wonderful lover and partner to be around but you need to be careful whenever she gets jealous because it can be incredibly difficult for her to cope with her feelings and will get toxic the minute she deems to just because she wants to get even.

Remember that your Libra woman is incredibly classy but no one is perfect! Every zodiac sign will experience jealousy in their unique ways and this can be good or bad depending on how these couples manage the situation!

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