Who Should A Virgo Woman Marry?

Is there a sign that is up to par with the high-standard Virgo woman? Believe it or not – she can be in love. She is looking for someone that will be able to be by her side to support her with her dreams. What signs could this be?

A Virgo woman should marry either a Pisces man, a Cancer man or a Capricorn man. A Pisces man and a Virgo woman help each other with their weaknesses. She and a Cancer man balance each other out and are both caring and helpful towards people.

She and a Capricorn man make a power couple as they energize each other.

Do you agree with the signs that a Virgo woman should marry or not? Here are my justifications for why I think the given signs are the most compatible with her. So, read on!

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Characteristics A Virgo Woman Is Looking For

Kindness and compassion

A Virgo woman is naturally very charitable, so, it is only natural to look for the same traits in a partner. She is the type of person to want to help everybody she can because she loves feeling that she is useful.

To make her charitable dreams come true, she wants a partner who is of the same level of compassion as her because she knows that this person can understand her.

She is also looking for stability in a relationship. She is not the type to go around town and date everybody she meets. She is someone who dates to marry because she really does not have time to go from boy to boy.

So, if you have no intentions to commit a long-term relationship with her, then, you can just forget about pursuing her. If you cannot give her romance, then you better not talk to her at all.

Sense of humor

There is a very big misconception about a Virgo woman being overly serious about life. This is not true at all because even though she takes planning her life a little too seriously, she also definitely loves to laugh. She loves having fun, and in fact, she can be the life of a party when she feels like it.

She likes to feel good and rest from all the seriousness in her life.

So, in order for her to get an unlimited number of sources of happiness, she is looking for a partner who has a very good sense of humor.

She prefers someone who gets her humor – sometimes corny, sometimes witty. Actually, if you get a Virgo woman to laugh at your jokes and constantly make her laugh, you already have her heart.


A Virgo woman is very honest herself, and she does not have time to think about and examine what you are trying to show or tell her. She prefers her partner to be honest and upfront about things, especially when it comes to things in her relationship.

When you make plans with her, and then suddenly, something comes up that prohibits you from pursuing the plan, you should tell her. You should be able to keep your commitments.

It is important to let a Virgo woman know whatever it is that you want her to tell before it becomes a disappointment, and you do not want to disappoint a Virgo woman. One thing that he hates the most is being lied to right in front of her face.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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Zodiac Signs A Virgo Woman Should Marry

Pisces Man

The first sign that a Virgo man should marry is a Pisces man. A Pisces man is the type of person to want to have that fairytale type of love. He wants to be the Troy Bolton to your Gabriella.

He treats his lover with such respect that when they both are on the same page, everything will be smooth sailing. He is the type to want to marry her lover at the moment because he truly believes that he is the one.

A Pisces man is easily a very loyal person. He is going to be devoted to the relationship as long as his partner is the same. He is also very spontaneous, which can also lead him to choose the wrong person to love sometimes.

He is a good match for a Virgo woman because a Virgo woman also looks for somebody who is loyal and willing to respect her decisions.

Virgo Woman And Pisces Man Together

These two signs are polar opposites of each other on the zodiac wheel. This means that they can balance each other out. As I have mentioned earlier, a Pisces is a loving dreamer of a Zodiac.

And sometimes, when a Virgo woman gets too caught up in her work, this is something that she lacks. A Pisces man can bring out the fun in a Virgo woman.

This is a perfect pairing for marriage because a Pisces man can bring out the go-with-the-flow and fun type in a relationship, and he can get swept off his feet by the thoughts of a Virgo woman.

He is going to be fascinated. He is also not really forward when it comes to his goals, and a Virgo woman can help with that. They are also very caring and naturally care about the well-being of others.

Their Fight And How They Fix It

The one thing that can cause a fight in their marriage is the way they communicate. The thing about a Pisces man is that he is not upfront like a Virgo woman should like him to be.

And we all know how a Virgo woman values honesty because she is honest herself. This can be detrimental to a Virgo woman because a Pisces man can be a bit passive.

A Virgo woman is also not very good at reading emotions and feelings, and this can cause her to have a hard time navigating the complicated emotions of a Pisces man.

This can cause a disconnect. So, to fix this, a Pisces man can be a little bit honest with a Virgo woman, and a Virgo woman needs to have a little more patience with the emotional Pisces man.

Cancer Man

The next sign that a Virgo woman should marry is a Cancer man. A Cancer man is easily one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac. He values his friendships and his relationship with his family. So, you can see that a Cancer man is very family-oriented.

Just like a Virgo woman, he is also very caring and compassionate about helping others. She Is also very loyal, like a Virgo woman.

When he falls in love, it is like when a Pisces man falls in love. He also has this dreamy character that aims to make his partner very happy all the time. He is the type to sacrifice a lot for the happiness of his lover. When he is with the right person, then a Cancer man can be the most loyal to his partner.

Virgo Woman And Cancer Man Together

As I have already mentioned, a Pisces man is very family oriented. One of his main concerns is providing a stable and loving life for himself and his family.

This is something that a Virgo woman looks for as well. He is known to be a very parental person. A marriage between a Virgo woman and a Pisces man has healthy chemistry.

A Cancer man fluctuates emotionally a lot, and a Virgo woman balances a Cancer man out because she is adaptable due to her mutable sign. It is not very hard for a Virgo woman to read the emotions of a Pisces man because he wears his heart on his sleeves.

Their Fight And How They Fix It

I have already mentioned that a Virgo woman is very honest – a little too honest sometimes. A Cancer man is a very sensitive man, and sometimes, he can take a lot of things too seriously and personally.

With this being said, he might get offended because a Virgo woman may seem a little too emotionally unattached. And sometimes, he might have emotions that may be daunting to the Virgo woman.

This is actually just an easy fix. A Virgo woman should be a little too careful with the words that she lets out. She needs to consider the feelings of a Pisces man all the time. And a Pisces man should take this opportunity to toughen his shell and work on taking things a ton less personally.

Capricorn Man

The last sign that a Virgo woman should marry is a Capricorn man. A Capricorn is just like a Virgo woman when it comes to work ethics. In some ways, he can be very distant and reserved and can judge people he meets just like a Virgo woman. He and a Virgo woman both use their rational minds most of the time.

He is also very down-to-earth and grounded, and like a Virgo woman, he also makes a very good business owner. He also knows what not to do so that nothing can bring him down. He takes on life challenges fairly easily.

Virgo Woman And Capricorn Man Together

A Virgo woman and a Capricorn man make a serious power couple. Both of them are concerned with hard work and security in all aspects of life. They both have an aloof vibe because of their nerdy nature. They understand each other so well that there are some things that only they can understand.

A Virgo woman values an ambitious partner that brings a lot to the table. This is exactly describing a Capricorn man. She does not have to worry about her partner having common sense in a lot of practicalities.

A Capricorn man is not clingy and will not get in the way of the dreams of a Virgo woman. The pair will energize each other throughout their marriage.

Their Fight And How They Fix It

The problem that may arise in their marriage is their lack of time to nourish their love. Both are so dedicated to hard work that sometimes, they forget to have some spontaneous time with each other.

It can take a lot of damage to their marriage and can ruin the whole thing easily. Sometimes, they forget about having fun because of how they want to achieve their dreams.

There is nothing that this power couple cannot solve. They would not be called a power couple for no reason. So, what they need to do is free some of their time from work and schedule a weekly date that they can go. This will strengthen their bond and marriage.

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Zodiac Signs a Virgo woman should marry, final thoughts…

The signs that a Virgo woman should marry are:

  • Pisces men because they can bring out the fun characteristic in a Virgo woman, while a Virgo woman can help them to be forward to their goals.
  • Cancer men because they balance each other out. Both of them are naturally caring and helpful.
  • Capricorn men because they make a power couple, and they energize each other by supporting each other’s dreams.



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