Where does your Sagittarius Man Like to be touched?

Do you wish to know where your Sagittarius man’s pleasure spots are? Do you wish to know how to please him just by touching him? Do you want a successful foreplay where you incorporate touching and caressing in these sensitive pleasure areas?

Are you ready to amaze him with your moves and power? Where does your Sagittarius man like to be touched and how does he like to be touched?

Worry no more! In this article! We will show you how to make your Sagittarius man comfortable and pleasured by touching! We are going to answer the question of where does your Sagittarius man like to be touched!

We will show you the proper way to caress, touch and massage these significant spots where your Sagittarius man feels the utmost pleasure and sensitivity. 

Let’s jump right in!

Sagittarius is a sex-positive sign! Although not the most sexual out of the 12 your Sagittarius man is pretty open-minded when it comes to the idea of sex.

He knows and understands that sexual desire is innate in us all with that said it might take time to turn him on by touching because your Sagittarius man can be quite flighty.

Sagittarius is most sensitive around the thighs, the hips, the whole legs, and even the lower back! The touching must surprise him and must be spontaneous. A quick touch under the table or quickly brushing your fingertips to his thighs will surely send shivers down his spine!

Sagittarius men are the fun, optimistic, bright, intelligent, flighty, opinionated, and travel-loving men of the zodiac wheel! Sagittarius men are the 9th sign of the zodiac wheel and are represented by the Archer or the Centaur.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and is the last fire sign on the list! This makes him incredibly philosophical, spiritual, and “airy” than the other fire signs.

Deeply philosophical thinkers, unconventional travelers, lovers of freedom, brightly optimistic which creates luck and positivity around them, and honest to the point of being blunt, Sagittarius men are known for their bright personalities and charisma. Immensely blessed by the bountiful Jupiter. 

This makes their personality wholesome and friendly with Jupiter being the most beneficial planet in Astrology. Sagittarius men are the best conversationalists of the zodiac. Great talkers and listeners and heavily extroverted Sagittarius is truly a fun and special sign!

Sagittarius season starts from November 22 to December 21. If your husband, boyfriend, friends with benefits, or significant partner is born under the Sagittarius dates then surely your man will be heavily influenced by the energy and personality of this sign as he has his Sun in Sagittarius.

Other placements can tweak or amplify the Sagittarius energy.

Sagittarius is wild, free-spirited, and fiery like a horse running in an open field, Sagittarian energy is characterized as a wildfire spreading. Being a mutable fire the energy can be chaotic and sporadic.

Similar to how chaotic a Gemini’s energy is a Sagittarius can be easily bored and indecisive. Alongside that their fiery disposition can make them careless and brutal in situations.

Ruled by Jupiter, your Sagittarius man is gifted with incredible luck and intellect, a zeal of optimism that no one can taint or ignore. This man is truly powerful when he puts his bright optimism into any business or project he is working towards.

The only thing he needs to put effort into having is incorporating patience and learning the art of stability because things can take time to achieve.

Your Sagittarius man can be boastful, temperamental, flighty, indecisive, attention-seeking, indecisive, flighty, easily bored, and can sometimes be afraid of commitments. However overall your Sagittarius man can be a truly loving and caring individual once he becomes vulnerable to you.

Alongside that, he exudes a positive aura and is an honest and philosophical individual!

In romantic relationships, your Sagittarius man is romantic and wildly passionate he is the person who will quite “show you the world”. He wants you beside him to travel or explore different places and areas.

He is a loving and caring individual but can sometimes get irritated by schedules and routines as these things bore him. With that said the relationship can be an unconventional one with your Sagittarius man.

He can also be quite public when it comes to matters of love and relationship and can be quite magnanimous in the ways he shows his love for you. Your Sagittarius man is a known player so his mode of loving you will be in a fun and flirtatious way.

It’s almost as if every day he teases you. Do not fret as this is his love language.

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of what your Scorpio woman is like let’s now dig deep into how does your Scorpio woman like to be touched? Where does your Scorpio woman like to be handled during foreplay? Where does she like to be massaged for maximum relaxation? Let’s find out!

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Where does a Sagittarius Man want to be touched during foreplay?

When touching your Sagittarius man to initiate foreplay you must consider their erogenous zones namely: the hips, the thighs, the whole entirety of his legs, and sometimes his lower back.

Your Sagittarius man is adventurous and flirtatious when it comes to lovemaking so it is important to be flirtatious when doing the touching!

When you are touching him it is important to have the mindset “I enjoy seducing and touching him as it pleases me also”. In regards to sex and teasing during foreplay remember that you must show him you are having fun in the process of teasing him.

If he sees that you are only doing it to just arouse him it will not be as effective compared to him knowing you are treating it like an exploration and adventure.

Your Sagittarius man’s body is extremely built whether he goes to the gym or not. This is because Sagittarius is a physical sign so he can be gifted with a good athletic physique or might even excel in sports.

With that said you can use your fingers, whole hands, tongue, or even lips to put circular motions on his hips and thighs especially if the both of you are getting in the heat of the moment. 

Alongside that, if you are seducing him you can playfully use your tongue to create sensations. Lick his chest to his abdomen or you can lick his knees up to his inner thighs. This will give him erotic sensations that will bring him to the heights of ecstasy!

You can also begin teasing him by saying “I know you can’t even control it” or “I know you can’t resist me”. Teasing him while touching or caressing him will give him enough sensations and pleasure. The foreplay itself can be a more fun and dynamic experience than the actual lovemaking.

Be fun and seductive when touching him to add more flavor to the experience! Surely your Sagittarius man will appreciate the effort you are putting in!

On the other side, if you are only going for the relaxation route then massaging these erogenous zones is incredibly beneficial in making him feel relaxed and alleviated from stress and anxiety. When you are massaging his thighs, legs, or lower back you can use a scented oil.

Begin massaging with light pressure using the palm of your hands to create circular motions on the tensed muscles. 

When you do focus on massaging it is important to emphasize your Sagittarius man’s thighs as these are his main erogenous zones.

A good calming thigh massage can improve blood circulation in the area which provides more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles involved which in turn releases tension, and stress and improves lymphatic circulation.

To carefully emphasize and massage his thighs you must apply rubbing oil with your hands to prevent friction when you stroke the skin of his thighs. Then begin stroking upwards then downwards putting gentle pressure on the muscles of the thighs.

You can also use your index finger or thumb to put single pressure on the thighs. Stroking must be gentle and with intent!

Overall, Your Sagittarius man likes to be touched around the lower portions of the body: namely the thighs, legs, lower back, and hips. When you are trying to seduce him you can try using your tongue to create sensations around these areas and do not forget to have fun!

This adventurous fun-loving sign will be utmostly aroused if he sees you are aroused by what you are doing to him too!

Quick Overview: Sagittarius Man’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage his lower back 

Set up a comfortable room, and light up a scented candle or incense to soothe his senses, using scented geranium or lavender oil begin to spread the oil upwards using your hands.

Begin to stroke upwards and downwards the lower portion of his back. You can also use gliding movements to glide up the oil in the lower back. 

Also when you massage his lower back you can try using the sink-palm method where you sink the palm of your hands into his lower back and the palm already generates heavy and deep pressure in the lower back. This can help him and make him feel pleasured and comfortable.

Massaging his lower back is a good way to start up the massaging process as his lower back can often be tensed due to heavy workload or stress. Always remember to ask him if the pressure you are giving on his lower back is enough or if he needs more. Massaging his lower back will help him alleviate stress.

2. Massage his lower back legs

After massaging his lower back you can begin going down on his lower back and emphasize caressing and massaging the muscles located in his lower legs. This will be achieved through the use of gliding movements and strokes that incorporates a heavy set of pressure to stimulate blood flow in the area.

When massaging this area you must also be gentle as it can be quite ticklish to him if you put very hard pressure on this area. 

When massaging his lower back legs you can also try the squeeze and knead method. To do this method you must wrap the fingers of one or both hands then work your way up to his leg. “Squeezing” the skin and muscles with your fingers and effectively reapplying pressure using your thumb. 

You can also use the cup method. Using your hands form a “c-shape” and then begin to “cup” or enclose the legs with your hands. This will apply gentle yet tremendous sensation to his lower legs.

Continue and prolong it for a minute or two then repeat on the other leg this will ensure he feels relaxed and pleased throughout the rest of the session. 

3. Touch his hips

Hands on his hips! This is a great way to assert your dominance in the bedroom! Whether you like it or not your Sagittarius man can be quite versatile in the bedroom assuming both submissive and dominant roles depending on his “mood” and fluctuation of emotions.

Remember that when you touch his hips with a firm grasp you are affirming that you are sexually engaged and attracted to him and that you want something more.

You can also wrap your forearms on his hips while you engage from behind. This helps in highly arousing your Sagittarius man! 

Touching his hips is another great way to turn on his senses and get him aroused! Remember that his hips are another sensitive pleasure spot and being touched in this area can bring him immense pleasure.

4. Touch his thighs

Touching, caressing, or even licking his inner thighs is a great way to truly arouse him because his thighs are his main pleasure center. With that in mind you can even massage this area to make your Sagittarius man feel relaxed and at ease with the situation.

Begin the massage by letting him lay down, Using a scented oil use your thumb and your index finger to use point pressure as your press into his inner thighs.

You can also massage the calves. Try to focus on the inner thighs first then move your way downwards to the lower half of the leg. Slide your hands over the shin area then use your thumb and middle finger to knead and scoop the sides of his leg.

This will innately help him alleviate stress and promote better sleep. The points in his calves and thighs are sensitive and can trigger immense relaxation which will be incredibly beneficial to your Sagittarius man.

When you touch his thighs you must maintain a seductive smile and prolonged eye contact that denotes your interest in sex. Show him you truly are mesmerized by him and this will show in the way you act toward him. By flirtatiously caressing this area you are deeply arousing him.

5. Stroke his chest and a muscular portion

When you stroke his chest or any muscular portion of his body you are appealing to his masculinity which to him is an attractive stroke to his ego.

Remember when you are touching or caressing any of his muscular body parts you are denoting that you are highly attracted to him in a sexual and primal manner. Stroke, caress the body part that you truly feel attracted to! This helps in building rapport with your Sagittarius man!

Alongside that, you are also showing him that you are a highly sexual person who is deeply attracted to his masculine body. Remember when touching him it must be as light as a feather.

The touch must be light and airy for it to be seductive. Hard strokes can be ticklish for your Sagittarius man and might ruin the moment.

Touching a Sagittarius Man…Final Thoughts

Your Sagittarius man is deeply philosophical and honest. He is the kind of guy who can be down to all sorts of things.

Whether it’s mental or physical stimulation your Sagittarius man will always be the friendly competitor and this deeply shows in his ability to be able to hold a good fight without being pissed off or irritated.

To him, life is a great endless joke and we should all learn how to loosen up. Sagittarius is a complex sign a physical yet spiritual one.

Incorporating touching and caressing is a great step to get closer to your Sagittarius man who sometimes can exhibit cold and flighty nature. When you touch him touch flirtatiously in a way that the touching seems like you are teasing him.

The more playful the touching the more exciting it will be for your Sagittarius man,

Your Sagittarius man has plenty of erogenous zones you can work to play with! Be experimental and turn on your creative and flirtatious side! Touching and caressing will be more powerful in seducing him into foreplay if it is incorporated in a fun, teasing way.

The good thing about Sagittarians is they are deeply honest and blunt so it won’t be hard deciphering the future with them.

Alongside that, they are also big-picture oriented so you’ll surely not get bored in the relationship because there will be lots of new experiences, travels, explorations and meeting with different social groups! All offered to you by your generous Sagittarius man!

Overall, the most sensitive areas that you can utilize to make your Sagittarius man feel relaxed and aroused are

  • His thighs specifically the muscles surrounding them (deep massage or touch)
  • His legs 
  • His hips
  • His chest and preferred body area (touching and caressing)

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