How does a Sagittarius Man Express Love?

Are you wondering what it’s like to feel the love of a Sagittarius man? Worry no more because, in this article, we are going to show you how a Sagittarius man expresses his romantic and sexual feelings to his partner. And, at the same time, we will give you tips on how to get your Sagittarius man to express his love more openly to you!

The Sagittarius man believes that he can show his purest expression of love by making sure that you are on the edge of your seat always! Whether it is the fun activities, the trips, the travels, socializing, or the adventures, your Sagittarius man will show you how fun and lighthearted life is!

The Sagittarius man is the 9th sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the Archer with a horse body. It represents the merging of the lower and higher mind. This means that the Sagittarius has shed its inclination to be fixated on the material world and focuses more on energy and spirituality.

The sign of Sagittarius is deeply interested in the higher philosophy such as letting go, detachment, and vibrating higher. This sign also deals with higher education, traveling, physical and spiritual ones, the truth, and luck and abundance.

Ruled by Jupiter, a Sagittarius man seeks and desires to expand, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He can only expand by acquiring new knowledge from his experiences and he can only do that by constantly moving. As such he is represented by the Archer, running wild and aims his arrow to a great distant plane!

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With that said, the Sagittarius man expresses his love differently and uniquely which makes him stand out from the other zodiac signs. Now let’s dive deep into the psychology of how a Sagittarius Man expresses his romantic and sexual feelings to his partner or loved one….

Let’s jump right in!

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How does A Sagittarius Man express his feelings?

The Sagittarius man is adventurous. He will always be constantly on the move and when he is in love with you, he will express it by taking you with him on his constant journey. It is hard to keep up with him because he is always busy. He always finds himself in the most random yet strangely beautiful places.

He takes you with him and lets you see life wonderfully. Expect your Sagittarius man to be a fun and adventurous person to be around. He will always take you on these unexpected and exhilarating experiences that no guy could ever top.

This can make him more irresistible to you. He doesn’t try hard to show you a good time, he is a good time and you’ll eventually realize it! Unlike other signs who constantly go by the traditional norms of asking you out on a date and so on and forth, he breaks the rules and even manages to have the upper hand!

He also expresses his love romantically and you will feel it seething in your soul. He is an idealist in love. He loves passionately, and he wants you to enjoy the moment and feel the moment with him. He is not afraid to be showy, therefore he will most certainly be romantically expressive even in public spaces.

This man does not live just to impress or please everyone around him. He lives his own life unbothered and he wants it to be that way. He loves by showing you a good time and he is darn good at doing it! So prepare to match his spontaneous, wildfire-like energy!

In a romantic relationship he is a romantic lover. He likes to be touched and kissed. He wants all of you. Because of his mutable energy, his romanticism can fluctuate. Sometimes he will detach and make way to give space to you and him and then there would be times that he’d be all over you 100%. This is pure Sagittarian energy and do not take it personally.

In sex, he can be adventurous and thrill-seeking so exhibitionism can be a huge turn-on for him. When dealing with him in the bedroom it is best to talk things out with him to fully know what you want and what he wants. This will result in pure euphoric lovemaking between the both of you!

Overall, the relationship will be fun and lighthearted because your Sagittarius man wants it to be that way. He will want to express his love and at the same time enjoy his life. Freedom and independence matter to him so you should both incorporate them into the relationship. When he’s in love the world around you will revolve around the two of you. It will be just you and him that truly matters…

So you should both incorporate them into the relationship. When he’s in love the world around you will revolve only on you two, it will be just you and him that truly matters…

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How to get your Sagittarius man to express his love to you!

Plan to travel with him to distant places

Plan on traveling with him. Most importantly, the place should be foreign or far away from your home town. Planning to travel with him to distant places encourages him to be more attached to you. He will see that you are just like him and this will make him more in love with you!

Be Matured

Freedom and independence are important to him so learn to respect his boundaries. Do not force him to be clingy to you or he will run away from you. Also you need to learn your boundaries. He will greatly respect you if you have a strict set “rules” related to personal space and what is fun and what is not.

By doing him these you are surely opening to your Sagittarius man being more expressive of his love for you!

Be blunt and straightforward

This is a must; you must fully express your truth. Do not be shy or fearful, embody the strong and independent woman persona and speak up whenever you think is right to do. You must also be communicative if you feel that there are certain things in the relationship that you don’t want to continue.

By being blunt and straightforward you are making sure that your Sagittarius man feels and thinks that you both are compatible with each other. Therefore, you have more chances of making the relationship long term

Embark on spontaneous trips!

Whether it is lovemaking or just day-to-day hanging out with him, you must be a spontaneous lover. Try not to bore him with the usual schedule of activities, instead do whatever feels right at the moment.  If you feel like partying go party with him! If you feel like eating sushi go eat sushi with him! If you feel like dying your hair, do it with him!

By embarking on this journey with him, you’re making the relationship less transactional and more like a partnership. This will truly open your Sagittarius man’s heart and he will be more open to expressing himself towards you

Be confident

Own up to your individuality! Have your own sense of fashion and have your own sense of style. By being a confident woman you are turning up to more happy experiences with him. Try being confident by speaking up more, being more friendly and helpful to people, being mindful, and having a strong and confident body posture.

Be experimental in bed

Your Sagittarius man is one of the most sexually charged signs. Being a mutable fire sign, a variety of sex positions and roleplay can make the sex more meaningful and fun! With that said, it is best to try being more experimental in bed!

Whether it is trying a roleplay out or doing something unique and never done before, tapping into the primal energies of sex can make the relationship stronger and fruitful. Also, try making yourself as sexually attractive as possible. Appeal to his kinks and fetishes and you will surely get your Sagittarius man to open up to you more!

Stay true and unique

To truly show him that you love him, you must show him that you are still “garnering” your independence even if you’re still in a relationship with him. He doesn’t like being clingy or being overly attached to the point that it becomes an obsession. To him relationship should be fun and exciting and free from any emotional pieces of baggage.

Stay true to who you are. Work on yourself, and work on your passion. By showing that you are an independent woman who doesn’t give a damn whether the relationship works or not, the more he will be willing to stay with you. By doing this you are opening yourself up to more to your Sagittarius man who will truly express his vulnerabilities to you. In turn, the love will be more fruitful and he will love you hard!

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How a Sagittarius Man shows love (& how to receive love from him!), final thoughts…

The Sagittarius man loves you in a way where you will feel happy and optimistic about life. You will feel good about your life. You will feel good about living. You will feel good about going together with him, and everything will seem perfect and wonderful!

Always remember to apply some of the things mentioned above to encourage him to express his love to you will further strengthen the relationship you have with your Sagittarius man. Always remember that this is a surefire way to keep the relationship healthy and strong, let him express his love for you freely instead of over forcing it!

Remember that this applies to men with the sun in Sagittarius or who have plenty of heavy Sagittarius placements on their birth chart. If you want to know more about your Sagittarius man’s full birth chart, you should determine his exact birth date and birth time as well as the location of his birth.

Also, it is important to take note that the Sun in Sagittarius is a favorable placement because the fire energy of Sagittarius can be fully expressed through the sun. Most notably his inner vibrant optimism, this can make him successful and wonderful to be around.

There can be plenty of different aspects that can tweak or amplify the Sagittarius traits of your Sagittarius man, for example, your Sagittarius man who has a Cancer moon and Taurus Mars can tweak his overall personality and make him more of a homebody rather than the usual trait of being a traveler.

Another example could be your Sagittarius man’s birth chart showing planetary stellium which means his Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars or any of his inner planets are under the same sign of Sagittarius. This amplifies the Sagittarius energy, giving him the stereotypical nature and traits of a Sagittarius.

The only way to truly find out his full personality is by finding out his birth chart, specifically looking for his Mars and Venus signs which will determine how he expresses love and pleasure and how he would like to be loved by his partner…



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