5 Ways To Make A Sagittarius Man Commit To You

5 Ways To Make A Sagittarius Man Commit To You

There is no idle moment when you are dating a Sagittarius man. Because of his fondness for adventures and new things, it might be a little hard for him to commit to someone. However, do not think that this is impossible because it totally is not.

In this article, you’ll be learning how to make a Sagittarius man commit to you.

To make a Sagittarius man commit to you, you need to be open to trying out anything that he wants you to try. Showcase your intelligence by engaging in conversations on different topics. Keep things light by not talking about marriage just yet.

Surprise him with things you can do. Show him that you are independent.

It can take some time for a Sagittarius man to commit to you, but with these tips, you can make the job a little bit faster. If you want more details on these, read on! But first, let’s get to know your Sagittarius man.

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Know Your Sagittarius Man

5 Ways To Make A Sagittarius Man Commit To You

Your Sagittarius man is ruled by the planet, Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and the planet of gifts. Being a Sagittarius man, he rules the ninth house. This house is the house of higher learning, philosophy, travel, and basically, literally, anything that is foreign.

This is something that you can agree with, your Sagittarius man is one of the most optimistic people you know. He is someone that thinks positively even if everything can look like it’s not going right.

Everybody can be telling him, no, but best believe, he is still going to pursue the thing that he wants to pursue. He does not give up. Because of this energy, he usually has great luck in his life. He is the type to have lots of great fortune.

He is the type of person to is interested to travel to other countries and learn their cultures. He is very explorative. If he is the type to not like traveling because of different factors, he is explorative in his mind.

He can be reading tons of books and listening to a lot of genres of music. This is what he does. He loves to learn and explore. He is very smart in a lot of aspects of life.

He can also be very aggressive with his speech. This is because of his plutonic energy, and he does not regard the feelings of other people. Sometimes, his speech can be really harsh.

He can come off as mean but know that he is also very driven and independent. He can do things on his own, and he expects everybody around him to be the same. And when his expectations are not met, he can be very rude.

Dating A Sagittarius Man

One thing that a Sagittarius man loves and values is his freedom. He does not want to feel stuck in agreement.

He values distance, and he does not want a super clingy person. He wants a healthy amount of freedom. What he is looking for is someone who respects his freedom. He likes to be on dates that involve a lot of adrenaline rush.

He can be very obnoxious because he says what’s on his mind. As his partner, this can be very annoying and hurtful. Even to the person he is dating, he does not have any filter.

He can say things that he feels is the truth, even if it’s not. He can be very loud, overly direct, and clumsy. In other words, he lacks social grace. But if your Sagittarius man is not like that, then lucky you!

He loves variety and adventure. And so, when you are dating him, expect to have a lot of fun adventures. You cannot do the same kind of date all the time. You need to push the boundary and do something that you have never done before.

Just like other fire signs, he does not like getting bored.

5 Ways To Make A Sagittarius Man Commit To You

Be open to anything

5 Ways To Make A Sagittarius Man Commit To You

Again, as I have said a couple of times now, your Sagittarius man is restless, and he is down for exciting things to do. He needs someone who is down for whatever.

So, in order for him to commit to you, you need to be ready to get out of your comfort zone. Aside from that, you also need to show enthusiasm.

Of course, to a Sagittarius woman, a woman who is adventurous and fun is the ideal one. You need to be happy and enjoy these dates because if he sees that you are not enjoying them, he will be turned off. It is important that you are part of everything that is going on. You need to be willing to try out new things in order for your Sagittarius man to commit.

Showcase your intelligence

I must remind you that your Sagittarius man is a fire sign and that he has a strong physical appearance and personality. He can be a real stallion.  Aside from that, he is also very intelligent and very knowledgeable about things that he considers interesting.

This is also something that he looks for in a lifetime partner.

It is not the appearance that he always looks for, but also the intelligence and mental sharpness of a person. If you already consider yourself smart, then you have the upper hand.

He wants a partner he can discuss things with. He wants someone knowledgeable and ready to talk about everything under the sun. Engage in conversations.

Keep things light

5 Ways To Make A Sagittarius Man Commit To You

We all know that your Sagittarius man values his freedom, and he does not like too many strings attached. If you still have not noticed, your Sagittarius man is not a clingy person.

To make him commit, you need to know and accept that he will not be sweet to you all the time. He needs his space to think and do things that he loves.

If your Sagittarius man notices that the relationship is too heavy for him, he will quickly lose interest. He does not want to feel smothered in any relationship. To make him commit, do not talk about marriage and kids for the first months you are dating. It scares him.

Do not put pressure on him because he will definitely be turned on.

Surprise him

Your Sagittarius man is a mutable sign. Just like any other mutable sign, he can adapt to any environment that he is in. And again, he likes surprises. He is not going to date someone for so long if you do not constantly surprise him.

To make him commit to someone, that person needs to blend into any environment. In other words, he needs someone just like him.

You can surprise him by not placing all your cards on the table.  Slowly show who you truly are. You can also act cute and clingy one day but avoid throwing yourself on him the next day.

You can catch him off guard with what you can offer to him. With this tip, he is going to wonder what’s next with you. He will constantly be wondering, and this is something that is very important to a Sagittarius man. With that, he would want to commit to you.

Emphasize your independence

5 Ways To Make A Sagittarius Man Commit To You

Just like him, your Sagittarius man needs someone that is independent in all facets of life. He can do a lot of things by himself, and he wants to make sure that his partner will be the same.

One thing that he hates is possessiveness and neediness in all forms. You must keep him on his toes if you want to build a long relationship with him.

If you seem to be very needy and clingy, your Sagittarius man might think that the grass is greener on the other side. He may think that there are other women or men that are independent just like him.

To make him commit, you need to prove your independence to him.

5 ways to make a Sagittarius man commit to you, final thoughts…

To make a Sagittarius man commit to you:

  • Be open to anything
  • Showcase your intelligence
  • Keep things light
  • Surprise him
  • Emphasize your independence



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