Why is your Sagittarius Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Sagittarius man and his jealousy issues! We’ll also talk about how you can deal with his jealousy issues without ruining the relationship.

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Your Sagittarius Man is the 9th sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the Archer, he is free-spirited, wild, fun, and adventurous and he sees the world in a big explorative way. He is optimistic but can be blunt to the point of being brutal.

He is the last fire sign of the zodiac wheel so his passion can be also deeply spiritual and philosophical.

Ruled by Jupiter, he is deeply blessed with blind luck ad optimism. His Jupiter energy also gives him astounding knowledge and he can be extremely self-righteous about it! There’s nothing more a Sagittarius man hates than being felt like he’s the dumb one!

In a romantic relationship, he is entertaining and adventurous often wanting spontaneous trips and adventures just to surprise or keep the relationship in a high state. However, Sagittarius man is no foreign when it comes to jealousy issues. His erratic energy can be prone to making jealousy fierier!

Let’s find out how Jealous can your Sagittarius Man be and what can you do about it!

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How Jealous Can Your Sagittarius Man Be?

Jealousy level: 6/10

First and foremost it is a good sign that your Sagittarius man is jealous! This is a good indication that he is genuinely interested in keeping you in the relationship!

It is known that Sagittarius men are truly ruthless when it comes to dating! Known for being into hookups and flings rather than a stable relationship, ghosts to the core and are extremely out of reach!

Because of that, his jealousy will be a pretty good sign that he is genuinely interested in keeping the relationship!

Usually, his jealousy will not be as apparent as the other signs who are temperamental and express the full range of rage or emotions when jealous. Instead, he’ll use plenty of tactics to deflect the fact that he is “feeling something”.

Because of this when he is jealous he might exhibit those negative aspects of Jupiter such as being distant and flighty, more often wanting to run away from the relationship and focus on something else such as physical therapy or such.

Remember that when your Sagittarius man feels a negative emotion such as jealousy their first instinct is to run away and do something about it, whether it is going to the gym or traveling, or doing something fun and outrageous. This is his way of keeping the thoughts away from his mind.

Signs Your Sagittarius Man Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. He will go to the gym more often

When your Sagittarius man feels jealousy he feels like running…literally! Because this sign is mainly focused on taking physical action. his first step of action to cope with his negative feelings is to hit the gym and do physical exercises.

The more stern his exercises are the more he can focus his outward rage on the exercise itself than on the relationship.

2. He will be less romantic

The second sign that your Sagittarius man is jealous is that he will withdraw his physical affection and intimacy toward you. He will be less and less romantic each day and you’ll feel it through his words, action, and overall vibe!

3. He uses humor to deflect the situation

As a part of his coping mechanism, he will use humor and wit to deflect the pain of the situation or to make fun of the situation. More often than not your Sagittarius man will use humor and jokes that center around him getting jealous of that person.

If you’re noticing more and more jokes that subtly or sometimes directly pertain to him being jealous and insecure of that guy then it is time to take a step in action and do something about it!

4. He bad-mouths the person

The 4th sign that your Sagittarius man is jealous is that he will badmouth the person he is jealous of this is because accompanied by his jealousy is his dislike of the person he solemnly hates. He will use gossip and lies to make sure that a person’s reputation is ruined by other people.

5. He’ll make you jealous

The fifth sign that your Sagittarius man is jealous is that he will make you jealous and he will make sure you see it in your face!

Remember that your Sagittarius man dislikes showing emotions and his feeling of jealousy is a deep-rooted fact that he can feel an emotion and he, therefore, sees himself as weak and vulnerable.

As a way to divert that he will be extraordinarily self-centered and will appear to be attractive to attract onlookers, he might even do that to your face just to make you angry or to get even. This is one toxic trait that your Sagittarius man has…

6. He will physically or mentally fight the person

The sixth sign that your Sagittarius man is jealous is that he will physically fight or mentally fight the person. Whether you like it or not, things can get heated up between the person and your Sagittarius man and it is highly likely that anytime soon there will be a physical altercation between the two!

7. He will directly tell you about it

The last and most obvious sign that your Sagittarius man is jealous is that he will tell you directly that he is jealous!

This man is fiery and brutally honest so he will tell you directly that he is jealous! This is the only good sign on the list as it can help you detect easier that he is jealous and that you can do something about it!

How to stop your Sagittarius Man from being Jealous?

To stop your Sagittarius man from being jealous you must show him that you’re willing to do anything to appease his emotions, deep inside masculinity is fragile churning emotions that are deeply insecure and childish, and whenever he gets jealous his ego gets hurt.

Appeal to that by showing him you are blocking that person off in your life.

Tell him that you are cutting any connection with that person from your life and that you’ll do anything to keep the relationship happy and stable! By reassuring him that you are faithful and loyal through your progressive actions then you are showing to him that his jealousy was imaginary all along!

Remember to not be petty and not go in whenever he starts an argument! Your Sagittarius man loves to argue just for the sake of it and instead of doing the route of being as hot-headed as he tries to disengage yourself and try as much as possible to be calm and open-minded.

Alongside that incorporate plenty of spontaneity in the relationship!

Try to surprise him with more adventurous late-night trips in the city rather than being mushy gushy in the comforts of your own home! By telling him through actions that you are just as fun and adventurous as him the more he’ll keep you from his life!

Sagittarius Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Sagittarius man is deeply romantic and an idealist at heart, his relationship is incredibly fun and passionate and it shows through you. Jealousy is a normal relationship problem that can be remedied by gaining enough knowledge on how to deal with your partner more effectively.

With that said, by detecting the early onset signs of jealousy and by proactively doing your part in making sure that your Sagittarius man feels reassured in the relationship then you are in a good place with him!

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