7 Effective Ways To Get A Sagittarius Man Hooked

So, you are into the adventurous and fun Sagittarius man. You may think that it’s hard to keep up with his energy. Well, it may be true to some degree but if you want to fast-track your way to a Sagittarius man’s heart, here are ways to get him hooked.

To get a Sagittarius man hooked, you need to show him that you are exciting and adventurous. Be mysterious by not revealing everything about you. Be an inspiration and be positive. Be upfront with things you want to say to him.

Ask him for advice sometimes and showcase your intelligence. Moreover, keep things light.

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That said, before we get into the ways to hook him, let’s see what he’s like when he has a crush. Let’s go!

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When A Sagittarius Man Has A Crush

One noticeable trait that a Sagittarius man has is that he is very playful and freedom-loving. He likes to play around and screw around sometimes it can be very hard for you to identify if he is being serious or not.

He loves to people laugh, and if he likes you, he is going to make an effort to entertain you and keep you happy. He has this endearing and goofy personality to him that you just cannot resist. It’s like there is this childlike playfulness in him that is very cute.

He is also known to be a very outgoing person. He likes going on adventures, and if he likes you, he is going to ask you to do these little adventures with him. He needs to let out a lot of energy, and he is going to want to do it with you.

Your Sagittarius man is not known to have the longest attention span, but if he likes you, he is going to focus his attention on you. He is fairly very busy, and when he makes time for you, he is definitely into you. He will constantly ask to hang out with you.

To Seduce A Sagittarius Man…

To be honest with you, it is not that hard to seduce a Sagittarius man because he is somehow a sexual person. This may be because of how adventurous he is. However, there are things that you need to do in order to seduce him more.

A Sagittarius man is a sign of honesty, so to seduce him, you need to make him feel that you are nothing but being honest with whatever you are saying.

A Sagittarius man is genuinely interested in the thoughts and opinions of others. He is a very intelligent person as he loves to converse. To get him, you need to not be afraid to speak and interact.

You need to show him that you are hiding from expressing who you truly are. Because of how adventurous he is, you need to have that spontaneous approach that will lure him into your life.

You need to show this sense of willingness to experience life. At the same time, show him that you are not going to be a threat to his freedom. You need to make him feel that you are not clingy and needy because if you give off this kind of energy, he is going to want to exit.

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7 Effective Ways To Get A Sagittarius Man Hooked

Be exciting and adventurous

As I have mentioned earlier, your Sagittarius man loves all kinds of adventure, and he loves living for today because he knows that it is important. He likes to be present at the moment because he knows what mindfulness can do to us.

He is not afraid to take risks and do dangerous acts when he knows that it can be fun for him.

So, if you want to get him hooked, you need to get out of your comfort zone and show him that you are willing to step up. But before that, talk about the things that you ought to try and that you are excited to experience.

He would want to hear about your adventures so talk about it. And then, say yes to the adventures he wants you to do with him. Be a daredevil.

Be mysterious

Just like a Scorpio, a Sagittarius man likes it if you are someone he can decode. He is very intelligent, and he likes to think about things and solve mysteries and stuff like that.

He likes to think of you as an adventure he can go through. Let him discover things about you little by little. Never tell him things about yourself upfront.

You need to have that hint of mystery. Do not be vulnerable right away and tell him the things that make you happy and sad. Let him discover that. Play a little hard to get so he gets hooked wanting to know you even more.

Think of yourself as an onion that he needs to peel. He needs each layer to be peeled off slowly but surely.

Be an inspiration

Because of his playful nature, a Sagittarius man prefers to be around happy people. He wants to be with people who give him inspiration and hope. He does not like it when a place has a lot of negativities around.

He does not appreciate it if all you ever give him is bad vibes. So, if you are not the type to be smiling all day, it’s time to learn how to be a ball of sunshine.

Your Sagittarius man is a humanitarian, and he loves helping people. And so, you should also be down to help him help others.

He likes to be inspired so tell him about your success stories. Tell him things that will make him feel good. He needs someone that could pick his spirit back up when he had a very rough day.

Be upfront

Just like a Scorpio man again, a Sagittarius man values honesty. He is not the type to sugarcoat things just so he can avoid getting somebody’s feelings hurt. He does not like it if people lie to him. I mean we all do, but this is especially seen in a Sagittarius man. So, there really is no need to keep things from him.

You should always tell him the truth no matter what you think his reaction will be. And do not even silence yourself when you know you have to tell him things that concern him. He would rather want to know than keep these things from him.

Tell him before he finds out. Know that you can trust him with whatever it is that you’re going to tell him.

Ask him for advice

Again, your Sagittarius man is a very intelligent person, and he will feel more intelligent when you think of him as someone you can get advice from. He considers it as respect and honor.

So, the next time you need help with something, take the opportunity to ask for help from him because that would be a plus point for you!

Showcase your intelligence

I have mentioned a lot of times a Sagittarius man’s smartness. So, of course, he is going to seek the same trait from his partner.

Mental sharpness is something that he definitely appreciates. To him, this is extremely attractive. You might think that what’s going to keep him is your physical appearance. That is so wrong!

He’s going to be hooked if he knows that there are a lot of things that he can learn from you. He loves knowledge, and he wants a partner who can teach him a lot of interesting things.

So, if you do not consider yourself intelligent, it’s time to change that. It’s time to read some books so you can keep up with him.

Keep things light

When a Sagittarius man is in a relationship or something that is going to lead to that, know that he does not want too many strings attached. He does not like to talk about his feelings and get emotional.

He wants a little bit of his freedom to do things that make him happy. He is not a clingy person, and when he notices that the relationship is getting too consuming, then he will consider this as a threat.

So, do not be too focused on heavy topics because he does not want to feel smothered.

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7 effective ways to get a Sagittarius man hooked, final thoughts…

To get a Sagittarius man hooked:

  • Be exciting and adventurous
  • Be mysterious
  • Be an inspiration
  • Be upfront
  • Ask him for advice
  • Showcase your intelligence
  • Keep things light



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