7 Signs A Sagittarius Man Is In Love

7 Signs A Sagittarius Man Is In Love

You may be thinking about how this romantic relationship is taking too long to be official. Know that this is just the way of a Sagittarius man. Your Sagittarius man expresses his love differently, and this is how he does it.

When a Sagittarius man is in love, he becomes your friend first. He is going, to be honest about himself and his past with you and is supportive of everything you do. He likes going on adventures with you as well and continues to be in your life. He also tells you he loves you.

Sounds good? Well, we’ve just scratched the surface with your Sagittarius man…

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That said, let’s get to know your Sagittarius man a little bit…

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Know your Sagittarius Man

7 Signs A Sagittarius Man Is In Love

Right off the bat, without sugar-coating anything, your Sagittarius man is very commitment-phobic, at least in the beginning. He enjoys life with a different type of passion.

He is much more positive and carefree compared to the other Zodiac males. He wants to experience a little bit of everything, sometimes at once. And if this stresses you out, you need to make amends right away.

Sometimes, you will not know whether your Sagittarius man is fooling around or if he is being serious. You will have mixed emotions and doubts when talking to him because he is considered to be a philosopher of the Zodiac. And when he likes you, he will make you laugh for sure!

If he does not see being in a relationship with somebody, he will not make the time and effort to be with him or her. However, if he is in love, he will be very aggressive. He will go out of his way to make you laugh all the time and be consistent.

However, he is afraid of rejection but is open to failures and achievements. He will be willing to tame himself down when he is serious about pursuing you.

He can be a little controlling, but not as controlling as the other fire signs He can also be a little insensitive towards other people’s feelings. He does not like talking about sad stories. He will be willing to listen to it for a bit but will move on and talk about another thing.

This is because he just doesn’t see the glass half-full. He always sees it full.

He can also be direct and straightforward which can hurt other people’s feelings. But when he is angry, he is not violent like the other signs.

What are your chances with your Sagittarius man?

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7 Signs A Sagittarius Man is In Love

 He is your friend

7 Signs A Sagittarius Man Is In Love

Your Sagittarius man is the type to value friendships, and he would rather be friends first with his potential lover than just go straight ahead and date. He likes to do this because he likes to build some sort of belongingness with you.

He wants to make sure that he is getting rid of any damaging aspects of the relationship.

As a friend, he’s going to want to hang out with you a lot. He would want to go have drinks with you and maybe go to the movies before he gets with you in a relationship. Like a friend, he is also going to be open to you about different things in his life.

He is honest with you

Just like with friendships, he is valuing honesty in relationships too. The deal with your Sagittarius man is that he does not give his honesty to just anybody out there. He will only give you it if you are someone he really cares for. He will be very truthful about things about him.

He will also be honest and open with what he really feels about you. He will also share a lot about his past. However, he does not do this to manipulate you and pity him. He does this for the sake of letting you know.

Now, it’s your decision whether you still want to pursue him or not. Remember that your Sagittarius man is a horse that is mixed with the archer. This explains his trait of being straightforward and direct to the point.

He is supportive

When your Sagittarius man is truly and deeply in love with you, he will be supportive of everything that you do. He is going to be there for you, especially when you are going through a hard time. He won’t be there just for the sake of being there. He is actually going to be by your side for support.

He will not be there just to lend an ear to you. He’s not just going to be a shoulder to cry on. He will actually help you to overcome the situation. And if he does not like or love you, he will not be doing this to you.

He goes on adventures with you

7 Signs A Sagittarius Man Is In Love

Think of your Sagittarius man as Cupid because he’s very much like him. Imagine Cupid with his bow and arrow, going around town playing matchmaker. Just like Cupid., he likes to be all around town exploring. He is always going to be on the move and going somewhere.

He likes to go and discover new different places each time, and he wants you to be there, enjoying life as he is. If he is sharing all his passion with you, you can assume that he is very much into you. He wants you to be beside him all the time.

He continues to be in your life

If he loves you, he’s going to be a very good friend, and you will notice how he starts to plan his future with you. This is because he wants to be continuously in your life forever. And the deal with a Sagittarius man is that he is not going to move forward if he does not see that there is potential for true love with you.

Just like an archer or Cupid himself, he pretty much shot an arrow and marked you already to be in his life forever. He will want to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly with you, and overcome these together.

He tells you that he loves you

When a Sagittarius man tells you he loves you, you best believe it’s true. I said it already, but I’m going to say it again, your Sagittarius man is straightforward. And with him, everything goes in order and moves forward, but he will not do it unless he knows for sure that he wants to do it.

He is not going to risk losing you without telling you how he really feels. And if he is uttering the three magic words, he is not playing any games with you. He’s going to be in your life when he tells you he loves you forever.

He wants to be exclusive with you

7 Signs A Sagittarius Man Is In Love

You know for sure that your Sagittarius man does not like to be tied down because he likes to go on crazy adventures. This also includes meeting other people around the world. He likes to be free and explore the world.

However, when he tells you that he wants to be tied down with you, know that he really loves you. Know that this is rare for a Sagittarius man.

Get more details about your Sagittarius man…

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Are Sagittarius Men Loyal?

Yes, they can be. However, this is only applied when the Sagittarius man is already committed to you. These men value friendship, honesty, and loyalty. He will also expect the same from you as he translates fickleness as being untrue.

It will not be easy to get a Sagittarius man to commit, but once he does, it’s worth it!

Although your Sagittarius man loves to be on adventures, he will want to be exclusive with someone he truly loves. However, the relationship will not be all hearts and roses. You should also be ready for the challenges in a relationship.

Sagittarius man in love, the final word…

When a Sagittarius man is in love:

  • He is your friend
  • He is honest with you
  • He is supportive
  • He goes on adventures with you
  • He continues to be in your life
  • He tells you that he loves you
  • He wants to be exclusive with you

Stay in love!



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