Sagittarius Man in Bed, 6 Tips to Turn Him On

Sagittarius Man in Bed, 6 Tips to Turn Him On

Known to be adventurous and likes adrenaline rush, your Sagittarius man may be a little too hard to keep up with. To tell you honestly, it wouldn’t be that hard to sleep with Sagittarius man, but if you want to spice things up more, you are going to love these tips.

To turn a Sagittarius man on, you need to be adventurous enough to try out new things. Always look your best and bring him wine. Be opulent and go to extremes and be ready for a possible role play. Learn to dance slowly and sensually!

There’s a lot more to know about these tips. If you want more details about your Sagittarius man, also check out “Sagittarius Man Secrets“.

In this article, I am going to explain every tip and how a Sagittarius man is in bed. Brace yourself because it is going to be intense. Let’s start!

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Sagittarius Man in Bed: What’s It Like…

A Sagittarius man in bed gets right into the action just to get it over with. He usually isn’t into foreplays. He is also passionate about his skills in the bedroom. He treats it as a sport. He does get attached to the person he is sleeping with because he does it at a very fast pace.

Details below!

He does not like foreplay

Sagittarius Man in Bed, 6 Tips to Turn Him On

Your Sagittarius man is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is a planet of growth. This means he is outgoing and energetic, just like he is in bed. He likes to be aggressive because he has all of this masculine energy. When he is doing it, he is not about the emotions. He cares more about the experience of it.

Because of that, he goes straight into the action without even warming the waters. He does not like to turn on his partner first. There is a possibility that you won’t be experiencing kissing, and he will just take off his pants and get it on!

He is passionate in a different way

Unlike a Scorpio man, the passion of a Sagittarius man when it comes to lovemaking focuses on his skills. He may or may not be passionate about you, but he will surely make the effort to perform really well in the bedroom with you.

He treats lovemaking as a sport, so you can expect it to be very fun. He has the tendency to have sex high or drunk.

One of the personalities of a Sagittarius man is he likes to teach and learn. And so, he likes to keep exploring. He likes to have fun in the bedroom, and you will surely enjoy it too!

He does not get attached

This may come out as offensive to some, but it is very easy to sleep with a Sagittarius man. He is the type to not get attached to the person he is doing it with. And it is actually a Sagittarius thing to emotionally detach from sex.

Your Sagittarius man finds it hard to stand still, and after doing the deed, there is a tendency that he wouldn’t want to cuddle. He is the type to play with his phone after. Just like what I mentioned earlier, he just wants to get into the action and get it over with. He does lovemaking at a very fast pace.

6 Tips to Turn On Your Sagittarius Man in Bed

Be adventurous

Sagittarius Man in Bed, 6 Tips to Turn Him On

As you may have already concluded, your Sagittarius man has a lot of energy and passion for lovemaking. So, you need to keep up by thinking outside the box and challenging yourself. You need to think of ways to keep pace with his adventure and lust.

So, you need to make sure that you show how carefree you are because he will more likely explore intimacy in new places. Make sure that you are ready for this kind of thing because this can be a lot of work to do and maybe a huge adjustment for you.

Look your best

A Sagittarius man does not want to deal with sad girls or guys. So, if you are depressed right now, then this may not be the right time to get with him. He prefers confident and put-together women. So, it is crucial that you are aware of your physical appearance.

To get your Sagittarius man’s attention, plan a little outfit for the meeting and put on a little makeup. Dressing confidently will definitely turn him on.

For now, avoid pieces that are cheap-looking or trashy. It does not mean that you will be spending tons of money on clothes and makeup just to turn on your Scorpio man. You can definitely do this with things that you already have.

Bring him wine

Sagittarius Man in Bed, 6 Tips to Turn Him On

With a love for gourmet food and expensive wine, surprising your Sagittarius man with wine will be a good way to start your session. It will enhance his desire for pleasure, even more, when a luxurious wine is part of your night.

The thought that you are pampering him with the intoxicating effects of the wine will turn him on even more. Great way to start your session

Be grandiose

Your Sagittarius man is opulent and extreme. So, if you are serious about getting him under your sheets, you need to go to extremes. Being moderate and passive will definitely bore him. He likes to see his partner have a zest for life.

What you need to do is expand your interests and express your passions in grand ways. To seduce your Sagittarius man, you need to apply this in the bedroom too. Be ready for some Fifty Shades of Grey action. I hope that you are flexible enough to do this with your man!

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Be ready for role play

Engaging in role plays is a thing that a Sagittarius does. He likes to go beyond the boundaries and use his imagination to better enjoy lovemaking with you. If you are new to this, be sure to prepare yourself to expand your horizons.

You can start by dressing up into somebody he asks you to be to fulfill his fantasies.

Dance slowly and sensually

Sagittarius Man in Bed, 6 Tips to Turn Him On

If you haven’t downloaded TikTok yet, I probably think you should now because you may need to learn a lot of sexy dances to keep your Sagittarius man turned on for you forever. He likes the humanities and art, and he sees your body as art when you dance.

He likes to observe you dance slowly and sensually. These dances will definitely trigger his love for art as it engages all his five senses. So, get your grooves on, and maybe wear high heels to add a more sexual touch!

Are Sagittarius Men “Freaks” in Bed?

They definitely are! From all the information above, I bet you already guessed this right. It is in his nature to be adventurous and to teach and learn. He likes to explore, so expect that he will try out a lot of kinky stuff for you. He is intense when it comes to lovemaking.

Spanking, bondage, and S & M will once be part of your sex life because he likes to explore and expand his horizons. Get ready to be tested with a lot of different things to materialize the sexual fantasies of your Sagittarius man.

When you are confident and comfortable with your sexuality, it will even get the Sagittarius man even wilder!

Your Sagittarius Man in bed, final thoughts…

To turn on a Sagittarius man, you need to:

  • Be adventurous
  • Look your best
  • Bring him wine
  • Be grandiose
  • Be ready for role play
  • Dance slowly and sensually




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