Sagittarius Woman in Bed, 7 Tips to Turn Her On

Sagittarius Woman in Bed, 7 Tips to Turn Her On

A Sagittarius woman makes certain that you are well cared for in the bedroom. She has a natural talent for making others fall in love with her. She attracts her man’s attention by using her strategies and talents as a way of seduction. Here’s how you can turn her on to get with you.

A Sagittarius woman gets turned on if you are as playful as her in bed. She also likes role-plays and trying new things with you. Always remember to never rush or skip foreplay. She likes a challenge and in doing so you can match her energy in bed because she has a high libido.

Listed below are the things you need to remember if you want to satisfy a Sagittarius woman. Let’s start by describing how she is in bed.

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Sagittarius Woman in Bed: What’s It Like…

In bed, a Sagittarius woman is passionate. She will be considerate towards your pleasure and will ensure that you will have a good time. She is also playful and she’d want to have exciting intercourse with you. She has a high libido and she will definitely take her time as much as she wants.

She is passionate

Sagittarius Woman in Bed, 7 Tips to Turn Her On

If she is in a relationship, a Sagittarius lady will be highly passionate in bed. She will be a giving lover who sincerely desires a great experience for her partner. However, don’t expect her to cuddle and communicate about her feelings later. Intimacy with a Sagittarius woman is thrilling and pleasurable.

She’ll like intimate relations and experimenting in the bedroom, particularly if it’s passionate and wild. With her confident demeanor and outgoing personality, she exudes captivating energy. She’s the type of lady who, if necessary, will take command in the bedroom.

She believes in herself and what she is capable of, which includes pleasure.

She is playful

She is very playful, so don’t anticipate anything less than an adventure when you have intimate relations with her.

Before trying out all kinds of different positions, she would warm up with lots of foreplay. Kissing will almost certainly entail tongue, and you’ll most likely start doing so while relaxing on the bed, hanging out in the kitchen, or even talking in the car.

She initiates a sense of adventure and fun into her libido. Not only are Sagittarius women the type to attract anybody and everyone, but she also likes the thrill of the chase and the opportunity to meet new people. She’ll like the excitement and challenges of an easy short-lived relationship.

She has a high libido

Sagittarius women like to be in command of their affairs. If you are willing to follow her lead, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. She is naturally sensual. She understands exactly what she has to do in order to seduce the object of her affection.

And it doesn’t take her long to do this. She may be rough in bed, but she’s also gentle and sweet.

Sagittarius women are considered to be dominating. She aspires to be your dominant partner. The good thing is that she is concerned about your desires. She knows what you want and is willing to make it a pleasant experience for both of you.

7 Tips to Turn On a Sagittarius Woman in Bed

Be playful

Sagittarius Woman in Bed, 7 Tips to Turn Her On

Make a point of minimizing the seriousness in the bedroom. Such playfulness is a certain technique to win a Sagittarius woman’s heart. You could discover that jokes, teasing, and flirting, not to mention tickling that leads to much more, are the quickest ways to seal the deal with her.

To put it another way, think outside the box and be inventive.

Have fun while doing it. If things go badly during sex, laugh it off: life isn’t all sexy eyes and flawless mixes, and the more real you are, the more passionate the sex will be. She thrives on creating excitement and fun in the bedroom. Anything less than this will quickly bore her.

Try some role play

Roleplay might be intimidating, but it’s not always about dressing up as a sexy student or a cop unless you both like it. Because she is attracted to diversity, try addressing her as “ma’am” and watch how she reacts.

Have plays where she must seek permission before touching her, or make her strive to be silent while you enjoy her.

It’s important to keep things fresh in order to keep her engaged. Fresh doesn’t have to mean tossing away the old techniques; it might just mean introducing new twists and variants to keep her guessing.

Never skip foreplay

Foreplay is something she’s particularly interested in. She desires a partner that is ready to give a large amount of time to her. Expect her to show her strength in the relationship by being rough and wild. She’s looking for a partner who understands this aspect of her nature.

She is a fiercely independent woman who despises being controlled over.

You should not limit her ability to think, feel, or act. She is fragile on the inside. She is energetic, funny, and smart. If you get the opportunity to see this part of her life, know that she has totally exposed herself to you.

Challenger her

Sagittarius Woman in Bed, 7 Tips to Turn Her On

She’s a competent lover who is always up for a new challenge. She displays her love for you by engaging in sexual activity with you. She is quickly turned on. Just a single touch from you is enough to thrill her. In exchange, she ensures that you are completely satisfied in bed.

She finds fulfillment in the joy she brings to others through her lovemaking. If you’re interested in challenges, you’ll have a higher chance of winning her. If you’re as eager to try new things as she is, you’ll get along pretty smoothly.

Be adventurous

Repetition annoys her. She adores engaging in sexual activity in the heat of the moment. Don’t be shocked if she asks for a quickie as soon as she exits the restroom. She initiates a sense of adventure and enjoyment in her sex life.

She may be unsure about certain things in life, but not in the bedroom. Nothing is going to stop her from freely expressing her sexuality. You must be prepared for what this means if you are interested in her. If you fail to match her expectations, she may instantly seek a replacement.

Match her libido

Another quality of a Sagittarius woman is her strong stamina. She is as daring as she is wild. She approaches each lovemaking session as though it were her final one. She has an easy time getting into a positive mood. It only takes an attractive partner who wants to have sex with her for her to become turned on.

Sagittarius women are known for their good looks, and many people are easily seduced by them.

Sagittarius women put up just the amount of effort required to turn you on, no more or less. When she desires to have sex with someone important to her, she may be more passionate during foreplay. She conserves her energy for the main encounter.

Be trustworthy

Sagittarius Woman in Bed, 7 Tips to Turn Her On

Because she doesn’t frequently have the same partner for long enough to trust someone to have kinky sex with, Sagittarius women generally have simple or “vanilla” sex. When a Sagittarius woman finds a partner she can trust, she is likely to have kinky intercourse.

Bondage is one of her favorites since it allows her to be creative while still allowing her to be dominant. Any other kink that encourages them to be dominant and creative will excite her interest.

Are Sagittarius Women “Freaks” in Bed?

No. If you’re looking for someone freaky in bed, then she isn’t the one for you. Sagittarius women avoid sex in which they are tied or restricted. So don’t even consider it. Even if you mention it, it will displease them. She prefers kinks such as bondage which enables her to be dominant in bed.

As mentioned before, Sagittarius women are dominant. She aspires to be your dominant partner. She doesn’t want a man that is constantly dominating her. Not at all. She is way too independent for that and she despises being controlled.

She is able to see through obsessive thoughts that result from insecurity. She does, however, desire a partner who will realistically hold her in check and keep her faithful to herself.


To turn on a Sagittarius woman in bed, you need to:

  • Be playful
  • Try some role play
  • Never skip foreplay
  • Challenge her
  • Be adventurous
  • Match her libido
  • Be trustworthy




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