7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Sagittarius Man

It’s no surprise that you want to attract a Sagittarius man who enjoys adventurous, fiery, athletic sexual activities. There’s no way he can say no when you appeal to his adventurous spirit and desire to try new things. To help you out, here are the ways how to seduce a Sagittarius man.

To seduce a Sagittarius man, you must be open to your desires. You should not hesitate to make suggestions. It is also important to tease and touch him when you are seducing your Sagittarius man. You need to keep in mind to give him space and be mysterious from time to time to make him chase you.

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That said, before we dive into the ways to seduce a Sagittarius man, let’s first see what he’s like in bed…

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How A Sagittarius Man Is In Bed

A Sagittarius man has a commanding personality, which translates to his bedroom preferences. Any power play will almost certainly turn him on because he is attracted to a woman who is at ease in her own skin and enjoys being sexually submissive to him.

Let your Sagittarius man know if you’re comfortable being sexually submissive, and you’ll have a great time.

You could also try being completely dominating at times; he admires a woman’s strength and initiative.

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7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Sagittarius Man

Be open

Your Sagittarius man will fulfill your deepest desires without hesitation and he’ll make it his personal mission to satisfy you better than anyone else has. Tell your Sagittarius man everything you want him to do, and the more specific the better.

He’s a driven individual who will go to great lengths to achieve any goal set before him, so flowery language does not appeal to a Sagittarius man. Get right to the point; your Sagittarius man will appreciate your no-nonsense approach.

As soon as you’re ready, you can send your Sagittarius man a text or give him a call. If your Sagittarius man is available, you’ll get some enjoyable instant gratification. If he’s busy, you’ll both be in for a treat: his intense desire will build up until he can release it later in a fiery burst of passion.

The longer you can keep your Sagittarius man entertained, the more agitated he will become. Because a Sagittarius man enjoys chasing and pursuing, this could be a fun game.

Tease him

A Sagittarius man is enthralled by a seductive outfit. You’ll have his full attention if you ask him to model the new underwear or sexy lingerie you just bought and his jaw will open all the way to the floor.

If you really want to play with him, send him a text saying how excited you are to show him off when he gets home. A Sagittarius man will slam the door shut and look inside to see what you’ve got.

Wear something revealing and try not to remove it quickly but not too slowly—a Sagittarius man isn’t known for his patience when he’s in the mood. Tease him and act as if he could take you on the spot, right now, because that will take away a lot of his suspense and intrigue.

If these tactics work, they will be careful not to get carried away by their success and try to subjugate or dominate your Sagittarius man more than is necessary.

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Touch him

For a Sagittarius man, the hips and thighs are erogenous zones. To get your Sagittarius man’s sexual attention, run your hand along his inner or outer thighs and place his hand on your hip or thigh, as these are areas of your body he’ll want to investigate.

After that, your Sagittarius man will whisk you away to the bed, so be ready for a quick turnaround. A Sagittarius man can also be pushed over the edge by a fleeting, secret touch under the dinner table.

Any kind of public touching attracts a daring Sagittarius man. While you’re out, take a chance and squeeze his butt or graze the front of his pants invisibly.

Go south and massage your Sagittarius man’s limbs to activate those passionate senses for surprisingly pleasurable results, particularly the inner thighs. If a woman wants to arouse her Sagittarius man, all she has to do is gently touch him there and he will be turned on.

Make suggestions

In the bedroom, a Sagittarius man is normally dominant. If you tell him not to hold back, he’ll jump at the chance to let loose and experience a new perspective on your sexual relationship.

Your Sagittarius man will need to be honest and open with their sexual partners, sharing their desires, needs, and preferences with you directly. As a result, Sagittarius men will also appreciate it when their partners treat them with the same openness.

Make suggestions and assure your Sagittarius man that he’s doing what you want in bed. When a Sagittarius man knows he can provide you with what you require, he will be drawn to you.

If you’re trying out domination or BDSM for the first time, talk about each other’s limits and boundaries ahead of time so the experience is fun and safe for both of you. Always tell the truth and act honestly when you’re getting into it with your Sagittarius man.

Try new things

Sagittarius men are constantly broadening their horizons, seeking out new information, scenery, and adventures.

In and out of bed, your Sagittarius man needs to try new things. With spontaneous dates, thrilling outdoor activities, or last-minute trips out of town, show him you can be adventurous in everyday life.

Surprise him in bed with new stuff, positions, or sexy attire because he is looking for new experiences and likes to try everything at least once.

He is very interested in new places, so take him aside at a party, pull over to the side of the road, or drag him to a secluded outdoor area. Routine and monotony are two of a Sagittarius man’s greatest pet peeves.

The more fresh things are, the more your Sagittarius man will be drawn to you. He’ll make new suggestions to you as well, and if they’re rejected, he’ll be disappointed. As a result, you should find a good balance between his desires and your boundaries by communicating.

Be mysterious

A Sagittarius man enjoys solving puzzles. Leave a few things to his imagination, whether you’re telling him about your personal life or your wildest sexual fantasy. A Sagittarius man will enjoy picking up the breadcrumbs and piecing together your story.

But make sure you let your Sagittarius man in eventually—if he feels like he’s solved you, he’ll be very interested in you. Be a little mysterious and don’t show all your cards at once to win a Sagittarius man’s heart and mind.

However, being mysterious and aloof does not necessitate lying to appear mysterious in front of your Sagittarius man. Sagittarius men prefer girls who are a little reserved about themselves.

Sagittarius men appreciate a woman who is unpredictable and keeps them guessing. While this does not imply that you should play hard to get, you should present him with some challenges. Also, play it cool and make your Sagittarius man earn your love.

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Give him space

In and out of the bedroom, Sagittarius men require freedom. Allow plenty of alone time for your Sagittarius man to pursue his interests, socialize, or travel. His wanderlust and desire to explore are his most defining characteristics, and anyone who understands this about him will be attracted to him.

If a Sagittarius man perceives you as controlling or demanding too much from him, he will flee. It’s a huge sign of interest if your Sagittarius man chooses to stay and engage in intimacy.

Do not be overly attached because the love of freedom is a big part of the Sagittarius man’s personality. A Sagittarius man needs a girl who won’t cling to him or clutter his freedom, whether he’s hitting the open road on his latest adventure or simply having some alone time.

When you and your Sagittarius man first meet, demonstrate that you are self-sufficient and don’t always require assistance.

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7 effective ways to seduce a Sagittarius man, final thoughts…

To seduce a Sagittarius man:

  • Be open
  • Tease him
  • Touch him
  • Make suggestions
  • Try new things
  • Be mysterious
  • Give him space



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