5 Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Using You

A Sagittarius man is not really the best at hiding, so figuring out if he is being sincere shouldn’t be too hard for you. If you want to know the signs when a Sagittarius man is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Sagittarius man is using you if he acts indifferent and doesn’t even try to act interested. He may also avoid discussions when you confront him about your relationship, and he will be stubborn when things don’t go his way. A Sagittarius man may also hide you from the public and the people close to him.

Read further to learn more about a Sagittarius man’s weaknesses in a relationship and how to keep her interested!

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Signs A Sagittarius Man Wants To Break Up

He distances himself

A Sagittarius man might not end things with you right away, but he will make every effort to do so. You might observe that he is not as emotionally accessible as he formerly was, and he won’t express his emotions to you anymore.

A Sagittarius man takes this action to defend himself because he doesn’t want to hurt himself if you have already hurt him further.

Moreover, if he entirely avoids engaging in any activity with you, he might be preparing to end the relationship.

This makes it simpler for a Sagittarius man to end things with you as well. When he does finally decide to end the relationship, he might not feel as awful if he is already emotionally distant from you.

He isn’t passionate

Your relationship may be about to end if it suddenly becomes completely devoid of passion. Lack of passion may be a clue that your Sagittarius man is about to leave you, but it might also be the reason he initially desires to do so.

He may decide to end the relationship with you if he also realizes that you have lost all enthusiasm for it.

A Sagittarius man will be getting ready to end things when he ceases expressing passion for the relationship. You will know that your relationship has already lost its passion if he begins to prioritize himself or simply wants to end it quickly.

5 Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Using You

He hides you

In most cases, a Sagittarius man only wants to hook up with you if he never brings you out in public. He won’t take you out, but he will hang out with you most of the time inside your home or his.

A Sagittarius man always makes sure his partner feels important, so it’s not a good sign if he constantly makes excuses and declines to go out with you in public.

If he doesn’t plan on sticking around, a Sagittarius man won’t introduce you to his circle.

If he intends to leave as soon as he is finished with you, he won’t take you to meet anyone significant to him. If your Sagittarius man isn’t introducing you to other significant individuals in his life, you probably aren’t important to him.

He is stubborn

If your Sagittarius man is using you, he will never want to do anything you advise. Either both of you will comply with his wishes, or you won’t hang out at all. When he cares about someone, he will attempt to make compromises, although it might be difficult.

Your Sagittarius man may not care about you if he won’t make any adjustments for you.

When he is using you, you will more frequently than anybody else witness your Sagittarius man’s stubborn side. When it comes to even the smallest issues, he will not even try to think about other options, and he’ll decide what the two of you do every time.

This is due to the fact that a Sagittarius man is unconcerned about your enjoyment, and he is simply concerned with himself and his pleasure.

He isn’t interested

A Sagittarius man wants to know more about the person he is interested in.

He will enquire about her potential partner’s personal life or request her thoughts on particular issues that are important to him. Instead of asking you how you’re doing, a Sagittarius man probably won’t say anything to you until you’re no longer upset.

When a Sagittarius man is using you, he won’t be interested in learning more about you. He won’t think it’s worthwhile to waste his time getting to know you personally because what you have is only temporary.

A Sagittarius man won’t even attempt to hide his lack of interest in what you have to say. He just needs something from you, and if he gets it, he’ll probably ignore you again.

He avoids discussions

When he’s using you, your Sagittarius man will steer clear of any meaningful conversations regarding your relationship. Although he will generally let you know if he’s not ready to talk, he constantly does it even after a long time.

If a Sagittarius man is uncertain about what he wants, he’ll let you know that he is not ready to define your relationship.

A Sagittarius man won’t make an effort to communicate with you, and he will utterly disregard you if you try to talk to him about your feelings. Even if he isn’t using you, a Sagittarius man may occasionally pull away.

A Sagittarius man takes a long time to open up, but when he is using you, he won’t engage in any serious discussion about your relationship.

He is indifferent

Even though a Sagittarius man occasionally struggles with emotions, he usually cares about the feelings of the people he loves. If this sign is only using you, he won’t make an effort to care about what you are feeling.

When a Sagittarius man doesn’t care about you, he won’t care whether he offends you. When you express your displeasure to him, he does not change his behavior or pay attention.

It’s a warning sign if a Sagittarius man once cared about your feelings but is now indifferent. He will stop caring about your feelings once he loses interest in you, and he won’t even make an effort to act as he does.

If a Sagittarius man is using you and doesn’t care what you’re doing, he’ll be clearly bored and might even get up and leave.

A Sagittarius Man’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

A Sagittarius man, more than any other sign in the zodiac, has a strong desire for independence and space. Even though he can make an incredibly caring and devoted partner, he frequently dislikes being tied down and can quickly come to feel stuck in a committed relationship.

Even after multiple enjoyable dates with the same person, a Sagittarius man can be reluctant to call their relationship a thing.

As long as he remembers to show up, it will be enough for a Sagittarius man. Hence, it can be challenging to keep him engaged and concentrated on one subject at a time, and it doesn’t take much to cause him to veer off course and switch pursuits without much forewarning.

A Sagittarius man’s independence can make him unreliable in a committed relationship.

How To Keep A Sagittarius Man Interested

A clingy person causes a Sagittarius man to flee, as you can obviously imagine. Always keep in mind that this sign requires his freedom, so make sure to give him that if you want to keep him interested. Give a Sagittarius man his space to work independently and respect his freedom to do so.

If he’s on vacation or really busy, which he often is, he might not reply to your texts for a few days. Don’t respond by starting to text and phone your Sagittarius man nonstop. He’ll start to doubt your ability to handle it, at which point he’ll start to withdraw himself from you.

Trust your Sagittarius man, and don’t overwhelm him because he’ll give you plenty of love and attention in return.

5 signs a Sagittarius man is using you, final thoughts…

If a Sagittarius man is using you:

  • He hides you
  • He is stubborn
  • He isn’t interested
  • He avoids discussions
  • He is indifferent



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