How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Man?

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Man

Are you looking to spice things up with your Sagittarius man? In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to a Sagittarius man and sexually charge things up with him!

When talking dirty to a Sagittarius man you must keep it fun, light, and casual! Be upbeat and friendly. He loves casual flirting and teasing that involves banter; jokes that range from hilarious to corny to raunchy pickup lines that have sexual undertones work best.

Sagittarius men are the lively and free-spirited men of the zodiac, lovers of traveling great distances and exploring different kinds of flavors this life has to offer, you’ll never be bored of your Sagittarius man!

In terms of love and dating even in sex, they keep it casual unless both of you have consented to a committed relationship, he can be flighty and detached, his attention span is hard to catch that’s why talking dirty to him is a great way to keep him interested…

With that said here is how you can be able to fully talk dirty to a Sagittarius man when you’re with him or if you’re talking to him through text…

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How to turn on a Sagittarius man through dirty talk?

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Man?

Teasing and even arguing is a must way for keeping him aroused! Talking dirty to your Sagittarius man must be fun and upbeat at all times!

Do not try to be overtly romantic or clingy, being casual about it while keeping the freaky and lustful vibes in wins his heart in the long run…

When you’re talking dirty to a Sagittarius man you must be fun and aroused yourself, do not try to force the dirty talk.

Let it flow naturally throughout the conversation, the key is to see through his fluctuating energy levels to know when’s best to talk horny to him.

Because your Sagittarius man is a mutable fire sign, he can be extremely energetic and passionate at times but can be cold and detached the other day, his fluctuating energy levels mean his libido fluctuates too.

You must be careful in talking dirty to him, try to feel and see if it’s best to talk dirty to him at the moment if you see he is extremely fun and energetic at the moment, match his energy and be upbeat too…

Talk dirty to him by doing playful banter or arguing about things that could heat up the moment, argue about things that would piss him off.

During the duration of the arguing, you can try to sexually charge things up by doing something spontaneous like kissing him or undressing while arguing.

Be sly…when you see he is turned on, make him more lustful by playfully teasing him into things he’d do or you’d do in the bedroom, say things like “You know you can really use that anger for something else”.

You can also say things like “I like that you’re mad right now, gives me ideas.”

The key is to make sure the fun and spontaneity are there at the moment and surely he will love it and will be madly in love with you!

How to talk dirty to a Sagittarius man through text?

Playful and sexual jokes all the way

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Man?

When you’re talking dirty to your Sagittarius man, it is great to incorporate plenty of sexy and playful jokes, no matter how raunchy it may be, it is best to talk dirty to him by telling him jokes along the way.

Try doing teasing jokes, friendly flirting that anticipates him, or cringe pickup lines, the point is to keep his mind mentally stimulated…

Something like…

  • “I’ve been feeling OFF today, but now that I’m talking to you I’m turned ON!”
  • “You’re shirt has got to go! But, you can stay as long as your want…”
  • “Just so you know… My lips can’t kiss themselves.”
  • “I love my bed, but I’d rather be in yours…”
  • “Shall we test out how well our genes mix?”
  • “I don’t feel like going downtown tonight, but I might be convinced to go down on you…”

He’ll surely love it!

Sex puns all the way!

A joke exploiting different and spontaneous meanings is a great way to keep your Sagittarius man interested! With that said sex puns can range from raunchy to freaky, turn on your funny side with him.

It doesn’t matter as long as you make him laugh and lustful at the same time!

For example:

  • How do you get “Dick” from “Richard”? -You ask nicely!
  • I heard that your friend tried phone sex the other day, but the holes in the dialer were too small.
  • A guy got a blowjob from a blind girl the other day, she said, “You’ve got the biggest penis I’ve ever felt”! “Nah”, he says, “you’re just pulling my leg.”
  • What’s the difference between your dick and your jokes? Everybody laughs at your jokes. (This one includes a little innuendo about his member. You could replace “Everybody” with “Nobody” but you might offend him, but that’s also funny-tell your girlfriends that one.)

Challenge him

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Man?

Tease him with different sex positions and tell him that he might not keep up with you or entice him to make love to you in different places other than your bedroom! Challenge him in the text message to anticipate the actual thing that’s gonna happen to him!

This encourages him to get creative about where and how it would happen!

Keep it light and casual

When talking dirty to him keep a breeze of lightheartedness to the conversation, and do not try to get too overtly emotional or clingy, getting into the dark and serious aspects of life is not a good thing for a Sagittarius man especially when you’re talking dirty to him.

Keep it light, and be fun and casual when talking dirty to him, you must keep a friendly vibe to him when you’re talking dirty to him.

Explore your adventurous side with him

Don’t be afraid to tap into your adventurous and wild side! Ask him where he wants to do it and what place he’d try to do it, ask him to sneak into places where both of you would like to do it!

Be fun and adventurous, public sex is a great way to turn him on and as such messaging him things that will entice him to do it in public with you will make him crazy in no time!

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Send sexy photos

Be sexually suggestive when sending her pictures, and try on new lingerie or a pretty dress, the key is to sexually arouse him by showing him a visual image of you, it makes him extra wild and horny!

Don’t be shy and take pictures!

Send GIFs or emojis that have a sexual meaning

How To Talk Dirty To A Sagittarius Man?

Last but not least! Send him GIFs and emojis that turn up the heat in the conversation, sexually suggestive pics, or GIFs are a great tool to keep his inner demons at bay!

Sending Gifs or sexy emojis helps the dirty talking casual and fun for your Sagittarius man, he’ll be sure to keep the conversation going in no time.

You’ll surely keep him under your wraps in no time!

Talking dirty to a Sagittarius man, final thoughts

When you’re talking dirty to a Sagittarius man, be sure to keep the fun and excitement around, because this man craves new experiences and adventures. Because this sign loves new things and the bright side of exploration matches his energy…

Trying on new stuff with him in bed and talking dirty to him by showing him you are up for adventures makes your sex life more exciting! Be full of fiery passion! When talking dirty keep it fun and upbeat!

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