Dating a Sagittarius Man? 11 Things You Must Know

Dating a Sagittarius Man? 11 Things You Must Know

Brutally honest and competitive – it can be a little hard to deal with a Sagittarius man, but he is sweet and thoughtful, and you will definitely have the best time when you get the best version of your man. Here are things you need to know.

He is thoughtful, strong, and very honest. He is a hopeless romantic and definitely likes to go out. When dating him, love passionately and have very thick skin because he will be frank in telling you the truth. You should also be honest in return. Do not play the victim and do not outsmart and underestimate him.

Sounds good? Well, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s take a look at what your Sagittarius man is all about…

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About your Sagittarius Man

He is thoughtful

Dating a Sagittarius Man? 11 Things You Must Know

Your Sagittarius man is a very loving man, and he is the type to get out of his way to take you to lunch. When I tell you this man loves to wow and impress you, he loves to wow and impress you! He will always have something up his sleeves to make you smile.

He is very thoughtful and would remember every detail of the thing you like. And when he has the money, he will definitely get it for you.

However, he expects something in return. He will expect that you will brag about him to your friends and would want to hear “My man is so good! My man did this and that.” Stuff like that. He likes to brag, especially when it comes to his friends and family.

He wants to be labeled as “the man”. You have to stroke his ego a little bit because you know he worked hard for it.

He is strong

Your Sagittarius man has this vibe of being the alpha male. He is dependable, and he wants you to call him if anything gets wrong. If you get stuck on a road somewhere, he is definitely the man to call. He will protect you and will make sure that you are in good condition. As a matter of fact, he takes pride in it.

However, he can come off as a little bit egotistical and cocky because he knows that he is the man. And a lot of women love that about him. He is going to be there for you, especially when you have passed all of his tests. He will do everything to keep you.

On the flip side, there will be a lot of other people who will want his attention.

He is a hopeless romantic

A lot of women (and men, of course!) will notice your Sagittarius man because of his very masculine demeanor. But what he really wants is a long-term relationship with somebody he loves. He is not perfect, but he is generous. He will totally go out of his way to do things for you.

However, if you make him mad, he will cut you off! When he does so, it will not be easy to get him back to his good side. If he’s done, he is totally done. Everything he has done for you – chivalry and all will be gone. It will be done! So, my advice, do not to say certain triggering things to him.

He is very honest

Dating a Sagittarius Man? 11 Things You Must Know

One characteristic of your Sagittarius man that stands out is that he is very honest. He speaks whatever it is that is on his mind. He is very upfront and will tell you what he wants. He can come off as rude especially when he tells you the truth.

He will tell you exactly what he feels. That is why when he compliments you, know that this is the truth.

Know that whatever comes out of his mouth is always coming from a good place because when he is talking to someone who can be a potential partner, he does not like to lead you on. He will be too honest not to tell you what he feels.

However, he can be very critical, especially about how you look. He wants somebody who is very responsible for her looks. Know that you will be a representation of him. So, you need to look good.

He loves to go out

Your Sagittarius man is a very opinionated man, and so he will always have a lot to say. He would not mind talking to people he just met. He likes to be out and about and do things that excite him.

He can also be a little workaholic. He does not mind working additional late hours if that means he can get closer to his goal. However, he can be cranky because he is not the most patient person. So, do not push him if you know that he is already close to the edge.

What are your chances with your Sagittarius man?

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6 Things to Do When Dating a Sagittarius Man

Love passionately

Dating a Sagittarius Man? 11 Things You Must Know

Know that if a Sagittarius man is going to do something, he will be doing it big! And so, he expects his partner to do the same. If you are going to show him affection, you will need to express your emotions with very high intensity. However, you cannot lie about what you really feel because he will know.

The only downside to this is that he can get over someone really quickly. This is most especially when this is someone who gets easily bored. He will not even hesitate to find someone new that will excite him.

Have a thick skin

As mentioned, your Sagittarius man is very honest when it comes to something that is on his mind. He will be very blunt with what he wants to say. He will be very direct and will not sugarcoat anything. It does not matter whether it will hurt you or not.

He will deliver it in a very harsh way. He will not be the type to baby you and say the truth to you gently.

Be honest

If you want the relationship to keep going and thriving, you need to offer the same honesty as your Sagittarius man is giving you.

You should not be afraid to confront him in the most honest way. You should not be afraid of facing reality because your Sagittarius man will definitely not. You should always be open with what you feel.

Do not play the victim

Dating a Sagittarius Man? 11 Things You Must Know

Your Sagittarius man wants someone who is independent enough to stand up for herself or himself. He does not like it when his partner looks and feels weak because he wants someone strong as him. He is someone who likes to have fun too and is confident himself.

So, he does not like to see you victimize yourself.

It actually annoys him. I mean he can be compassionate about what you feel but know that if you do not take the responsibility, he will definitely leave you alone. He wants to play in a team. And he wants to definitely win as a team.

Do not outsmart him

Your Sagittarius man is very savvy, and if you think that you can outsmart him, no, you can’t. He knows how to spot whether you are trying to do so or not because he has played it himself. And if he did, you will get burned because he will definitely try his best to outsmart you and get ahead of the game.

Do not underestimate him

Dating a Sagittarius Man? 11 Things You Must Know

If you have not noticed already, your Sagittarius man is definitely full of surprises, and there is nothing that he cannot conquer. He will make a way out of no way. You will be pleasantly surprised by how creative he is in solving problems.

He also wants someone who can do the same. However, you do not want to push to show you how far you can go.

More details about dating a Sagittarius man

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Dating a Sagittarius man, the final word…

What’s it like to have a Sagittarius man as a partner:

  • He is thoughtful
  • He is strong
  • He is a hopeless romantic
  • He is very honest
  • He loves to go out

What to do when dating a Sagittarius man:

  • Love passionately
  • Have a thick skin
  • Be honest
  • Do not play the victim
  • Do not outsmart him
  • Do not underestimate him

Stay in love!



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