Does A Sagittarius Man Cheat?

Are you worried that your Sagittarius man might be cheating on you? Take a deep breath and relax…in this article we’re going to show you all the information you need to know! Does a Sagittarius man cheat? If yes? Why? And what are the signs to look out for that your Sagittarius man is committing infidelity against you!

Yes, a Sagittarius man will cheat on you because he’s easily bored and wants the thrill of a new relationship, he also has an extremely high sex drive that must be tamed! He can be extremely indecisive and wants all the fun to himself, in short, he’s not capable of being in a monogamous relationship.

The Sagittarius man is the wild and adventurous loving sign of the zodiac, extremely fond of higher studies, philosophy, and travel, this sign loves the idea of expansion, he is at his best self when he can fully express his being and soul, this man can be a hippie, the one who travels and chills with everyone…

With that said, the energy a Sagittarius man brings to the table is fiery and chaotic, but his light inspires, ruled by Jupiter he is a wonderful teacher and helper, and he is wise and extremely easy-going…

In terms of love, especially to the ones he’s genuinely committed to, he can be sort of a friendly partner, a lover that is highly passionate and sexual in bed but treats you like a companion in life, he is like your friend, but his love can show in a myriad of ways, his intensity is fluctuating so he can be spirited now then detached the next.

This Sagittarius man is considered one of the most sexually charged signs of the zodiac, his fire element accompanied by the energy of Jupiter makes him highly expansive, and in terms of his sexual endeavors he can be hard to pin down, this can give him troubling settling in a committed relationship.

There can be several ways why your Sagittarius man would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Sagittarius man cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if she’s betraying you behind your back!

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Let’s dig deeper!

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Are Sagittarius Men More Likely to Cheat?

Yes, unfortunately, the traits of a Sagittarius man make him more likely to cheat, his indecisiveness accompanied by his detachment makes it for him to emotionally connect to his partner, alongside his need for new things makes him more likely to try out sexual relationships outside of the committed one

Sagittarius men are hard to be tamed, they are like wild horses in a field, you can’t catch them and it is dangerous as you might be stomped down, because of their wildfire nature, they’re not the romantic types who would settle down and get mushy gushy on their partners.

Instead, they’re the idealists, they love the idea of being loved, they love the pleasure romance and she brings in and they are open to more experiences surrounding that, they’re not the kinds of men who would give a damn about what others think, a Sagittarius man lives life for himself and he lives life being open to a lot of different sexual experiences.

With that said, a Sagittarius man cheating is no surprise, him cheating on his spouse or girlfriend is a direct result of his selfishness, he only thinks about himself and living a fun life, there would even be times that he’d rethink why he went into the relationship in the first place.

Remember that this sign is mutable fire and he can be extremely indecisive about things, this man is a known heartbreaker because of that, he doesn’t do well-deciding things and his chaotic mind needs stimulation and always risks the relationship.

If you are struggling with a relationship with a Sagittarius man it is best to not brush it off and talk out your feelings to him, be blunt as possible, if you’re feeling he might be sneaky and is doing it behind your back, trust your gut, your intuition tells you something logic doesn’t know and go with the flow.

Always remember that it is not your duty to fix the Sagittarius man cheating nor fix the crumbling relationship, a good healthy long-lasting relationship starts when both people work hard in making sure the other parties’ needs are met. With that said, a cheating Sagittarius man is hard to comprehend and it is best to leave him before it all gets worse.

With all of that in mind, the Sagittarius man will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has fellow fire placements (Leo and Aries) and Air placements (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini).

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Why Do Sagittarius Men Cheat?

The Sagittarius man cheats because it is not on his mind to really “settle” with you, he’s still trying out different flavors of life and is being selfish in doing so, there’s no deep and definitive answer as to why he’s cheating, the simple answer is that he’s indecisive and selfish, he puts his thrill-seeking experiences as utmost importance than the relationship itself.

The Sagittarius man cheats because he wants to, he is selfish and he wants to live a life full of adventure even in his sexual escapades, he still manages to experience the wildest flings ever, this man doesn’t do well in settling down, he thrives in the social setting where parties, friends with benefits culture and flings are highly popular.

Alongside that, his detached and unemotional nature can be quite terrifying, he wouldn’t care if he splits up with his partner, one of his shadow sides can be him being quite out of touch with the reality and his emotions, it is best that he truly grounds himself and control his inner temptations if he wants to settle with his partner.

How to Find out if your Sagittarius man is Cheating on you?

These are some of the signs to look out for when you feel that your Sagittarius man is cheating on you, here are some of the signs that your Sagittarius man is cheating on you or is planning on replacing you.

Always remember that once you’ve felt something is wrong, whether it’s a gut feeling or a hunch go for it and do the investigation! If his schedule at work seems sketchy or if you’ve noticed weird patterns he’s doing, it is best to not shrug it off and see it from there.

You have to realize the power of the sixth sense, you have it, you are powerful enough to detect energies that are far beyond the understanding of human logic, your intuition guides you in your everyday life and if you feel you are being cheated on, it is a good sign to start being aware of your surroundings.

With that said, you need to look out for his weird body language that tells you he’s cheating on you, he’s incredibly hard to pin down, and he can be also good at lying, with that in mind, always look out for fidgety and secretive behavior, if he hides his things with you such as his phone or any of his gadgets, he is most likely cheating on you!

Check out his body language towards you, is he still in love with you? Does he compliment you and is the romantic towards you? Does he flirt and does playful banter towards you? A committed Sagittarius man puts all his attention on his partner. 

However, a cheating Sagittarius man is incredibly cold and unresponsive towards you, he will not engage or initiate any playful banter or flirtation that could lead to sex, he is detached and you can see it in his body language and the energy he puts off…

He will also spend less and less time with you because this man is looking for thrill and fun, he might see you as a bore already, he will most certainly be more engaged with other people than you, he might be going to parties with his friends without your notice or he’ll schedule hangouts with his friends or family without you knowing.

This disrespectful attitude shouldn’t be tolerated and once you’ve found out he’s been doing it, confront him!

Overall, if the relationship feels draining and one-sided and it lacks sexual energy and the signs said are present, it could be highly indicative of her cheating on you and you need to move on, remember to stay away from the toxic woman as it will only destroy you in the end!

This only means that he is a liar and a cheater and he doesn’t deserve any of your love and attention, it also means that both of you aren’t compatible with each other because he finds you boring, a loving Sagittarius man will never be bored of the relationship which is why he wanted to settle, to begin with.

With that in mind…will you still keep his heart or not?

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Sagittarius man’s cheating heart? 

The greatest thing that you can do to slap him in the face is the better version of yourself, be the most authentic one, the one who knows how to have fun without anyone, the one who is successful in life, only then he will realize how great his loss is.

And instead of keeping him, move on with your life but at the same time do not repress the pain that the relationship has brought you, be open and receptive to love and healing, and most importantly do not be closed off, instead be open to new relationships that can be potentially long-lasting and healthy!

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