What Happens When You Ignore A Sagittarius Man?

Almost everyone knows how brutally honest a Sagittarius man is, and this is because of his fiery nature. You do not want to get this man mad because you will not like it. If you have had a misunderstanding, you might want to talk with him because here’s what happens when you ignore a Sagittarius man.

When you ignore a Sagittarius man, he will abandon the ignoring. It’s either he will not notice or will get annoyed with you. He will not like the mind game and will ignore you back. He will move on from you and find someone else, and the worst part, he may reject you permanently and may abandon you.

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That said, before we delve into what he’s like when you ignore him, let’s first review his weaknesses and his behavior when mad.

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Sagittarius Man’s Weaknesses

If you have been with a Sagittarius man all your life, you will know how competitive he is. He is a high achiever that has big dreams of achieving the highest possible grades he can get.

Although this shows signs of success, this can sometimes get into the head of your Sagittarius man. He overthinks a lot and gets anxious about the littlest things. He is always overanalyzing situations and coming up with alternative explanations to make everything make sense.

He scrutinizes things about himself and others. Yes, it can be healthy to some degree, but a Sagittarius man can easily take this to a whole new level.

He is a little bit of a narcissist and looks down on people especially if he feels that he is better, and superior compared to them. He looks down on people that have hobbies that contain lesser brain work than his.

With this being said, we can all agree that a Sagittarius man can be a little rude when it comes to conversing with people. He does not see the point of beating around the bush. If he wants to say something, he is going to say it directly to your face.

He does not care about (and isn’t sensitive to) other people’s feelings.

When A Sagittarius Man Is Mad…

The thing about your Sagittarius man is that he is not afraid to show to the world that he is mad. When he is mad, you will know.

The first thing that he does when he gets mad is that he gets a little ruthless when it comes to his words. Sometimes he gets blinded by his anger and says things that he does not totally mean. And the thing about him is that he does not care if you get hurt or not.

Another thing to notice when a Sagittarius man is mad at you is that he will give you hints that he is mad. He knows the power of his words, but there are tendencies that he is going to bottle up his feelings and avoid confrontation.

So, he can ignore you and give you the silent treatment. He can also criticize you for the littlest things that you do which can be quite annoying if you ask me.

Your Sagittarius man is a fire sign, and you can only put out a flame when let it go on. You can’t put out a fire without a fire. This means that he cannot always ball up his feelings.

He needs to express his anger when he is mad, and he will not hold back when he is. So, he will confront you when he’s mad.

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When You Ignore A Sagittarius Man…

He will abandon the ignoring

We have mentioned earlier how smart a Sagittarius man can be. This means that he thinks with logic and reason. We also know how straightforward he is and how he wants to be honest all the time.

So, if you are trying to give him the cold shoulder, there are tendencies that he will not notice it or just get annoyed at you for doing so.

He appreciates it if you tell him what is wrong right away and without any hesitations, because you just ignore him the way that you do, he thinks that everything is perfect and there’s nothing wrong.

This is again because of how logical he is. If there is no problem, there is nothing to fix. It’s as simple as that. So, the best thing to do is just tell him the problem.

He does not like the mind game

If you have just been talking to this Sagittarius man, and you are attempting to make him chase you by ignoring him, think about your decision over and over. Your Sagittarius man does not like to play mind games, and he has no time for women who are playing the role of a mouse in a cat-and-mouse game.

If you ignore him, he will interpret it as you are not interested in him anymore. And if you do not know what will happen next, he will move on from you. Really, there really is no need for you to attempt to entice him by giving him the silent treatment.

He moves on

As mentioned in the previous point, when you start to ignore a Sagittarius man, he is going to move on from whatever it is that you have with him. He is going to withdraw himself from this sticky situation.

You need to remember that he is a leader and a very adventurous one. If you expect him to just sit around and wait for you, think again. He will never do that.

So, if he feels like there is no hope in the relationship anymore just because you are giving him the cold shoulder, he is going to want to find the next person he wants to be with.

He is going to look for that person that will match his energy. And in time, somehow, you might regret your decision.

He will ignore you back

Your Sagittarius man knows exactly what he deserves, and he knows that he does not deserve to be ignored the way you do to him. Now, with people, he gives back what people give him.

Once he starts to notice that you are giving him the cold shoulder, he will reciprocate. He is going to do the same to you.

It is important that you know how to deal with problems with a Sagittarius man because right off the bat, this whole game does not work. Of course, he will only allow things to be fixed with you if he is in love with you, or if he likes you at least.

He will reject you permanently

Again, your Sagittarius man does not lie beating around the bush. He prefers honesty – brutal honesty. And if he finds out that you have included him in your little games and experiment, he might permanently kick you out of his life.

No matter how much effort it takes to win him back, he is not going to let you into his life anymore.

However, if he finds out a good reason why you are doing this, he can become more understanding. So, you need to be brave to step out and stand up for yourself. Be honest with what you feel about him.

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What happens when you ignore a Sagittarius man, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Sagittarius man:

  • He will abandon the ignoring
  • He does not like the mind game
  • He moves on
  • He will ignore you back
  • He will reject you permanently



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