How To Win A Sagittarius Man’s Heart? (7 Tips)

How To Win A Sagittarius Man’s Heart? (7 Tips)

Winning the heart of a Sagittarius man is easy if you follow it right, In this article, we’re going to show you how to win over a Sagittarius man’s heart and make him fall hard for you long-lasting!

In order to win a Sagittarius man’s heart, you must show him that you are a great companion in life, be a fun explorer and adventurer of all sorts of things, be experimental and open-minded, give him freedom and space as much as you give love and affection to him, you must also be passionate and match his energy freely.

The Sagittarius man is the wild and adventurous type of the zodiac, extremely profound and open-minded, he is the type of guy who would be fun and lively, almost carefree to the point that some people might not take him seriously, nevertheless, he is extremely blunt and straight-forward.

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at what makes a Scorpio man special… then, we can review the ways to win his heart!

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What makes a Sagittarius Man so special?

How To Win A Sagittarius Man’s Heart? (7 Tips)

This applies also to men with heavy Sagittarius/Jupiter placements in their birth chart, to fully know the aspects of his personality, you must determine his exact birth date, birth time, and location of birth to get an accurate description of his Birth chart.

Let’s jump right in!

The Sagittarius man demands freedom and experiencing life to the fullest, he is an idealist, no matter how vague or impossible it is, he is always looking at the bigger picture, like a man traveling from his camel reaching out to get the brightest star ahead of him, he is optimistic and this garners him enough positive energy to be lucky – that is what makes him special.

Because he is idealistic, he’ll be deeply philosophical, despite the stereotypes of being a party-goer or the funny guy, this man is extremely intelligent and wise beyond his years, he understands people and understands that we’re all different and we have different experiences worth sharing.

His love for adventures and travel also knows no bounds, Sagittarius is a sign of foreign travels, philosophy, and higher learning, he lives and thrives well if he is unconstrained like a wild horse running in the field, the fire of this sign is uncontrollable, passionate and lovely.

Ruled by Jupiter and is a mutable sign, this man exhibits jolly and optimistic energy throughout, he’s not the bummer type, you will be energized by his warm and wonderful aura! This along with his friendly and carefree demeanor makes him popular and likable among his peers.

In terms of love and relationship, this man is considered to be one of the zodiac signs who do not dwell much on romance and emotions, he’ll be more of a fun friend and companion when you get into a relationship with him.

This is pure because he tends to run away from his emotions rather than deal with them, however, he can express his love in a lot of passionate ways that are unique to him, this is another thing that makes him so special and loveable – you might never know what’s really up to him.

Overall, the Sagittarius man is a great conversationalist, friendly, kind-hearted, optimistic, a lover of freedom, hilarious, fair-minded, honest, and intellectual.

He is spontaneous and fun in life and his romantic relationships, aside from that he is gifted by the good graces of Jupiter which makes him lucky and abundant in life!

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7 Ways to win your Sagittarius Man’s Heart?

Be non-judgemental and open-minded

How To Win A Sagittarius Man’s Heart? (7 Tips)

First and foremost, you must show him that you are receptive to receiving new information and ideas, no matter how different they may be from your opinions or beliefs, being open-minded shows him that you can think critically and logically without letting your emotions carry you.

Learn new information every day and share it with him, read books and magazines, be informative, and be friendly to people with different backgrounds, by showing these wonderful traits you are excluding yourself from the people he might ghost later.

Be the fun he needs!

When you’re dealing with him, be the fun instead of spoiling the fun, be spontaneous and reactive, because this is an energetic fire sign you must show him that you’re also up to new travels, experiences, and conversations.

Always keep friendly and wonderful energy when you’re around him, this makes him more comfortable with you and in return, he’ll be more open and trust you.

Do a fun activity together!

When you’re with him always suggest fun and meaningful activities to do with him, either a great conversation about philosophy, politics, or life or anything fun like dancing, watching an iconic film, or going on road trips!

When you do these be sure to still be independent and not be clingy to him, bringing the heat and challenging him with playful banters will surely make him fall for you like no other!

Share your creative pursuits

How To Win A Sagittarius Man’s Heart? (7 Tips)

Be engaged with him and show him your hobbies, this makes him more interested because he loves to try and learn new things and experiences, showing your differences to him doesn’t turn him on, it makes him more engaged with you because he knows you’re real and raw!

Go on trips and adventures with him

This is the peak of the list! Plan a nice and wonderful adventure with him, it doesn’t matter where, even if it’s a museum, a park, a nice forest, a river, or a beach, planning a close duo trip with him will make him fall for you like no other!

Giving him adventures while offering him companionship will be a sure double win for a Sagittarius man!

Express your desire through sexually suggestive messages

Be fun and dynamic when pursuing him, this man is heavily attracted to a woman who knows how to have a good time and knows how to flirt, dress sexy, be sexy, and act sexy.

Try to seduce him in those little moments you’re with him, seductive eye contact and lots of touching is a must, don’t make it seem like you’re seducing him, instead carry this light and child-like innocence when doing it.

Joke around and incorporate plenty of smiles, by doing these you’ll surely make him fall for you like no other!

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Give him enough time and space, do not contain him.

How To Win A Sagittarius Man’s Heart? (7 Tips)

Understand his personality and be patient even when he seems distant and flighty, be loving by showing you understand and you give him enough space for alone time.

When doing so, be sure to be as caring as you are, always be kind to him, and have your own life too instead of focusing too much on him, he’ll come back in no time and when he does, you’ll surely have his heart over your pocket!

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Win a Sagittarius man’s freedom-loving, assertive, and magnificent heart, final thoughts…

Applying the things mentioned above to win over the heart of your Sagittarius man is a surefire way to keep the relationship fun, healthy and happy, lastly, remember that this applies to men with the sun in Sagittarius or who have plenty of heavy Sagittarius placements in their birth chart!

The Sagittarius man is an explorer of love, he’ll have plenty of potential partners lingering around him, the key here is to show him that you will not coerce him or constrain him when you are in a relationship with him, instead be his No. 2 in all of his travels and socializing.

By doing these you’ll surely win over his heart like no woman ever did. For more info about the other zodiac signs click the link down below!



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