Where does a Cancer Woman like to be touched?

Do you wish to know your Cancer woman’s erogenous zones? Do you want to pleasure her as no other man could in her lifetime? Do you wanna know where the pleasure spots in her body reside? Do you want to know where it could be?

If so how would you touch it? By simply fondling it? Caressing it or massaging it?

Worry no more because in this article we are going to talk about how to caress, touch and massage your Cancer woman as well as know where her pleasure spots lie!

What are a Cancer woman’s ruling spots and what are the tips and tricks you can do to make your Cancer man pleasured, relaxed, and instantly comfortable in the bedroom?

Let’s jump right in!

Your Cancer woman is delicate with her personality and physical body being soft and tender overall, specifically, Cancer rules the breasts! This is where her pure arousal lies! You can try fondling her breasts, touching them, or even giving them a gentle massage.

This part of her body is extremely sensitive and even mere touching can cause sensations of excitement and arousal! You can even go as far as touching her nipples as it will incredibly arouse her and make her feel relaxed!

Cancer Women are the emotional, delicate, intuitive, moody, nurturing, affectionate, caring, and observant sign of the zodiac wheel! Cancer season is at the height of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere from June 21 to July 22.

If your girlfriend or wife falls under any of the dates given then she is a certified intuitive and emotional Cancerian! 

Cancerian Women are driven by motivations of security seeking and stability, they are overruled by their emotions so they can act on emotions rather than logic. Although this does not technically mean that Cancerian women are impulsive or rash.

They simply use their intuition and gut instinct in making decisions and 99.9% of it leads them to the right path!

Cancer women are intuitive and emotional and they may be seen as shy or reserved by nature. This is far from the truth, however! The dullness of how you first meet them deeply opposes the fun and interesting side of them once you get to know them well!

This water sign is incredibly responsible, ambitious, loyal, and devoted!

Cancer women seek to create a wonderful life of their own and are known to be good mothers!

They can even be the motherly figure in their friend group because they are protective, affectionate, and loving Cancer is ruled by the Moon which has its ties to motherhood, femininity, going back to your ancestral roots, and nostalgia.

In romantic relationships, your Cancer woman can be a clingy and attached partner. Often wanting physical touch as a form of positive love language. She can be quite possessive and jealous especially if she feels that someone is interested in you!

She feels vibes and she automatically retreats to her hard shell once things do not go in her way!

We have barely just scratched the surface of what makes your Cancer woman, we’ve given you beginner knowledge of her personality! Now let’s dig deep more into where does your Cancer woman want to be touched during foreplay?

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Where does a Cancer Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Cancer woman likes to be touched and caressed! That’s already a win for you because she will be susceptible to your seduction! A Cancer woman’s preferred love language is physical touch so it will not be so hard for you to delve in and explore her body!

Cancer women are particularly fond of being submissive in and out of the bedroom so pushing her buttons won’t be as hard. Cancer is a water sign ruled by Moon.

Cancer rules the breasts and stomach, particularly the breasts has a deep connection to a Cancer woman’s femininity. Breasts are incredibly feminine body part — it nourishes the babe, accentuates a woman’s beauty and femininity, and for the most part, it is what sexually attracts men to women.

With that said a Cancer woman’s sexuality is deeply tied to her breasts, whether you are touching, caressing, fondling, or even massaging this delicate part of her it becomes innate that during foreplay this is where you should center your time and attention to if you want to give her pleasure!

The breasts can be an incredibly sensitive and arousing area to touch and explore. Cancer women may be reserved or shy but they will not shy away from their sexuality to someone they truly love and cherish being with!

We wouldn’t even be surprised if your Cancer woman’s nipple plays during or after foreplay!  

Your Cancer woman likes to be touched and caressed most in her breast area. it is the most erogenous zone in her body followed by her stomach. When you are touching or caressing her breast area you can try to playfully turn her on by rubbing it back and forth while simultaneously stimulating her nipples.

You can even try doing a sensual massage on it with some oils. This will immensely turn on your Cancer woman!

Alongside that being a known fact that Cancer rules breasts your Cancer woman can have an incredibly gifted one in the first place! This makes your Cancer woman’s breasts bigger and rounder!

When you are massaging these areas you must be tender and not put too much pressure as this area can be a delicate part. Ask her what amount of pressure feels good and go along with it!

When massaging her be sure to make your hands clean, start by rubbing small amounts of scented oil into your hands, after that, you can start fondling her breast area, be slow and sensual, and initiate eye contact!

Sink your hands softly into her chest and start rubbing it carefully, caress it with gentle love, and appreciate her beauty, you can even start kissing her on her lips or forehead. Remember the more intimate it is the more appreciated and loved it will be!

You can massage her breast area if you are looking for more intimate experiences in the bedroom or if you want to seduce her. If you are merely touching her just to comfort her and alleviate her stress levels you can go for touching her stomach area or scalp area which can be stiff whenever she’s anxious or stressed.

You can also try massaging her forehead to help her soothe herself and stop herself from overthinking, Overall your Cancer woman likes to be touched particularly in her breast area. You can also massage and touch her stomach areas, scalp, and forehead for maximum relaxation.

Quick Overview: Cancer Woman’s Erogenous Zones!

1. Massage her breasts

The first and foremost part of her body which you should pay your most attention to – is her breasts. Whenever you are trying to seduce her you can start by kissing her and then slowly undressing her clothes, particularly her upper clothes.

When she’s bare and vulnerable you can then begin to caress her breasts which she will feel delighted and loved at.

When she’s now naked, you can try to gently lay her down the surface as you work your way towards her breasts, massage her breasts tenderly using your palm for gentle pressure.

When you massage and caress her breasts you are bringing an immense amount of sensations in these areas and in turn, this makes her aroused and in love with you!

When you massage her breasts be sure to give full attention to the entirety of the breasts. Cup her breasts and with your hands wrap them all around the area and put pressure slowly, Always remember that everything can go wrong when massaging her breast as it is a sensitive area.

This is why it is important to start the massaging gently and increase the pressure based on her responses to what she feels best. If she starts moaning or breathing heavily and you can see the satisfaction in her eyes then you are doing the right thing…

2. Play with her nipples

Her breasts can be the most sensitive part of her body but her breast can never compare to her nipples when it comes to giving an insane amount of sensations in her body!

When you’re rubbing and massaging her breasts you can go along the way by playfully teasing her nipples by touching them profusely! You can even try to lick it as it will make her aroused!

Her nipples are extra sensitive and may be the center point of the breast which means the more emphasis you put on her nipples the double the sensations she will feel!

The sensation from the nipples travels through the vagina, clitoris, and cervix which may explain why your Cancer woman may be more engaged with you when you do this!

3. Massage his scalp

When you massage her scalp you are trying to alleviate any stress or pain in her mind. This can be incredibly helpful if you want to make her feel relaxed instead of aroused.

Her scalp might not be the most erogenous zone in her body but massaging it thoroughly either with your fingertips or a comb can be especially helpful in maintaining balance in her mind.

You can start by laying her down in bed as you gently rub your fingertips through her hair. You can even use a comb to soothe and relax her and brush her hair softly. When you massage your Cancer woman’s scalp you are helping her get rid of stress and anxiety from the day. 

4. Touch her stomach

The stomach is another delicate part and another erogenous zone of your Cancer woman! Whenever you are just initiating a comforting bond with her you can try to rub her stomach as you playfully talk to her.

Touching and caressing her stomach can be a good form of bond between you and your Cancer woman! This helps her ease her anxiety towards you and get her to open up with you more!

Just like how she likes being touched on her breasts. Touching her by the stomach can be a pleasurable and relaxing one! Just be sure to try to reduce the friction by lubing up your hands before rubbing and caressing this area as the stomach’s skin can be particularly dry.

5. Massage her stomach

Your Cancer woman is the most emotional sign! This means that her gut can be incredibly sensitive and she can have digestive problems due to her being emotional. With that said abdominal massages are a great way to make her comfortable and relaxed.

Massaging her stomach is just as easy as massaging her breasts. Start putting circular motions on the sides of her stomach using the palm of your hands or your fingertips.

Rub it in a circular motion to her upper stomach down to her pelvis. Doing a stomach massage on your Cancer lady will help her get rid of constipation due to stress and anxiety and can help lessen the pain she feels from menstrual cramps.

Touching a Cancer Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Cancer woman is ruled by the moon and the moon has a cycle. This means that she can be moody and exhibit a hot and cold attitude. Understand her and you can even use this knowledge to particularly soothe her and help her feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Your Cancer Woman is overall loving, motherly, touchy, affectionate, helpful and a romantic individual who indeed loves touching as a form of physical bond in the relationship! Touching, caressing, fondling, and massaging her in her pleasure spots are good ways you can truly bond with her!

Overall, the most sensitive areas of your Cancer woman that you can utilize to make him feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • Her breasts
  • Her nipples
  • Her scalp
  • Her stomach

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