7 Things A Cancer Woman Does When She Likes You

Your Cancer woman is known to be a shy person, and when she does not express herself verbally that much, it can be a little hard to know whether she likes you or not.

She is also known to be a very caring and nurturing person, and this makes it harder to know whether she has feelings. To clear everything up, here are some things that a Cancer woman does when she likes you.

When a Cancer woman likes you, she becomes even more feminine than she already is.

She charms you through her looks and personality. She also becomes possessive. She becomes very sympathetic towards you. She shows her vulnerable side because she wants you to protect her. She also talks a lot and takes care of you.

If you want to know more about how a Cancer woman acts when he likes you, you need to read the rest of the article. More exciting things are below, so read on!

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When A Cancer Woman Respects You…

Respect is not that hard to gain from a Cancer woman because she is known to be sympathetic and sensitive. Of course, when she likes you, she respects you. There are a lot of ways that a Cancer woman can show respect.

The most obvious man is that she is going to be very nurturing. She is going to ask you if you have eaten yet or how you like your coffee in the morning. She will do things that will make your life a whole lot easier.

And if you take the lead, she will definitely make you feel that you are the man of the house because she likes seeing that from you.

7 Things A Cancer Woman Does When She Likes You

She becomes super feminine

It is in your Cancer woman’s nature to be feminine and act with grace. However, when she likes you, she is going to accentuate that more. She is a very attractive female, and it shows.

Your Cancer woman can be an epitome of a lady, and when she likes you, she will start showing the delicate side of her.

You will notice how your Cancer woman dresses a little more feminine now. She is sitting in a different position compared to the first time you met her. She spends a little more time on her make-up.

She is going to cook for you to show her that she can be a wife. Her posture changed, and just her overall vibe.

She charms you

It is not a hard task for a Cancer woman to charm people. She is naturally charming and nice. However, if she likes you, she is going to be charming you in every way you can think of. She can charm you intellectually, physically, and maybe spiritually.

She can charm you with her beauty, her personality, or maybe the way she carries herself.

And the thing you can do when she does this is to grasp it because it is going to come out pretty strong. Remember that she is a feminine being, and she needs someone who is very masculine to balance out that femininity in her.

You need to show her that you can man up and be his protector and that you are someone willing to fight for her.

She becomes possessive

When she feels like you are a potential partner, you will feel it because she gets a little protective and possessive about you. She wants you to realize that you only belong to her and that she belongs to you.

She can sense if a girl is flirting with you even from a mile away, and she is going to do everything in his power to keep that girl away from you.

Let’s say you have a friend that is a girl with whom you are absolutely close. When you tell her that you are about to spend time with this lady, she is going to ask a lot of questions. She is going to be inquisitive and will investigate the heck out of you.

If she picks on even the smallest thing that a chick is into you, be ready with your answers because you don’t want her upset.

She becomes very sympathetic

Again, it is already in your Cancer man’s nature to be sympathetic. I mean that’s something that she is good at – practicing sympathy. In fact, she is most known for this trait.

And I mean everyone can come up to you and play the sympathetic roles, but a Cancer woman does it very differently. When she is into you, she is going to feel you, and by feel, I mean, she is going to be connected to you that she’ll feel whatever it is that you are feeling.

This is not surprising because of how highly intuitive your Cancer woman is, and out of all the people in the zodiac, she is the most sensitive. She is the most sensitive in the sense that she feels everyone’s emotions around her.

And if she likes you, she is going to pay attention to your emotions. She is going to be all ears when you are trying to tell her your problems. She is going to pick up on every single aspect of you.

She wants you to protect her

When you first met your Cancer woman, you might have described her as strong and independent. She might be giving off the vibe of someone who can boss everybody around.

However, if she gets to know you and realizes that she likes you, that is going to flip like a switch. The strong and independent woman you have met suddenly became the damsel in distress who needs saving.

This does not necessarily mean that she has gotten weak. This just means that she is slowly but surely opening up to you. This is her way of letting you take the lead and show her how manly you can be.

She’s still a badass and a strong woman though, and when you show her what you can do, she will surely reward you.

She talks a lot

Your Cancer woman is not the type to greet every stranger she meets. She is usually the shy and reserved type, and she does not feel comfortable talking to a lot of people at a party. She does not socialize when she does not have to, and she usually just talks with people inside her circle.

However, when a Cancer woman is feeling you, she is going to have endless conversations with you. She will constantly want to talk through chatting or texting. You need to prepare yourself with a lot of topics to discuss with your Cancer woman.

She takes care of you

Aside from being the most sensitive, your Cancer woman is also known to be the most nurturing. She is like a mother who cares for everyone she considers close. She likes to take care of people by cooking for them, taking care of them when they are sick, and looking after them.

When a Cancer woman likes you, you will be lucky enough to feel that nurturing from her. If she finds out that you have not yet eaten anything, – she is going to feed you. If she feels that you have a problem, she is going to be a shoulder to cry on.

Not only that, but she will also express sympathy. It is like she’s a mother nurturing her child.

What To Do When A Cancer Woman Likes You

Your Cancer woman is one of the most feminine signs in the zodiac, and she is looking for a partner that could balance her femininity. So, what you need to do is show off your masculine side.

Let her know that you can be her protector and lover all at the same time. You also need to constantly reassure her that you are only hers and that she is yours because she can get a little possessive at times.

You need to learn to be sympathetic as well so you can feel connected to her. You also need to have a lot of conversations with her so that she will not get bored talking to you because if she likes you, she is going to talk a lot.

Lastly, make her feel that you can also take care of her like the way she takes care of you.

Things that a Cancer woman does when she likes you, final thoughts…

When a Cancer woman likes you:

  • She becomes super feminine
  • She charms you
  • She becomes possessive
  • She becomes very sympathetic
  • She wants you to protect her
  • She talks a lot
  • She takes care of you



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