The Best Match For A Cancer Woman

When you think of a Cancer woman, I bet you think of someone emotional and sensitive. Now, you’re wondering what sign is the most suitable for her. Know that she needs someone that can make the relationship balanced. Here’s the best match for her.

The best match for a Cancer woman is a Virgo man who is hardworking and focused on what he does. He is also a problem-solver and can help a Cancer woman make better decisions. He is a perfectionist that can balance the sensitive Cancer woman. One thing they have in common is they are both practical.

Before we understand more of the dynamics of these two, we need to understand their characteristics first. If you want to know more, read further!

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Characteristics Of A Cancer Woman In Love


A Cancer woman is very emotional and sensitive to a lot of energies and emotions around her. She absorbs these things, and this causes her to build this wall around her.

There is a tendency that a Cancer woman wants to protect herself by being diplomatic. You do not want to engage in issues that will cause your peace to be disturbed. You are all about making peace and maintaining it.

In a relationship, a Cancer woman is the type to stay in her shell when she is insulted, and this might cause her to beat herself up.

She is not the one to fight against you for obvious reasons unless she has some fire signs on her birth chart. A Cancer woman does not like confrontations and prefers to keep everything to herself.


Being an empath, a Cancer woman will do everything she can to help that person. Being compassionate, loving, and nurturing is in a Cancer woman’s nature, and it only makes sense if she wants to extend a helping hand whenever she can.

When she sees someone suffering from whatever it is that he or she is going through, she will approach this person and ask. She will sacrifice a lot, especially for her loved ones.

In a relationship, you can expect a Cancer woman to be very selfless when it comes to taking care of you. She is willing to give everything until nothing is left for her. And with her diplomatic nature, again, she tends to stay in her shell in an attempt to protect herself.


Just like a Cancer man, it takes a lot for a Cancer woman to make her trust you. With all the walls she has surrounded herself with, it can get a little hard to break these all down to get into her heart and mind.

She will be creating these little tests for you to see whether you can be trusted or not. However, if she finds that you are someone who can be trusted, she will be loyal to you for the rest of her life.

To build a loving relationship and a long-lasting one, you need to build trust first because it is something that maintains the relationship for a lifetime. You need to show her that you are willing to be the same to her.

Show her that you can go above and beyond for her and your future family if you are looking to have a long-lasting relationship with her.

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The Best Match For A Cancer Woman

The best match for a Cancer woman is a Virgo man. Now, before you all get confused because they seem to be the opposite of each other, know that they actually really complement each other because of these opposites.

Let’s get to know them first. A Cancer woman is ruled by the moon and its sign water. As you may have observed, the moon is always changing and fluctuating. You can notice that it moves around all the time.

So, a Cancer woman’s mood can go up and down, and she needs someone who can be very patient and understanding to deal with her.

A Virgo man, on the other hand, is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. He is an earth sign; therefore, he is very grounded and down to earth. This man is usually emotionally stable. If a Cancer woman is going through her mood swings, a Virgo man will be there to be supportive because he can be very sensible.

He can be a rock that a Cancer woman can lean on. One thing to know about a Virgo man is that he loves to support and be supported.

Characteristics Of A Virgo Man For A Cancer Woman


A Virgo man is known for his work ethic and the way he efficiently and effectively works. With this in his nature, he can also be very diplomatic like the Cancer woman. He is the type of man who uses most of his time to work and get things done.

He is very skilled, and he knows that. He knows that he can work independently and lead a project easily.

Because of how hardworking a Virgo man is, he will not be the type to cheat and mess around with other women, and of course, this is good for the emotional Cancer woman.

At least, she will not be worrying about her man effing around with other people. She will be assured that his Virgo man is focused on his work, her, and nothing else.


Being ruled by Mercury, a Virgo man is very intelligent and one to think rationally. He has been gifted with great problem-solving skills and can provide solutions to people who need them.

A Cancer woman who is ruled by the moon and can make decisions based on her emotions, and a Virgo man can help her make better decisions.


This is a well-known trait for a Virgo man – being a perfectionist. He has this urge to expect someone to follow whatever it is that he decides to do. He needs everything on time and correct.

He needs everything to be in order, and if things do not go his way, he can throw a little fit.

A Cancer woman, on the other hand, is one to not be really in tune with reality. Again, she likes dreaming, and being with a Virgo man can make her in touch with reality.

A Virgo man can also be comforted by a Pisces woman because of her caring and nurturing personality. And this will make a Virgo man’s head free from stress and anxiety from everything.

Cancer Woman And Virgo Man Together

Here’s a little analogy when it comes to the relationship between these two. A Virgo man is an earth sign, and a Cancer woman is a water sign. It’s water touching the soil, and when it does, it makes the earth grow, and it can make a very beautiful creation.

Both signs are very practical and good at handling their money. They get along just fine even if they are opposites.

They are opposites because a Cancer woman puts a lot of value on the heart and the Virgo man from the mind. Despite this difference, they complete each other. It’s like a puzzle that has been completed. They are balanced.

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The best match for a Cancer woman, final thoughts…

The most compatible sign for a Cancer woman is a Virgo man because:

  • He is hardworking
  • He is a problem-solver
  • He is a perfectionist
  • They are both practical
  • Together, they are balanced



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