How does a Cancer Woman Express Love?

In this article, we are going to show you how a Cancer woman expresses her romantic and sexual feelings to her partner, and at the same time, we will give you tips on how to get your Cancer woman to express her love more openly to you!

A Cancer woman expresses her love by being motherly, caring, emotional and intuitive, and protective, she expresses her love on a deep emotional level, being a cardinal water sign, she is emotional and her emotions are powerful, you will feel her love powerfully! She’s extremely attached to her partner to the point of being clingy…

The Cancer woman is the fourth sign of the zodiac, represented by the lovely crab, there is a certain powerful churn of emotions hidden in the tough exterior of the crab’s shell, along with her deep intuition and emotional intelligence, she has a tenacity given by his Cardinal modality that makes him successful in any undertaking that she has.

Emotional and feminine, the sign of Cancer has been known as the sign that deals with our own emotions, the home, family, traditions, our mothers or parental figures, the Moon, and tides.

The Cancer Woman is the archetypal Mother, she brings the home into you, she embodies home, she loves deeply and unconditionally, she is happy when she sees her lover happy and well, she loves deeply and hard, and she has a flair for making things grow, she is a nurturer, she deeply values family and friendships!

Her soft demeanor is admirable and deemed comforting by others, with all of that said, do not be fooled by her calm and feminine exterior! The Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon and is a cardinal water sign, she likes to lead and she leads wonderfully! She can be financially successful if she follows her tenacity…

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With all of that said, The Cancer woman expresses her love differently and uniquely makes her stand out from the other zodiac signs, now let’s dive deep into the psychology of how a Cancer expresses her romantic and sexual feelings to her partner or loved one….

Let’s jump right in!

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How does A Cancer Woman express her feelings?

The Cancer man fully expresses his love in a deep, vivid and emotional manner, he is not afraid to express how he truly feels about you, and you can certainly feel the emotions coming off as genuine and pure, he is not afraid to get close you through physical intimacy, he expresses his feelings by following his heart, logic or being aloof doesn’t do it for him.

His troubling aspects could be that sometimes his greater range of feeling and holding onto emotions can make him emotionally volatile and moody, there can be times when he can be seen as over-emotional, the best way to cure this is to understand him and have compassion for him, like the Moon’s phase it all comes back full circle.

Ruled by the Moon, the Cancer Man has deep maternal instinct, his energy can be comforting to his partner, he gives love by letting you in his sacred space or home, he might cook you a nice home meal or do something creative at his house, remember that his home is his safe space so he only lets his loved ones inside.

He can be shy and private, he is not the kind of guy who fully expresses himself on social media for fear of being judged but he will occasionally show you off, with all of that said, do not fret! The less active he is in the digital world, the more active he is in the physical one! Surely your Cancer man will let you mingle with his family and friends, especially his mother! 

Being a water sign, he wants to make you feel at “home” with his family because sooner or later you’ll become a part of it! Remember that your Cancer man dislikes the hookup culture as a whole and sees love and relationships as important aspects of life, he believes a good relationship should be stable, secured, and long-term.

This guy dates to marry and you can see it through his actions, he is a gentleman through and through and you will be impressed by his at-home skills, whether it is cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, or having a flair for home designing and making the living room as beautiful and comfy as possible, your Cancer man builds his home like a kingdom!

When he’s in love, he will be in his happy state, often he will incorporate a lot of physical touching such as kisses on the neck, holding hands, and many other forms of it! 

Mildly adventurous, he might take you on a social trip, because this man loves to party and is pretty well-known and liked because of his carefree attitude, he will express his love by including you in his inner circle groups, making you feel more wanted and important.

In a romantic relationship, he makes it known to everyone he knows that he is with you, he treats you gently and he is traditional, he will certainly take you on a date and expect to receive plenty of flowers for the rest of the relationship!

During sex or lovemaking, The Cancer Man has a fetish for impregnating his partner, this dirty talk will certainly come out during the lovemaking, he is also extremely romantic in bed, incorporating lots of kisses, and he loves to make out and it is a big part of the lovemaking…

Overall, the Cancer Man is a wonderful long-term partner who is deeply traditional, a known gentleman, and a fiercely loyal and loving partner, when in love he is unafraid to show his full emotions and he loves giving his love, affection, and time to his partner!

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How do get your Cancer Woman to express her love to you!

Be a gentleman!

To get a Cancer woman to express more her love for you, you must be able to show her that you are a gentleman through and through, be respectful of the elders, especially be respectful and utmost presentable around his friends and family, and show off your class and manners.

Being a gentleman appeals to the idealistic romance your Cancer woman has of her idealized man, traditional, respectful, and wonderful to be around, surely she’ll be all over you at the end of the day!

Confidently express your Masculine side…

Be the masculine energy that compliments her feminine energy, be confident when she’s shy, be outspoken when she feels fearful, and be a man that shows off a strong and intimidating demeanor, this shows that you can confidently protect your damsel in distress whenever and wherever!

Show that you have goals in life!

Be a man of the future! Your Cancer woman is a traditional woman who prefers home life and can potentially give up her life for you and your future children, as such it is important that she feels she’s in a stable and secure relationship, she can only feel that when she sees that you are doing well in life, in whatever career or work pursuit you might have!

Make a good impression of your house/place

Be sure to take initiative in making your home a beautiful place whenever she visits you, be sure to give her a nice meal and make her feel at home in your place! This makes her feel loved and respected!

If you have a pet try to introduce her to your pets, be an overall warm and inviting person, and be good with kids and elderly people, this exchange of kindness is a valuable trait that your Cancer woman truly loves and admires!

Be compassionate when she has mood swings

Understand him when she gets episodic mood swings, try to be more loving and more compassionate when there are times that she feels she is unloveable, remember that your Cancer woman is moody because she is an extremely emotional water sign that is ruled by the Moon.

She can feel everything all at once, she can feel the energy of the past, the nostalgia, and she can even pick up other people’s energies and emotions, this can be an overwhelming feeling for her…

With that said, try to reach out to her and tell her how much you do understand her, be a loving partner, and surely in no time when the tides have cleared, she will thank you and she will be more open at expressing her love for you!

Be clingy and attached to her

Spend more time with her, most especially do things at home that both of you will enjoy, whether its playing a board game, watching a film or series together, gardening, romantic conversations or passionate kissing and lovemaking, when you’re doing this you are building an emotional connection with her.

Do not be afraid to fully express how you feel about her! Be sure to have an open emotional connection between the both of you!

Get close to her family and friends!

The Cancer woman dates to marry, she despises short term vague relationships that have no future, she despises the hookup culture and she rarely does flings, with that said, she can only truly love someone if she knows that the guy she’ll be with will have a good relationship with the most important people in her life.

Establish good and long-lasting connections with her family, especially her parents or her best friend, this builds a good stable relationship by showing her you are making an effort in getting closer to her and the life you have.

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How a Cancer Woman shows love (& how to receive love from her!), final thoughts…

The Cancer woman shows love and affection through her deep motherly traits, she will be traditional in her approach, often doing the things that your mother would also do for you, but she becomes jealous and possessive when you don’t give her enough time and affection!

Applying some of the things mentioned above to encourage her to express her love to you will further strengthen the relationship you have with your Cancer woman, always remember that this is a surefire way to keep the relationship healthy and strong.

Remember that this applies to women with the sun in Cancer or those who have plenty of heavy Cancer placements in their birth chart, if you want to know more about your Cancer man’s full birth chart, you should determine her exact birth date and birth time as well as the location of her birth.

There can be plenty of different aspects that can tweak or amplify the Cancer traits of your Cancer woman, for example, a Cancer woman who has a Scorpio moon and Scorpio Mars can tweak her overall personality, she will be extra seductive and extra spicy in the bed but also makes her personality more forceful than the stereotypical gentle nature of a Cancer.

Another example could be your Cancer woman’s birth chart showing planetary stellium which means his Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars or any of his inner planets are under the same sign of Cancer, amplifying the Cancerian energy, giving her the stereotypical nature of a Cancer sign.

The only way to truly find out her full personality is by finding out her birth chart, specifically looking for her Venus sign which will determine how she expresses love and pleasure and how she would like to be loved by her partner…



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