When A Cancer Woman Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

When a Cancer woman is ignoring you, it is possible that you definitely did something that made her act this way. However, there are a lot of things you can do to win back a Cancer woman’s attention and to make her stop ignoring you. To help you out, here are the things you need to do when a Cancer woman is ignoring you.

When a Cancer woman is ignoring you, you should give her space and take time to realize what could have made her act this way. You should also get in touch from time to time. Make her feel you still care. Make sure to avoid making her jealous.

Do not flirt with other women. Most importantly, you need to be patient.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, dealing with someone ignoring you is hard, but before we dive into what you should do, let’s first look at this woman’s dark side and some reasons why she might be ignoring you!

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The Dark Side Of A Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is prone to her negative personality traits when she is not treated with compassion and care. When seeking reciprocity, she may become vengeful because she will give her all if she truly cares about you, and she demands the same amount of attention in return.

A Cancer woman is known to grow moody and won’t hesitate to sulk around you until she has her way if these sentiments are still not reciprocated. To put it in another way, a Cancer woman can become manipulative when things don’t go her way.

For a Cancer woman, being vulnerable is a source of power. You can tell if she is upset or not, but she hesitates to talk unless you prompt her to. Some may usually get tired of this passive-aggressive behavior because everyone is too busy to play mind tricks.

For this reason, people sometimes become insane around a Cancer woman. A Cancer woman’s sensitivity tends to turn others off.

Reasons Why A Cancer Woman Is Ignoring You

A Cancer woman yearns for the affection, concern, and consideration of those around her. Only one thing has the power to send her over the edge, which is her lack of emotional availability.

She won’t let herself become a doormat just because she is upfront about her emotions, and she will still want to interact primarily with those who are open to her on an emotional level.

A Cancer woman won’t want much to do with you if you show her any emotional unavailability, so be aware of that.

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5 Things To Do When A Cancer Woman Is Ignoring You

Give her space

A Cancer woman would beg for freedom if the relationship made her feel suffocated. She needs her alone and outdoor space to feel alive and valued because she is a nurturer who frequently neglects herself in order to nurture those around her.

If you treat her like a possession, she might lose respect for you, and she will also be hesitant to respond to your questions and would rather not be reached. It would be wonderful to let her be and wait until she comes back after the misunderstanding is resolved.

In an instance where she has indicated that she is not interested in moving the relationship forward, it is essential to refrain from making unreasonable demands of her; the best course of action would be to do nothing.

If the Cancer woman feels hurt or angry in the relationship, it will take her some time to recover and return to her vibrant self. Giving her some space to unwind, recharge, and reconsider the relationship is a smart way to reassure her.

Realize your mistakes

Once you have given a Cancer woman her space, consider her emotions and how you can improve.

She will lose all hope of saving the relationship if you try to play the finger-pointing game, so you must be sincere and real in your remarks when responding to her since she can tell when someone is lying or being dishonest.

If you are certain of what you did to deserve her distance, be sincere in your apology and wear your emotions on your sleeve as she would.

If a Cancer woman ignores you, don’t give up on her right away because this could be her way of telling you that she doesn’t feel loved or appreciated and that she wants to see you try more.

Always apologize profusely if you compromised her respect or took advantage of her love because sending her phone a ton of texts or calls would be pointless when she is not in the mood to speak.

A sincere apology would demonstrate that you have the heart to accept responsibility for your mistakes, even though she might never regain her trust in you.

Avoid making her jealous

You could believe that stirring up jealousy in a Cancer woman will catch her attention and convince her to quit ignoring you, but this is not the best course of action. Making a Cancer woman jealous won’t work if you want to know how to make her chase you.

Once she has had enough of you, she won’t care about you any longer to the point where she feels jealous if she sees you with another woman.

If a Cancer woman does still have feelings for you, then the sight of you making out with someone else or purposefully inflicting harm on her out of jealousy will just drive her farther away.

Try to make her feel safe and loved instead if you want her to notice you and stop ignoring you. Let her know that even though you are aware of your offense to her, you still genuinely care for her and regard her as the only one for you.

Get in touch

You should try to ask because a Cancer woman is passive-aggressive and won’t tell you what’s wrong. Try to be as upfront and honest with her as you can if it’s something she wants from you, which is likely more love and affection.

She most certainly isn’t paying attention to you because she thinks you don’t deserve her love and care. Say that you won’t leave until the two of you can resolve your feelings when you personally meet with a Cancer woman.

This may seem like a straightforward action, but the fact that you are willing to invest even more love and care in the relationship means the world to a Cancer woman.

Increase your verbal and physical affection for her, and if you do that, she will feel so much better about your relationship with her, especially if you may have offended her or done anything that gave her the impression that you didn’t care.

Be patient

The ideal partner for a Cancer woman is someone who can calmly handle her frequent mood swings and temper outbursts. She occasionally has a lack of direction and requests further love and support.

The Cancer woman will constantly be annoyed by careless behavior, and it could even turn her off permanently. She has high expectations for moral behavior, so if her patience or trust were put to the test, she might not remain calm for very long.

Her distance from you would increase if you accused her; therefore, despite your anger, be there for her if you feel she needs you while giving her the space to think and figure out what she wants.

Because of the time and effort, you put into letting a Cancer woman know that you are always there for her and want her to stop ignoring you, being patient will go a long way. She will run back to you if she cares about you but it could also be time to let your Cancer man go if he doesn’t, though.

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When You Ignore A Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman will demand your attention if you have harmed her through a fight or by ignoring her. She doesn’t want to be ignored, so it’s time to comfort her and demonstrate your concern if she has overcome her anger.

She is extremely easily insulted, and because of this, she takes everything personally, even if you didn’t mean to. Due to her sensitive personality, she frequently assumes the worst about other people and circumstances.

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5 things to do when a Cancer woman is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Cancer woman is ignoring you:

  • Give her space
  • Realize your mistakes
  • Avoid making her jealous
  • Get in touch
  • Be patient



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