Why is your Cancer Woman Jealous?

 In this article, we are going to show you the signs that your Cancer woman who is so deeply in love with you is deeply jealous of someone! We will also give you tips on how to properly deal with your Cancer woman without creating a mess!

Let’s get started!

Happy Cancer Season! We are currently under the crab’s constellation! With that said The Cancer woman is the fourth sign of the zodiac sign! Deeply emotional and intuitive, she the kind of woman who gives you long hugs just to comfort you.

Deeply sensitive and sometimes reserved she is the epitome of a home lady.

Traditional and all-loving, protective, and deeply sentimental. In a romantic relationship, she can be highly emotional and clingy, often wanting to baby her partner and make sure her partner is in utmost comfort. The Cancer sign is corresponding to family, homes, tradition, motherhood, and the feminine cycle.

When she gets jealous, however, it is a very different story, she becomes all-out protective to the point of being aggressive and spiteful! A Cancer woman is deeply faithful and expects her partner to do the same! With all of that in mind let’s tackle how really jealous a Cancer woman is?

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How Jealous Can Your Cancer Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 8/10

Your Cancer Woman is a deeply jealous sign! Possessive and extremely aggressive when cornered, this cardinal water sign may look soft-hearted and cutesy but do not underestimate her power! This woman knows how to do things the right way.

When she’s jealous she usually becomes extra moody. She will do these random things because she feels irritable. She’ll be extra hypersensitive, especially about the person she’s jealous of and she will tell you indirect ways that she is jealous.

Her jealousy levels are also fluctuating just like how The Moon waxes and wanes. Her varying degrees of irritability and jealousy can span throughout the day or weeks. Either way, she needs to focus on thinking happy and positive thoughts instead of thinking negatively.

The more she thinks negatively the more it expands.

Signs Your Cancer Woman Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She becomes temperamental when she sees the person she’s jealous of!

The First and foremost sign that your Cancer woman is jealous is that she becomes temperamental! Specifically, she becomes temperamental whenever she sees the person she’s jealous of!

She becomes moody, mean out of a sudden, and hyperirritable often giving a death stare to the person and she does this to show to the person that she is not comfortable with that person she’s jealous.

2. She becomes moody

Another Cancerian trait that is on the negative side of the spectrum is your Cancer woman becomes extremely moody, her mood swings will be there and on to show discomfort about the situation. It is a sign that she wants you to do something about it!

3. She can be quite manipulative

She’ll tell you ways to stop seeing the person she’s jealous of. She becomes manipulative to the point that it’s invading your personal space. Her ways of manipulation are usually playing the victim and gaslighting.

You’ll hear things like “After everything I’ve done for you!” or “Why can’t you just do this one thing for me that will solve all of our problems?” Cancerian women are prone and covertly experts at manipulation. They are good at these because they are empathetic and emotionally intelligent.

They know how human emotions work.

4. She abruptly stops giving you time and affection

This rage that stems from jealousy can aim fire against the relationship and she will do this by being cold or at least taking some time away from you. She abruptly becomes out of love and stops giving you time and affection and this hurts her in the process.

Remember that your Cancer woman’s love is overpouring, whenever she’s doing these things on purpose she’s doing it as a clear sign that you need to take action in order for her to stop being jealous!

5. She directly tells the person to back off!

The most shocking sign of all! Cancers are known as the sweethearts of the zodiac so it comes as a shock for everyone whenever she starts becoming aggressive to the point of physical aggression! Remember that Cancer is ruled by emotions and anger is a very powerful emotion!

Her jealousy-filled rage can become fuel to her anger and make her do things that she will regret later.

This cardinal water sign’s anger is much alike the Scorpio, Taurus, and Aries, enduring and long-lasting whether it is a good thing or not you must help control and regulate her emotions which can lead to the downfall of the relationship!

6. She will admit to you she’s jealous!

The sixth sign that your Cancer woman is that she’ll tell you directly that she is jealous of that person! The number one good sign on the list! When she’s already comfortable around you she can already open up and express her feelings without any hesitation.

With that said, she becomes expressive of her jealousy and she will exactly tell you why and what went down, the factors that made her believe that there is a threat to the sanctity of the relationship and you’ll be pretty surprised how good she can connect the dots!

Trust her! She knows what she’s saying and she would never lie.

7. She becomes clingy

This is a flat-out obvious sign that your Cancer woman is not on good terms with someone you might know who she thinks is devious and is doing something to ruin your relationship. She will not trust you with that person so she will do whatever it takes to be in close physical proximity to you.

Whether it is in your work or general day-to-day life she will make sure you are protected and loved and that you are kept out of the way of that person!

How to stop your Cancer Woman from Being Jealous!

To stop a Cancer woman from being jealous you must take extra and drastic measures to make sure she feels loved, safe, and secure, you must give her enough emotions to let yourself prove that you are true to her and to the relationship. Tell her your side of the story.

In that story tell her the truth that she should not be worried about any single thing because you are not attracted to the person and whether that person is making a move you are still bound to her. Tell her how faithful you are and how much you want to be with her for the rest of your life.

While telling her these things always make sure that you will take necessary precautions to avoid the person she’s jealous of or if not cut off that person from your life. Surely your Cancer woman will be extra comfortable and will feel more loved by you!

Understand her and be more caring to her while having an open flow of communication.

This will truly cure the jealousy in your Cancer woman’s heart. When she starts to realize that you are always and have always been in love and faithful to her she will realize the grave she digs deep into because of her own irrational thoughts.

While doing these things you must also be extra caring and affectionate!

Surprise her with the warmest home-cooked meal, pay more attention to what she likes and what she does at the moment, and maybe spend more romantic nights with her, luxury gifts aren’t much appreciated instead work on doing these small gestures that will make her remember of the love you have for her!

Cancer Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Dating a Cancer woman is not for the emotionless! To fully have a lasting and fruitful relationship with your Cancer woman, you must be able to accept, understand and appreciate the deepness of both your and her emotions! That includes jealousy!

Instead of being temperamental when she gives you the mean look be more understanding, love her harder, and be more compassionate, Deep inside her delicate heart is a little girl who is afraid to lose you and will at any cost fight for you!

Instead of matching her moody energy do those things mentioned above that will make her feel comfortable around the relationship.

Spend more touchy quality time with her, small gestures matter and will be felt to her core, slow romantic kisses and physical touch are a must to appease and comfort her distorted energy brought about by her jealousy.

By doing the things mentioned above you are ensuring that your Cancer woman will be comforted and will set aside those feelings of rage or jealousy. Always remember to look out for the signs and symptoms of her jealousy so you can tackle it right away!

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