7 Things A Libra Woman Does When She Likes You

It’s easy to fall for a Libra woman because of their adorable personality and their kindness towards others. You may, however, be unable to comprehend a Libra woman when it comes to matters of the heart. To help you out, here are the ways to know if a Libra woman loves you.

If a Libra woman likes you, she’ll make time for you because she is comfortable enough to be around you. She wants to do things with you.  It is also a Libra woman’s way of flirting and she will be ready to settle down with you. A Libra woman will be very understanding and open about her feelings to you.

Before we jump into the ways how to know if a Libra woman loves you, it is important to know when he respects you and what to do when he loves you. Read on!

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When A Libra Woman Respects You…

Part of a Libra woman’s personality is a peace-loving individual, and their love life reflects this. She doesn’t enjoy expressing themselves in loud, uncontrollable emotional outbursts, nor do they enjoy aggressive verbal sparring or arguments.

When a Libra woman sees that you value and respect her, she will become more trusting and also respectful to you.

A Libra woman believes that respect should come first before love.

7 Things A Libra Woman Does When She Likes You

She makes time

It’s amazing that your Libra woman makes the effort to see you and spend time with you. It simply means you’re a priority in her life, and she makes time for you in her hectic schedule.

If a Libra woman doesn’t always have time to devote to you, don’t take it personally though. Keep in mind that Libra women are very social.

Hence, she most likely has a large number of friends, which means she has a lot of social engagements.

Moreover, a Libra woman will use the time you both have to go on dates. Libra women have a natural curiosity for new experiences and enjoy trying new things.

If she plans something fun to try and invites you, it means she values you as a person and wants you to have the same experiences she does.

Try to accept her invitations, even if they appear to be a little frightening because your relationship will benefit as a result.

She is comfortable

Libra women are naturally self-conscious about their appearance and they place a high value on appearances and social standing. When she loves you, your Libra woman becomes less superficial and she appears to be more at ease in your presence.

This implies that she will be less concerned with her appearance or she might let her hair down and pay less attention to color matching.

When you see these signs, you can be sure that your Libra woman is comfortable around you. She doesn’t see the point in putting on a show or keeping her guard up because she loves you.

Libra women are also naturally expressive and show their feelings on their faces. You’ll be able to tell if a Libra woman is comfortable being around you simply by looking at her the next time you’re together.

She is flirty

If she loves you, a Libra woman will flirt a lot – with you of course. As I mentioned before, Libra women are social creatures by nature but they will not flirt unless she is certain of her feelings.

She’ll show you the artistry side of a Libra woman’s flirtation once she’s warmed up to you and even in public, she will do it without shame. A Libra woman flirts because she is at ease and having a good time and the good news is that you’re to blame for everything.

It may take a while for Libra women to open up romantically. Your Libra woman might flirt with you by taking your hand in public, teasing you a little, or even complimenting you sweetly.

These are all positive signs that your Libra woman is head over heels in love with you. You can take all of her flattery and flirtatious touches at face value because Libra women never flirt unless they truly mean it.

She is engaging

Libra women are detail-oriented and have highly analytical minds. Prepare to have a deeper understanding of even the most mundane topics, even if you thought you’d never have time to devote to one.

When a Libra woman feels at ease around you, she will engage you in numerous discussions, so make an effort to reciprocate. As a result, you should pay attention to her point of view and be willing to consider things in new ways.

You should know that your Libra woman is more than just a pretty face. If she cares about you, she will try to share her thoughts with you and your constant contact with her will contribute to your own understanding.

When she starts recommending movies, good books, and documentaries, it’s a sign that she cares about you. But most of all, a Libra woman who loves you will engage you in stimulating conversations.

She is open

If your Libra woman cares about you, she will also try to share her thoughts with you and expects you to do the same. Libra women strive for balance, honesty, and harmony in their lives.

Moreover, Libra women are aware that unwelcome advances have the potential to shatter this. Actually, this is a sign that a Libra woman wants to build a stronger and more balanced relationship with you.

It means she loves you and is definitely warming up to you if she feels comfortable enough with you to speak openly and steadily. This is a good sign because it means she is slowly letting herself be around you and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Your Libra woman will probably open up more about your relationship and any problems you’re having. When a Libra woman feels at ease around you, she will tell you exactly what’s on her mind.

She is understanding

Your Libra woman will accept you for who you are once she’s decided she loves you. Libra women are compassionate and kind, and they believe everything they hear, especially if they’re close friends.

You’ll never feel like a Libra woman is judging you or questioning your values if she loves you. Whatever happens, you’ll feel safe and secure in your relationship with a Libra woman.

Libra women have a keen sense of other people’s feelings. If she notices you’re having a hard time, she’ll inquire about it and do everything she can to make you feel better.

Feel free to confide in her and tell her what’s going on, as Libra women are known for understanding others in overcoming their fears and struggles. Libra women are also very selfless people who will prioritize your needs over their own.

She settles down

When a Libra woman is happy, she doesn’t feel the need to change everything all the time. When you first met your Libra woman, you may have noticed that she was constantly changing her lifestyle.

She’ll probably slow down a little as she falls for you and becomes more content with you, and she’ll appear more at ease. This is a great sign because it means she’s content with you and doesn’t feel the need to change things up all the time.

Libra women are erratic in their behavior and at the slightest provocation, they make a lot of changes. She rearranges things to suit her current situation and your Libra woman is maturing when you notice that she has become more stable.

This is especially true when confronted with a force as powerful as love, so you’ve won her heart if you notice her being more relaxed and content around you.

What To Do When A Libra Woman Likes You

Libra women are big flirts, and it may take a long time for them to settle down with just one person. It’s possible that they’re conversing with several people at once, making it difficult to understand how a Libra woman feels about you.

But when she does, a Libra woman needs a partner who will call her out when she is being selfish, indecisive, or trying to avoid a problem in a relationship.

As I mentioned before, she wants a balanced and stable relationship, with small fights because she also wants to understand her partner’s viewpoints.

Things that a Libra woman does when she likes you, final thoughts…

When a Libra woman likes you:

  • She makes time
  • She is comfortable
  • She is flirty
  • She is engaging
  • She is open
  • She is understanding
  • She settles down



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