When An Aries Woman Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

When you get this feisty Aries woman pissed, it will take you a whole lot of effort to calm her down. However, it is a different story when she ignores you. This can be caused by a whole lot of different reasons. If you want to know how to deal with an Aries woman ignoring you, you found the right article!

When an Aries woman is ignoring you, give her respect by giving her some alone time.

Give her the freedom that she craves, and never bombard her with text messages and calls to apologize. Don’t ever beg for her attention because this will definitely turn her off and act with class. Do not think about this too much.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, dealing with someone ignoring you is hard, but before we dive into what you should do, let’s first look at this woman’s dark side and some reasons why she might be ignoring you!

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The Dark Side Of The Aries Woman

Just like any other person in the world, an Aries woman also has a positive and a negative side. It is up to everybody who encounters her to tell whether she is on the light side or the dark side.

However, even though she is on the light side, she can get into her dark side some days. So, when she is, she can get self-absorbed and very selfish. She has this “me first” mentality. She needs to the number one all the time, and even though it can be a very good trait, she needs to always take the lead.

There is this toxic mindset that she has, and that is whatever you do, it’s either you are with her, or you are against her.

Another negative side of an Aries woman is that she sort of has a hard time planning things out. Sometimes, things get complicated because she lacks foresight and the ability to prepare and plan.

She can also be very combative and antagonistic. She always has this urge to pick fights even if it’s not necessary. She can be a little bossy and wants everyone to follow her or else she will kick you out of the team.

She has the tendency to micromanage everyone even if there is no reason at all. In other words, she can get a little bit of a bully. And when she is, she has the audacity to deny it.

Reasons Why An Aries Woman Is Ignoring You

One of the most obvious reasons why an Aries woman is ignoring you is that you are ignoring her too. It might not be your intention to do this to her, but when she feels that she is not getting enough attention from you, she will ignore you.

This is kind of her way of getting you to notice her. Let me remind you that an Aries woman is a fire sign – full of passion and romance, and when she does not get this from a partner, she’ll somehow throw a fit.

Another reason why she is ignoring you is that you bore her. Again, as a fire sign, she is full of excitement for life. So, if she is not getting enough excitement from you, she will take a little break and think things through.

She wants the speed and the thrills, and if you are not up for that, she might think that you are not the man for her. So, entertain her and give her the magic that she craves.

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5 Things To Do When An Aries Woman Is Ignoring You

Give her respect

Most women love to play the chasing game; however, this is not always the case for an Aries woman. Although this can be enjoyed by an Aries woman, when she is mad at you and ignores you, it is best to respect her decision.

You don’t have to annoy her by asking her time and time again because you will definitely get on her nerve.

So, it is best to give her some space. Give her some time to think things through and allow her to just come to you if she wants to. Of course, you don’t want to be forcing her to do anything that is convenient for you.

Respect her by giving her the space that you both need. This will give you the time to do things for yourself too!

Don’t bombard her with apologies

This is somehow connected to the first point we made. Bombarding sorry messages can work for other women, but not for an Aries woman. She does not like to have someone sticking to her like a fly.

Even though you see this as a grand gesture – to say sorry and talk about your feelings, this may not translate the same to an Aries woman.

To some degree, an Aries woman like the chase, and she likes having competition because she is innately very competitive. So, when you are saying sorry from time to time, it sends a message that she is the only person in your life, and this will not thrill her.

And when this happens, there are tendencies that she will get bored, and somehow, you’ll lose your value to her.

Do not beg for attention

Begging is the last thing you want to do because this will definitely not work for an Aries woman. Instead, consider this time as a chance to improve yourself. You need to act confident and firm with whatever it is that you do.

Allow yourself to improve and do things that you have been planning to do ever since.

I mean, an Aries woman ignoring you is not the end of the world, and there are better things that you can focus on.

In fact, when an Aries woman sees that you are improving and bettering yourself, she will be attracted again and will want to come back to you.

Act with class

Let me remind you again how an Aries woman loves her freedom, and she definitely needs someone who respects her views. So, even when she is ignoring you, do not lose your cool. Act with such class because by that, you will be irresistible to her.

Yes, you can ask about what she feels but do not put her under too much pressure because it will do bad than good.

Do not think about it too much

The more that you’re thinking about it, the more that it hurts you both. As I have said over and over, she does not want to get bombarded with apologies, and she would rather spend some time alone than deal with you.

So, you can do the same. Do not beat yourself up thinking that it was your fault because it may not be the case at all.

There could be a lot of reasons why she is ignoring you, and there are certainly possibilities that one of them is not you. So, save yourself from the drama and just enjoy your time alone.

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When You Ignore An Aries Woman

Letting her enjoy her freedom does not mean that you are going to completely abandon your Aries woman.

If you want to save your relationship, the last thing you want to do is abandon her. When you keep ignoring her, there are possibilities that she will move on from you and create new memories with another lover.

This is all because she feels very rejected when you ignore her. She will also get curious as to what you are doing in your life, so it is important to follow the tips I have provided above.

This will allow you to handle an Aries woman that is ignoring you.

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5 things to do when an Aries woman is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When an Aries woman is ignoring you:

  • Give her respect
  • Don’t bombard her with apologies
  • Do not beg for attention
  • Act with class
  • Do not think about it too much



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