10 Signs that an Aries Woman is Falling for You

10 Signs that an Aries Woman is Falling for You

As your relationship with an Aries woman arises, you may notice signs which show that she wants to have a romantic or emotional relationship with you. But are you not certain if the signs are true? Do not worry, you’ll eventually understand whether an Aries woman is truly falling for you.

The signs that an Aries woman is falling for you are: she loves to have playful fights, she becomes soft towards you, or if she is always around you then rest assured she really likes you. It will take time for her to open up to you but she will eventually when she becomes comfortable with you.

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Read further to have a deeper understanding of Aries women and the signs she has been showing.

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Understanding Your Aries Woman

10 Signs that an Aries Woman is Falling for You

Your Aries woman is passionate, persistent, and headstrong. No is never an option for her. She is unable to change her mind after she has made a decision. She is willing to put in the effort to get what they deserve. She may appear cold at first, yet she is soft on the inside. 

She acts as though she is self-sufficient and does not ask for help. She does, however, care more about her family and friends than she would admit. She isn’t scared to let go of those who have mistreated her, yet she is nevertheless easily attached.

Independence is something that an Aries woman instills. She has a tendency towards falling in love. She, however, loses interest quickly.

She is self-sufficient, thus she doesn’t require a partner to be happy. She’d rather remain to themselves in order to avoid having her heartbroken. She may have trouble falling in love but only until she understands how to balance out her love life and her independence. 

Aries is a natural leader who enjoys being in charge, but she isn’t looking for a pushover. She prefers a companion that has strong beliefs and will stand up for them.

An Aries woman’s emotions are intense, despite the fact that she acts as though nothing can hurt her. Heartbreak is difficult for her to overcome because she feels intensely. She is hesitant about commitment because she is concerned about caring too much. 

This explains why she takes so long to open up to others. She won’t open up unless she is confident that you can be trusted. However, when she is ready for a long-term relationship, she will become more kind and gracious. This is due to the fact that you have gained her respect.

Even though an Aries woman detests falling in love, she enjoys it. Aries is known to be a dominating sign and as mentioned before, Aries women are independent and she can also be very competitive. 

Aries women prefer a partner who has their own high aspirations and the resources to make them a reality. She wants a man who is strong in his masculinity and isn’t disturbed by a woman who prioritizes her own sense of self. 

When she’s in love, an Aries woman is strong, independent, and resistant to limits, but she also wants someone special in her life. If you have a natural sense of self-assurance and confidence, you are most likely to grab an Aries woman’s eye.

It’ll be very wonderful if you succeed. An Aries woman will be bored with a kind, calm guy; she wants someone who can hold his own and is not easily frightened.

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That said, let’s take a look at the signs an Aries woman is falling for you…

Signs that an Aries Woman is Falling for You

If an Aries woman likes you, you’ll find yourself spending time with her a lot. She is not afraid to express her feelings so most likely, she will not hesitate to tell you her feelings. However, there is more to it than just expressing feelings through telling.

Here are 10 signs to know if your Aries woman is in love with you. I have categorized it into two:

  • 5 ways an Aries woman shows affection
  • 5 ways an Aries woman shows love

Let’s start!

How Does an Aries Woman Show Affection? (5 Ways!)

An Aries woman usually expresses her feelings in a very straightforward way. She usually likes to have playful fights with you. Aries women are known as amazing cuddlers and she also loves to have physical touches with you.

However, she is also independent, so she will be needing her personal space from time to time.

The most obvious signs are shown during the early stages of your friendship or social relationship, such as:

She loves competing with you

10 Signs that an Aries Woman is Falling for You

Aries women are aggressively competitive. This manifests in both her professional and personal lives. Therefore, one of the ways you can spend time with her is through playing games. May it be board games, card games, and even sports. 

She will treat you with respect

Before an Aries woman falls in love, she must take this initial step. It is not easy for her to trust someone easily. Therefore, she needs time to be comfortable with you and get to know you. She won’t attempt to compete with you anymore, and she’ll also treat you as an equal.

She is caring and compassionate

An Aries woman will always be there for you. She won’t hesitate to reach out to you. However, she also demands love and care in order to keep her love alive. Otherwise, her energy will fade, and she will lose interest in keeping your company.

Recognizing her favorable characteristics shows her that you care about her.

She wants to spend time with you

If she likes you, an Aries woman will want to spend time with you. However, Aries women do not enjoy spending time on the couch and having long conversations.

She’ll be looking for something to do. Her preferences are usually for physical activities or competitions, but this will not give her the advantage it had at the beginning of her relationship. It’ll turn into a playful fight.

She softens around you

10 Signs that an Aries Woman is Falling for You

The majority of Aries women aren’t as feminine. They are unconcerned about their looks and avoid wearing obviously feminine attire. An Aries woman who is eager to settle down will soften her appearance. She can wear a skirt or a dress.

She could even put on some make-up or jewelry. This will most likely make her feel uncomfortable, and if you comment, she will become unusually shy.

How Does an Aries Woman Show Love? (5 Ways!)

An Aries woman shows love by becoming more giving to you.

She is also becoming a lot more understanding and has been open about what she feels and what she wants. Jealousy comes naturally to them and she will not have any issue expressing their jealousy towards you. She may long for closeness with you.

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She becomes more giving

10 Signs that an Aries Woman is Falling for You

When in love, she won’t have any second thoughts about giving. She wants to spoil you especially when you spoil her just as much. Money won’t be a problem because she is creative, passionate, and energetic, so you’ll mostly be receiving handmade gifts which she has put a lot of effort into making. 

She is understanding

Aries women are known to have a harsh personality but that is not the case every time. She is very understanding towards you and she will always be listening to your concerns. Considering that Aries women are very straightforward and rarely lie, she is definitely one of the best at giving advice. 

She is open about what she feels and wants

As mentioned before, she is expressive toward her feelings. Therefore, she is open to what she feels and wants. In times of conflicts and misunderstanding between you two, it will be very vital.

She will constantly communicate with you which is a healthy habit in a relationship. You will always know how she is feeling and you should look at it as a good way to get to know her and understand her more.

She is selfless

10 Signs that an Aries Woman is Falling for You

It is not surprising to know that your Aries woman gives her all in your relationship. It usually takes time for her to trust someone and when she does, she does not hold back. She becomes selfless and you will definitely be one of her top priorities.

She is considerate toward you

When in a relationship, you are most likely to be in her thoughts most of the day. She will want to spend time with you and she will always include you in whatever she plans or does. You are her partner and she will never leave you on the side.

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Signs your Aries woman is falling for you, in a nutshell…

The signs that an Aries woman is falling for you are:

  • She competes with you
  • She treats you with respect
  • She is caring and compassionate
  • She wants to spend more time with you
  • She softens around you
  • She becomes generous
  • She is understanding
  • She is open about what she feels
  • She is selfless
  • She is considerate

Stay in love!



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