5 Signs An Aries Woman Is Using You

An Aries woman is independent and stubborn, so it should be easy for her to get what she wants without anyone going against her will. If you want to know the signs when an Aries woman is using you, you have come to the right place.

An Aries woman is using you if you notice that she is cold and unappreciative in whatever you do. She may also ghost you because she already has a lot of sneaky links behind your back. An Aries woman may also manipulate and control your actions when she is not satisfied enough.

It is also important to know an Aries woman’s weakness in a relationship and how to keep her interested. Read further!

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Signs An Aries Woman Wants To Break Up

She compares you

When an Aries woman is genuinely in love with you, she might make favorable comparisons between you and other people, telling them how much cooler, wiser, and more handsome you are than they are. She won’t hesitate to flaunt your accomplishments, personality, and appearance in front of everyone.

But when an Aries woman starts to lose interest in you, he will point out your flaws and tell you how you fall short of others.

An Aries woman will adore everything you do and everything about you when she is in love with you. However, you’ll feel as though you need to put in a lot of effort to win her love if you’re in danger of losing him.

If an Aries woman says she wishes you were more like her ex-boyfriend or his male friends, then she no longer wants to be with you.

She is unaffectionate

Because an Aries woman is a very forceful and physical sign, she is quite affectionate when she is in love. However, she will abruptly stop showing you affection if you’re wondering how to tell when she’s over you.

An Aries woman won’t hold your hand in public any longer, and she won’t sleep next to you in bed anymore.

An Aries woman’s physical touch is a sign of how she feels about you; thus, if she continually avoids showing you affection, a breakup is about to happen since she has lost interest in you.

When this sign becomes suddenly unaffectionate, it means that she is no longer interested in you and that you will likely soon experience a breakup.

5 Signs An Aries Woman Is Using You

She is cold

If she truly wanted to impress or woo someone, she would declare her love right away. But when an Aries woman acts cold and rude around you, it’s obvious that she’s playing you. Until you discover that she is not interested in you, she will play with your emotions.

When she is only using you, you can expect this sign to act selfishly or ignore your wants and expectations.

She has no intention of contributing anything to your relationship; she only wants to take something from it. An Aries woman’s lack of patience can also be a sign that she simply cares about what she can get from you, not who you genuinely are as a person.

As a result, you may notice that she is probably using you to improve her life in some way.

She is unappreciative

It may be an indication that the Aries woman is pressuring you to start a breakup if she makes you feel unimportant and that nothing you do is ever enough. She won’t be happy around you, so she’ll complain and gripe about anything she could ever think of. An Aries woman won’t mince things and will be direct to turn you off.

It’s not good for the future of your relationship if an Aries woman isn’t appreciative or if she just shows it when he can get something from you. You can assume this sign no longer cares about you if she disappears for several days at a time.

An Aries woman is playing tricks on you if she vanishes and then reappears days later because she needs something from you.

She ghosts you

While she may be controlled for the sake of maintaining some peace around her, once she is done with you completely, she will leave right away. If an Aries woman has been playing with your emotions all this time, she might ghost you and go on.

This sign is a woman who lives at the extremes of good and bad. As a result, when she needs to distance herself from you and discover greater opportunities for herself, she simply vanishes as if she never existed.

If an Aries woman is actually interested in a relationship, she won’t give them the cold shoulder for so long. This individual is often unpredictable, so if you’re getting conflicting signals, that’s a good hint that she’s playing games and using you.

She cheats on you

When the Aries woman is engaged in sneaky activity behind your back, she will demand favors from you. When she is determined to make things difficult for you, she may have other sexual partners with whom she engages.

An Aries woman would never commit to you or accept a committed relationship if she was only with you for her own benefit.

An Aries woman won’t even try to reconsider if you ask her to commit since she doesn’t want to spend a life with you. She is normally very forward about what she does, but when she wants to use you, she is willing to be cunning and sly.

When an Aries woman is engrossed in the pursuit of something she has her eye on, she dislikes being impeded by anyone.

She manipulates you

Since an Aries woman who is playing with you will be unappreciative of you, she will begin to tell you what to do. But if she wants to make an agreement with you, she’ll make sure it happens through proper communication.

Therefore, she has the power to influence you and manipulate your behavior until she is happy with the damage she has caused in your life.

An Aries woman sets her own guidelines and outlines her own course because she has a strong sense of self-worth. If an Aries woman’s patience is strained to the limit, she can cause a mess and tear people apart.

If she’s in it for the long haul, she’ll learn to control her temper; if not, even the smallest amount of irritation can make her explode in rage and frustration.

An Aries Woman’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

When an Aries woman has specific goals and desires to complete, she is frequently perceived as being haughty since she has a tendency to pay little attention to the things and people around her.

The problem is that she frequently pays little attention to others who are attempting to connect or contact her since she is so intent on their job.

However, such behavior is mostly inadvertent; an Aries woman doesn’t intend to come across as unpleasant or arrogant, and it’s just out of her control.

She may purposefully come off as arrogant because she hates it when her partner treats her disrespectfully or lightly and wants her partner to appreciate her instead.

How To Keep Your Aries Woman Interested

An Aries woman takes pleasure in the pursuit of love. Being enigmatic and only disclosing a small amount of information at a time can make her want to pursue you.

You might also try avoiding her a little when she asks you to make plans because he’ll be incredibly curious and preoccupied with getting to know you. However, you should make sure to subtly show an Aries woman that you really are interested in.

Even while an Aries woman typically doesn’t lack confidence, she does need to be valued. You can tell her just what you enjoy about her to keep her interested in you and you might also try being flirtatious in other ways.

An Aries woman will probably get very into you if you give her a lot of physical love and a warm aura.

5 signs an Aries woman is using you, final thoughts…

If an Aries woman is using you:

  • She is cold
  • She is unappreciative
  • She ghosts you
  • She cheats on you
  • She manipulates you



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