How to Get an Aries Woman to Chase You

How to Get an Aries Woman to Chase You

If you are eyeing an Aries woman or already pursuing one, I must say – you are a very brave soul. Right now, you must be thinking – Is she really NOT into me or am I just reading the wrong signals? To reveal her true feelings, flip the table and let her chase you. Here’s how.

To get an Aries woman to chase you, allow her to be independent. Do not do things that will make her jealous. Fan her flame by keeping things exciting for her. Be straightforward with your words and do not show weakness.

Become her playmate and competitor and get adventurous! Lastly, learn to not hold grudges.

Now, all of these may seem to be a little out of our comfort zone. But if you really want to be your Aries woman, then you’ll have to do the following tips that will follow.

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Let’s first take a bit of time to get to know your Aries woman.

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Understanding your Aries Woman

Your Aries woman may give off the vibe of “I can do anything that you can do”. You see, these types of women are super achievers, and it’s true – they can handle any job that a man has. As a matter of fact, she can outperform you in your own job.

She is always trying to reach a goal and find something to shoot for.

When an Aries woman walks inside a room, she makes it known through her presence. She has this enthusiasm like no other. She has a lot of energy to initiate projects and lead a team. However, if she does not get enough recognition for the things she’s done, this enthusiasm fizzles out.

Your Aries woman can be quite annoying to some that can’t handle her. This type of woman always wants to become the leader and gets the job done. At the same time, she is also independent, outgoing, and gets along with people really well.

One of the most positive traits that your Aries woman has is her optimism. She always believes that everything can be better. She always has unique ideas that are outside the box because of her intelligence.

She accepts any challenge with open arms because she is confident that she can overcome them.

She is bold and courageous and isn’t afraid to take on challenges. However, she may come off as rude to most people because she is confrontational and intimidating. She is also mentally strong and unbiased and may take on more responsibilities than she can handle.

The thing about an Aries woman is that she does not want the usual type of partner. She is not attracted to a common person because she prefers someone who is strong enough to be with her.

7 Ways To Get An Aries Woman To Chase You

Do not take away her independence

How to Get an Aries Woman to Chase You

There is nothing more alarming for an Aries woman than a man trying to tame her. And so, even just in the beginning, make it clear to her that you do not have intentions of trying to tie her down. She is a natural at executive positions, so never make her feel that she is less than that.

At the same time, make it known to her that you are independent as well because her sign is the ultimate sign of independence. She doesn’t have the time to baby someone who cannot handle themselves. Know that she will be flying solo on many projects, so you need to be able to adjust to that.

Do not make her jealous

If you are expecting an Aries woman to chase you after making her jealous, you have done the worst move of all time. Once she feels that she is not Number 1, she will lose interest and leave you hanging in the air. Just like other fire signs, your Aries woman is full of passion and commitment. Show her that you are able to do the same.

She is the type that enjoys the company of men. She can easily connect with the men around her. So, instead of being jealous, try to accept and support her. An Aries gets icky when someone shows them jealousy, and that is the last thing you want to happen.

Keep the fire burning

Your Aries woman is a fire sign and so it is obvious that you need to keep things going. Do not let her run out of energy because she wants excitement. She likes the anticipation, and the chase is the most exciting part for her.

If she feels like things are getting a little too mundane, she will get bored. In other words, make your Aries woman fall in love with you over and over again.

It is also important to remember to make sure that you are not moving as fast as she is because she likes the mystery of what is about to happen.

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Speak your mind

How to Get an Aries Woman to Chase You

We’ve already talked about how ruthless your Aries woman can be. She may seem tackled, but she wants you to be the same. Do not be afraid to be direct with what you want to say because she likes assertiveness and fearlessness.

However, be sure to not step on her foot because if you do, you will definitely be hurt by the words that will come out of her mouth. She is not the type to just sit there and agree with everything you say. When she also notices that you are acting out of line, she will most likely argue.

Show your strength

An Aries woman is courageous and generally, a fighter. However, she is impatient and is looking for a partner as strong as her. And if you have a “pick me” attitude, expect your Aries woman to steer clear. In other words, she does not take slowness, indirectness, and stupidity very well.

It does not mean that you cannot talk about how bad your day went or how you are having problems. You can but make sure that you are not being too vulnerable.

Play with her

Your Aries woman is naturally competitive. And so, to make her fall in love with you, be playful and compete cutely. She loves to move physically and get some exercise, so suggests outdoor sports like lawn tennis and badminton. You can also suggest playing mind games like Scrabble, chess, and the like!

However, she wants it to happen fair and square and not just because you let her. She loves to win! Nothing is more rewarding to her than winning because she did a great job.

Be willing to forgive and forget

How to Get an Aries Woman to Chase You

People with an Aries placement do not like to hold grudges and for an Aries woman to fall in love with you, you need to do the same. Unlike other signs, she can recover quickly, and you cannot take her down emotionally easily.

She expects the same from her partner. So if you are one that doesn’t do this, start to change that.

When you follow these tips, you are most likely to get your Aries woman.

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Get an Aries woman to chase you, in a nutshell…

If you want an Aries woman to chase you, try these methods:

  • Do not attempt to tie her down
  • Do not make her jealous
  • Keep things exciting by letting her try new things
  • Be direct with what you want to say
  • Be strong enough in her eyes
  • Be her competitor
  • Learn to forgive and forget

Happy chasing and being chased!



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