How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Woman

If you’re trying to talk dirty and get down to business with an Aries woman, you might find it to be extremely exhilarating and fun to do! This woman is fiercely passionate and the way she shows it through love and sex is insurmountable!

In this section, we’re gonna give you all the details on how to talk dirty to an Aries woman!

When dirty talking to an Aries woman, you must be straightforward when telling her what you want and what you’ll do to her, keep it childish and fun, and challenge her, she loves a good fight and would be aroused by it, do not be afraid to show off and be the man of the relationship – keep it real and spontaneous!

Aries women are the passionate and leader types of the zodiac wheel, being a fire sign and the first cardinal sign, these women bring the heat in everything they do, they’re extremely initiative and forceful, ruled by Mars, they will always have intense sexual energy that they carry all the time.

Dirty talking an Aries woman is an important tool to keep the flame of passion alive and well in the relationship, dirty talking arouses, keeps the sexual energy in, builds sexual tension, and helps better sex and orgasm, with that said dirty talking with your Aries woman is essential and here are the best ways to dirty talk to her!

Let’s dig in!

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How to turn on an Aries woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Woman?

Aries woman is not the dainty woman you can pushover and expects to cry afterward, she is a fighter and she knows it which also applies in her romantic relationship with you, she loves a good challenge and she likes it when the man she’s with keeps the same energy with her.

Talk, talk, talk!

Communicate with her to further know her wants and needs while being fun and wild about it, incorporate spontaneous conversations with her that will seduce her, do not be subtle about it, be the dominant guy and get what you want, as much as she’s used on taking the lead when it comes to love and sex, she wants to feel extremely wanted, as such do not be afraid to lead the conversation on!

This helps you match her energy which is extremely attractive to her, and exude physical and emotional strength in doing so, do not be afraid to have a little teasing or playfully joking around her, she is light-hearted by heart and will not take things seriously, even more, so this can enable her to challenge the sexual dynamics of your relationship.

Overall, your Aries woman likes a good fight even in matters of love and sex, do not be afraid to be straightforward about what you want and need, this turns her on, communicate, try to aggressively tease her, and flirt with her in a dominant manner, for her these things will eventually lead up to a hot and steamy makeout session that will certainly strengthen your relationship.

Unconventional Dirty Talk?

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That said, let’s take a look at some strategies to talk dirty to your Aries woman by text…

How to talk dirty to an Aries woman through text

Assuming that you’re texting her, these are some good ways to talk dirty to your Aries woman to spice up your relationship and make her go crazy for you!

Do not be afraid to shit-talk to her

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Woman

Like what’s said a while ago, the same thing applies to dirty talking your Aries woman in the text, she likes a good fight, and giving her a playful fight with sudden hints of sexual innuendos can turn her on even more.

Challenge her by sending her messages like, “I bet you couldn’t even make it on time later tonight…you couldn’t handle my sexiness would you?”.

Any kind of playfully challenging her strengthens the sexual tension between you and her, if she gets aggressive do not be afraid to argue with her, she might get annoyed and frustrated but that pent-up anger is guaranteed to get released along with her inner animalistic tendencies in the bedroom!

Let her dominate you sometimes…

Spontaneity is a great keyword to look at when having a relationship with your Aries woman and as such, it can’t always be you who’s the dominant one in the relationship, giving her spontaneity by switching up the roles in sex can helply excite and keep your Aries woman in.

Talk dirty to her by saying things like, “You have my permission to tie me down tonight and do whatever you want with my body” or “You know what would be hot? Giving you back rubs tonight while you enjoy a fresh whisky I made just for you”.

Letting her get on the controlling side of things enables the relationship to be fun and dynamic, you always have to remember that this woman is ruled by Mars, and it’s in her nature to take leads and she can be great at it.

Entice her with spontaneous and unexpected sex

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Woman

Sexually suggest an unexpected and random quickie or hookup in a place both of you haven’t done it before, the spontaneous messages will certainly give her wild imagination as to what will happen and what will go down in it.

She loves the uncertainty and her wild and adventurous side is tapped in once you entice her with it, alongside that this builds trust in the relationship like no other.

Don’t be afraid to be expressive

Text her with sexy and dirty messages that provoke her to release her inner Martian energy, be provocative and direct, while deeply expressing your love for her, and do not get cold while doing so as she might see it as off-putting.

Be expressive in your texts with her, be creative, and at the same time have fun in doing the process!

Randomly send a sultry photo

Out of nowhere, send her a sexy photo of you while sending dirty talking to her, this gives an amplified effect as she has a photo to look at and fantasize about, it can be a shirtless picture at the gym or your bathroom mirror or any formal wear that makes you look dressed up.

This sparks up the sexual affairs you have with her even more…

Surprise her with sexual dates

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Woman

Text her,  always try to randomly and genuinely surprise her, sending messages like “Meet me up at 8? Or should I take you there blindfolded?” this keeps the sparks and passion while maintaining the fun and spontaneity in the relationship.

While dirty talking to her do not forget to be romantic while doing so, this will ensure that she will ravage you in the bedroom after!

Keep it real

Do not just talk, be great at it! All the shit-talking and playful challenges go to nothing if you don’t actually prove to her your sexual prowess in the bedroom, be fun and wild, tap into your masculine urge, and prove to her you are the man she should be with!

Dirty Talking Aries Women Final Thoughts

Aries women are great partners, their high sexual drive and passionate nature can make the relationship interesting and long-lasting to the right and suitable partner, do not be afraid to match her fiery energy and do not be afraid to be dynamic in the relationship, switching roles in the bedroom is just the same with trying different positions in the bedroom – it turns her spontaneity on

Be wild and fun! It comes naturally to her! Be prepared to be so too!



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